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Have You Had a Spiritual Download? How to Tell and How to Get One

Spiritual Connection | 87 comments

I have spoken with many of you who at first will say you aren’t that spiritually connected, or you don’t think you’re a healer, or you aren’t that intuitive or spiritually gifted. Then I often quickly discover through our conversation that actually you are one or more of those things! Many of us are having all kinds of spiritual experiences and just not claiming or owning them… or you might just not recognize when it’s happening.

Someone recently asked me how to tell when you’re getting a spiritual download, and since spiritual downloads are my main way of creating content as well as how I help in my deeper work with my clients, I started a thread in one of my Facebook groups to see what kind of conversation would spring up. I’m going to share with you here a few perspectives on how spiritual downloads happen and what they look and feel like.

So what the heck is a spiritual download anyway? Well, it can be anything from a new song to an idea or concept to a piece of art or a whole project (like my forthcoming oracle deck)… to a few words that were exactly what your client needed to hear from you. They can come in a vision, a dream, a walk in nature or from your intuition, or just randomly. You can also set the stage to help spiritual downloads come through, which I’ll share about below.

What Can a Spiritual Download Do For Me?

  • Lightning Fast Access to Higher Information – wisdom you would not otherwise be able to access or even understand.
  • Very High Frequency Communication – You’re opening up a direct line to Source. What you say or express is filled with love and light. Your words will be exactly what people need to hear.
  • Powerful Decisions – Instead of waffling about what’s the right thing to do, you are already in action, creating and expressing from a higher place.
  • Heightened Intuition & Healing Abilities – When you’re in this state, you can “hear” and therefore heed your intuition much more easily, and your healing abilities increase.
  • Increased Creativity – Not only that, but what you create becomes medicine for people.


How Do You Know You’re Having A Download?

1. How does your body feel? Get to know your regular body sensations, and the sensations that seem to have a pattern. The more in touch you are with your body, the more you will recognize and benefit from its abundant messages to you. For example, I often feel my hands heat up when I receive a spiritual download. TIP: When you express what you’ve received, the person or people receiving your words or song or painting or whatever will FEEL it. Their response won’t be a typical “that’s nice”. It will be more like “WOW” or speechlessness.

2. How do you feel emotionally? Spiritual downloads can bring in a feeling of euphoria or joy or other high vibration emotions… and sometimes just before (or even during) the download, you get a sense of quiet, stillness, as though you feel nothing at all. I find the emotions hit me more AFTER the download has come through.

3. What’s happening in your mind? What are you thinking about? What were you thinking about a few minutes ago? Did you notice your thoughts disappear? Thinking is usually on pause during a download.

4. How do you feel spiritually or energetically? We all have different abilities in terms of what used to be called ESP or our “extrasensory perception”. You’ll see from the examples below that some of us hear messages, some of us smell or see visions, some of us just sort of “sense” or “know” something or have “feelings” that are hard to describe. That “WOW” I was talking about… YOU might be feeling that too.

5. What’s happening in the moment and what happens afterwards? Did you have a SUDDEN experience? Did you suddenly get an idea and then write like there’s no tomorrow? Or do you suddenly feel compelled to tell your friend a message while you’re talking with her? I do find often spiritual downloads come suddenly, or there is a sense of urgency associated with them. Because they are a very high frequency energy, they move quickly and prompt YOU to move/act quickly.


REAL LIVE EXAMPLES + How to Set the Stage for a Spiritual Download

Can you “make” a download come? Yes and no. Spiritual downloads only come through in moments of “allowing” and releasing control to the soul. [Click To Tweet] But you CAN set the stage… you can make it easier for them to come.

TIP: Create Sacred Space. To receive anything, you need a container. In this case, YOU are the vessel and the way you “record” what comes through is the container. ALWAYS have some way to record your experiences.

