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How (and Why) to Feast Your Business

Hallowe’en is in 2 days and I celebrate 2 traditions in my own unique way – Feast for the Dead and Samhain, also known as the Celtic New Year. I always take October 31st to celebrate my ancestors, myself, my business and all the support – from the Earth realm and the...

Are Earth Energies Affecting Your Success?

Is anyone else experiencing weird things with not just communication disruptions (Mercury Rx) but things going missing? I’m talking about computer files missing, a bottle of organic lavender and some of my makeup. Weird, right? I’m being told as I write...

I Don’t Know What to Do!

I hear this a lot… and sometimes, like just recently, it’s coming out of my own mouth. There are 2 Kinds of “I Don’t Know What to Do”: 1. You haven’t found your purpose yet. 2. You’ve lost your way or gone off path, or you’ve just had a major expansion. For the first...
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