Getting yourself into a high frequency state of being gives you easier access to spiritual downloads. [Click To Tweet] You might meditate or just breathe deeply for a few minutes or do something you love or stare at a canvas, or for me, when I channel healing songs, I get myself into a state of stillness and I close my eyes and listen for the song to emerge.

Here’s what Gudrun Eichhorst has to say about her experience:

“I feel light, alive, joyful and curious. And often surprised. That’s a good sign when I’m surprised by what happens and comes through. For me that is awakening one moment at a time and being a servant of a higher/deeper intelligence. In my business, in my relationship with myself and others. Letting go of control and trusting the process and Source. This is ultimately my purpose. It’s quite delicious.”
– Gudrun Eichhorst, Founder of “Breakthrough After Breakup”

You’ll notice that letting go, trusting and being in the moment, as Gudrun says, are key to allowing a download to come through. Also, the element of surprise is a big sign of a download. I recently had a spiritual download for a client and as I was telling her what I was receiving, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the concept. It could not possibly have come from human me because I didn’t even understand it myself!

Monika Fraser explains her experience from an artistic point of view:

“When I was doing my ceramics, I would leave the fired or unfired piece in front of me and listen until it “spoke to me” and told me what colours, methods and often what its essence was before I could start painting and decorating it. Classmates got used to this and were fascinated because once I received this information, I completed the piece very quickly. I experienced this energy with my writing as well. A very insistent energy compelled me to get up at 3 am and within 30 minutes I had written 20 poems. I have been told by others that when I write a coloured energy can be seen by them around my hands and I find I at times cannot type fast enough to keep up with the flow.”
– Monika Eagle Woman

Like I mentioned earlier, spiritual downloads usually come with speed and a sense of urgency. I love that Monika mentions how she was “compelled” to get up and then, voila! 20 poems!!

I find that when I listen and sense in between the spaces of daily life, I receive from Spirit easily, and so often, like Monika, I will feel compelled into writing, drawing or singing and recording whatever is coming through. Truly, if you miss those moments, you either miss the downloads completely or they can sort of dematerialize, like when the morning sun burns off the fog.

Speaking of fog, Nature can often be a catalyst. When I first started getting lots of downloads, it was in the form of healing songs, so I carried a notepad and some kind of recorder. My daughter got used to me stopping the stroller to sing and write in mid-walk.

I love what Tomar Levine says about how Nature calls her just before a download…

“I get downloads in different ways. Most often on walks – I live near a park and go there frequently, never without a notebook and pen. Sometimes I feel a hunger or that something is hovering right above me ready to come through and I almost run out the door. I sense myself opening up as soon as I’m outside and more under the trees.

If I have a question in my mind or am focused on a project I want ideas for – something I’m writing or a program… It’s a little like staring at a blank canvas and “inviting” the image to reveal itself, which I also did as an artist. I hold that blank canvas openness/ invitation space and often the words and ideas come pouring through. In fact, it’s hard to capture them fast enough. Sometimes I speak them out loud – as if I’m “pretending” I’m giving a talk. It’s always more eloquent, feels natural and I think I’ll remember, but if I don’t write it down I can’t reproduce it later because I need to be in a flow state. Sometimes this happens at home too, when I’m focused on a project. Starting to write will do it. But it’s that blank canvas/ inviting/ holding the question space – something rushes in to fill it. It feels like a partnership, but not with a person or being but with knowing. The question always invites an answer and I can be shocked by the completeness and brilliance at times. A lot of my new ideas come to me out of doors.

When I work with clients that will often happen too. I’ll suddenly “see” the big picture, the patterns, the highest potentials, the ways to make it happen, all coming together like puzzle pieces that have been looking for each other. I see it all at once and then have to unpack it in words. I get very excited and joyful when that happens.”
Tomar Levine, Life Purpose and Career Guide

Yes! Something rushes in when we hold that space open. The more we create ourselves as Sacred Space, the more Source/Spirit runs through us, giving us spiritual downloads with more ease and frequency. Before I started channelling medicine songs, I would never have thought that I could bring through a song on demand any time but that’s exactly how it works for me now… after lots of practice and allowing and holding myself as that Sacred Space of invitation. Also, as soon as a song comes through for a client, it’s like a waterfall of information comes through and at the same time, my hands heat up and go exactly where the healing energy is needed.

QUESTION: If you have spiritual downloads, I’d love to hear if you also have any catalysts that seem to bring on a download. For me, it’s medicine songs – they bring everything else. Please share below in the comments – I’m so curious!

Janice Masters shares her experience of that flow state Tomar mentions, and about how her downloads come through.

“My downloads tend to happen in an auditory way… I hear them coming in. Then I either sit at the keyboard…or even better, use my voice recognition software and just speak. The feeling is of opening a channel and allowing the flow. The information tends to come through very fluidly and with a ton of clarity and encouragement. How and when they come, depends a lot on whether I am asking about a project of direction, or it is simply time…and very spontaneous. I have had to rush home from cycling to get something rushing through down, or stop the engine on our boat to transcribe. When it comes through, IT COMES THROUGH.  Middle of the night, no problem, I get up and write.

At other times I can feel ‘pregnant’ with something wanting to emerge and so I will open my AudioAcrobat and speak and record what’s coming through. I also imagine myself giving a talk on a certain topic and BAM! There it is, fully formed.

Walking, swimming, biking…a lot of openness in the great outdoors for me! And also with my new practice of intuitive painting with my teacher…the surrender to what the brush, paint and canvas want is nothing short of stunning!

And we are just touching the proverbial tip of the iceberg here in my opinion.”
– Janice Masters, The Shaman Mama

Janice and Tomar both mention asking the question. If we ask the question, the answer comes. When I ask for a song, it comes and brings energy and information with it.

You know what? This is how we are meant to operate as human beings. We ask and the Universe responds. [Click To Tweet]

Like Janice said, even with this big article, we really are just touching the tip of the iceberg here. Not only that, but we are moving into an era where spiritual downloads are just normal everyday occurrences for all human beings. Right now, it’s exciting because we’re on the leading edge of a new (old) kind of communication and this is part of it. It’s easier now than ever before for people to connect with Spirit, to receive messages and information and really live from our deepest true essence.

Are you seeing yourself here? Have you received a spiritual download and you just didn’t have the language for it? Do you have some of these feelings, sensations or experiences in those moments? Can you see how you could set the stage for them to happen? I’m so curious about YOUR experience.

Please post your comments and questions below and let’s create a conversation around this powerful topic. I always love hearing from you! 🙂

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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  1. Lyn

    Hi Brenda,
    My spiritual download was unexpected, like the chills that run over peoples head accasionally. Mine ran all through my body all the way to my legs, and it just came down so quickly and kept going for about 15min I think? I literally am taken back when this happens. I am usually helping friends with problems or reading oracle cards. I stopped and waited to hear something that might tell what was happening but I heard nothing and still unsure what was going on and was I to do something? To date no one has experienced this download, and i feel more alone with pychic group I attend every monday, now for some reason than ever before. People just don,t want to be close to me.. what do I do?
    I have had the download happen before in the middle of the street when I was trying to console a long time friend who was crying, and i just could not beleive the energy that was pouring down , still have no answers as to what this is.. hoping you could help me.

    Regards Lyn

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Sounds like a wonderful experience, Lyn. I’ve had a couple of similar experiences, where you get full body sensations but then seemingly no information. I always trust that the information will come when it’s meant to come. Or maybe it’s not about the information, but rather some sort of spiritual upgrade to your system. I’m not sure what’s happening with people not wanting to be close to you but one of the things I like to do is pay attention to what’s going on as more of a scientist, not judging it but rather being curious about what’s going on. Maybe something in your energy or behaviour or how you feel about yourself has changed. Or maybe it’s meant to be a time of introspection and being with You. I think of spiritual downloads as each being their own experience, bringing some sort of information now or later. I think of spiritual upgrades as… well, I just know I’m being upgraded because I can feel it, but there is no real information necessarily coming through. That might be what’s happening for you. It also could just be that what you’re experiencing is just your ability to open to Spirit and flow energy through you is being activated or growing. Many Blessings.

      • Devon Tyler klutey

        I have a question ive been getting a lot of strange visions lately all started after taking up meditation and self awarness of my thoughts but its quite a lot like the beginning of time why the world is in pain and why people are in pain seeing and feeling different lives almost makes me feel when i started all of this to be a more balanced person quit drinking and live a normal life what do i do?

        • Brenda MacIntyre

          Hi Devon,
          Wow, sounds like you’re having quite the experience and it feels to me like you’re having some kind of integration of your spiritual gifts. Meditation and self-awareness practices are excellent. A lot of us are feeling the Shift, and we seem to be in a pretty big wave of things falling apart and coming together all at once, so it can feel pretty overwhelming at times. I’m a bit confused by your question though. Are you saying you already quit drinking and you’re on a quest to be a more balanced person? One thing I will say is, it’s not my (or anyone’s) place to tell you what to do, but if you feel like you don’t know, you’re in a place of power, even though it might feel like the opposite. Since you’re already becoming more self-aware, you could try playing with noticing your body’s ways of telling you something/someone is good for you. For example, think of your favourite person to be with, and notice any body sensations or movements that happen. Then think of a person or situation you would do anything to avoid. What sensations do you feel now in your body? Your body carries your intuition, so listening to it is HUGE in terms of what your next steps are. Hope this helps.

      • Little feather alicia

        Brenda its Alicia I have had demons n me they are gone now thanks to god and deliverance prayer but I am gett ting a buzz in my right ear seeing flashes of light your face vibrating.

        • Brenda MacIntyre

          Hi Alicia. Interesting. Every now and then someone will tell me I visited them in a dream or I gave them a healing in a vision or something like that. My spirit works hard without me even knowing it sometimes! Makes sense about my face vibrating, since that happens every time I sing and I sing healing songs a LOT. So you must be getting the medicine from that, which would mean you must be an empath, or just deeply connected to what you would call God (I just call that Source or Spirit). Beautiful!

      • Lynnessa

        Thank Brenda this was so comforting to read. I get a few kinds of downloads some that happen while I’m communicating or resting and those usually come through with seeing smoky light symbols in my head usually purple, gold or white. Others come through very physically. I notice right before those I get a wave of sleepiness and have to lie done and rest and then it feels like an invisible beam of like is focused on different areas of my body usually chakras mostly crown, heart, throat or hands (sometimes my whole body) and it pulsates or vibrates and I can’t move until it’s finished. I feel like being in the sun sometimes triggers it. I started have these sensations after a very abrupt spontaneous kundalini awakening which I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I feel like clarity of what’s happening has been coming through the downloads themselves too. Is so very magical how the universe works and I’m happy to realize I’m not alone.

        • Brenda MacIntyre

          Hi Lynnessa. I’m so glad you got some comfort from the article. That is really cool that you see smoky light symbols and have that other very physical experience. Oh wow, yeah, I’ve been told kundalini awakenings can be pretty intense. Yes indeed, you are not alone. Glad you found the article – it’s the most popular one on my website for years now lol so you’re in good company.

    • Ladylightwriter

      When I get spiritual downloads I get tingles all over my head. If it’s the left side of head I know that’s my mother present.

      Left side of body is ruled by feminine energy and right side of body is masculine energy. My mother was an astrologer for 50 years before she passed and she taught me Astrology since I was 17.

      Since she passed Christmas Eve 2016 my intuitive Empath abilities escalated especially after taking a class called energy diagnostics that correlates the chakra system to medical diseases in the body and you rely on sensing a persons energy field to see where the client is having blockages causing illness in body.

      That Class changed my life because it opened my third chakra that was blocked due to family issues I was still holding on to that blocked my full medium ability to connect to spiritual guides and the Divine.

      I Get these downloads often. Pretty much daily now and I pay attention to what I’m talking about at the moment. If I’m speaking to friends about the spirit world my entire head starts to tingle. Like waves of energy coming up the back of the neck to crown chakra.

      At that moment I’m connected to the spirits, healing angels and The Healing Energies also known as the Travelers that have always been here to help healers on their path to help heal humanity. Just be open to the idea that not all individuals receive the downloads in the same way.

      Since doing what I call Healing Prayer sessions for people struggling almost nightly and listening to Meditation music while I sleep I’ve been getting Lucid dreams and downloads.

      The information comes from the people I dream about and its clearing those wounds with that person. Everything in the universe has energy and Energy is the sacred essence that is within all of us that connects us to the Creator, The Divine and what most people call GOD. Everyone on Earth is connected by this Universal energy and when people hurt each other. It affects the entire planet.

      Focus on your journey and it’s ok to be different and those who shy away from you are lower vibrations of energy and most likely negative people who are afraid to embrace the gift of knowing and connectedness to spiritual realms. They are not your Tribe that my spiritual teacher refers to.

      Ask for LIGHT minded people to enter your life and you’ll be surrounded by those who inspire you to be magnificent and unique as you were always meant to be.

      Hope this helps. Your in the right place at the right time. Your journey will be amazing.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lightladywriter. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so happy to hear you’re connected to your mother still. One of my grandmothers gives me those head tingles when she’s here. She brushes her hand on my hair and shoulder when she comes and I always know it’s her. When my son comes, he surrounds me with his huge energy and wings, and always stands behind me. After my dad passed, the only time I saw him in physical form was right in front of me or in dreamtime. They all have their own signature ways of getting our attention, I find and I’m so grateful for that connection. I feel we all have access to this kind of connection. It just requires us to pay attention in new and different ways and develop our gifts in whatever ways we are called – or allow ourselves to be immersed in them when an awakening happens. Thanks & Blessings, Brenda

        • Little feather alicia

          I am getting visions of u Brenda and downloads my right ear is buzzing

          • Brenda MacIntyre

            Hey Alicia. That is cool. When I write, sing or speak while connected to Spirit, everything I do gets infused with that healing energy that I carry. So those visions of me could be from that connection to the healing energy my spirit has infused into what I’ve written.

        • Sam Bankert

          I recognize the description of the spiritual download. I see myself as a logical man, but I know things and I dont know how I get the wisdom. I have a plant asylum and live a solitary life. I do not value money, status or possessions. I live solely on my intuition, just trust on life itself. Everything I need comes to me when I need it. I am a mentor for several younger and older people. I want for people what I want for my plants. To grow as strong and beautiful as they can. I have a distrust I’m people who say they are spiritual, usually they just have a big ego. I don’t like humans as a species, but there are some beautiful souls. The hardest thing for me is that its hard for me to find someone on my level. Love your site Brenda.

          • Brenda MacIntyre

            Sam, that sounds like a beautiful way to live. I understand the distrust, as unfortunately there is a lot of ego, disconnection and spiritual bypassing in the spiritual community. Thankfully it’s not all like that and many are grounded, connected and present as well. It’s just finding them. And here you are, connecting. Don’t give up on finding people you can relate to and talk to about things like this. It took me a while too but now I have a few beautiful souls in my life I can have these kinds of rivetting spiraling conversations for hours. It’s possible for you too. Blessings to you.

    • Ram

      Hi, My spiritual download was yesterday night (3 Jan,2019). It was totally unexpected and i was not sure what it was until today morning when i spoke to my guru who explained me what it is. I was scared when it happend and it felt as if i had 1000 volts of electricity passing through me and i was not able to move and even scared to open my eyes thinking i will find someone there. In the morning i find myself calm and peaceful with no thoughts after this blissful experience. All my cells in the body looks like they are charged and i feel as if i have a whirlpool of energy over my head constantly. I feel i’m glowing and happy. I believe this happend to me because i was constantly searching for reasons for my son’s health. I constantly thought there is some thing wrong as he is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, i was not bale to digest it and my constant prayers with the god were to help him get better. I think i was selfless and prayed only for his betterment and searched all over to find the reason and a solution almost 24/7 for the past six months. Even in my dreams i always requested who ever i met to help heal my son. I think this energy will help me find a solution.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Wow, Ram, that sounds pretty intense. Yes, I’ve had similar experiences. I’m so sorry about what you and your son have been going through. Yes, sounds like you’ve received a gift from Spirit. Hey, have you ever done healing work? It seems to me like you might have some new abilities you’re not aware of, or new knowledge that will bubble up and help you when needed.

        Blessings to both of you and your family,

    • Deb Hughes

      Wow. That is so interesting. Mine have been waking me up every night with a vibration/ tremor. It is in my chest and hands and they physically tremble slightly. I can’t find anyone who has had this type of experience either. It’s not scary but I didn’t know what it was. I went for an Emotional release session and she told me it was downloads and to allow myself to be open to receive them. The tremors will still wake me up but stop as soon as I allow it in. It’s almost like my body was trying to fight it. Since I have been accepting it I go right back to sleep but I have had some amazing insights since I’ve allowed it

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Hi Deb. Beautiful. I’m so happy to hear this! I get full body vibrations sometimes when I’m receiving a download, so not surprised at what you’re experiencing. Happy for you. <3

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Lyn. That sounds like an amazing experience. I’m so sorry you are feeling a bit alienated from your usual psychic group.

      It actually sounds to me like you’re becoming a vehicle for healing energy to flow through right when you need it to help someone. I remember the first time that happened to me. My hands heated up and I almost had no choice but to let the healing energy flow out of my hands. It was like if I didn’t, I’d be wasting it. Ever since then that happens a lot for me when I’m working with a group or a private healing client, so of course I just let it flow.

      Sometimes the path of being a healer can feel a bit lonely but just remember you’re never truly alone.

      It also sounds like you’re breaking the connection by coming into your head to find out if you are to do something. Have you tried instead listening through your body? In other words, instead of listening for answers in words or visions even, what if you see what physical or emotional feelings you have or if you feel compelled to do anything.

      For example, that first time for me, I felt absolutely compelled to offer that healing energy to someone very specific so I told her, asked her permission and then just stood there with her, with my palms facing her, until I felt the energy had moved through to her.

      Hope this helps,

    • Akasha Kelley

      About 3 years ago in a remote Death Valley location I had violent painful downloads . Like thin slabs of concrete being slammed down into my brain. So many so fast . It became painful so I made it stop . I’m trying to figure out how to access all of it . Shit tons of quantum information. I never left that location . Serpent realm.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Akasha, that sounds so intense! One thing I’ve learned on this journey is to have open communication with what I call my Higher Realms Support Team, and part of that is letting them know when their communication methods aren’t working for me, and I’ll tell them to please find another way. I’m really glad you were able to stop the pain. Sometimes I really never know when or how or if the human part of me will decode and understand what’s been given to me, and other times it’s super clear and I know what to do and how to process what’s come through. Give it some time and you can always ask your Higher Realms Support Team to help you gently access it in a way that your body can handle it. I get the sense that it’s in your DNA now though, so some way at some point you will be able to access it, or maybe you already are but just don’t know it yet. Big Blessings to you.

  2. Michelle

    Hi , Brenda . I’ve had some experiences with my psychic abilities and I wanted to know how to access and control these spiritual downloads . Much appreciation , Michelle ❤️

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Michelle. I have found that the more I give attention to what’s happening on an energetic/spiritual level, the more access I receive, but also tracking your experiences can help you to uncover patterns. To go a little deeper even, you could create a “signs and symbols journal”. I did that years ago and it really helped me to interpret what’s happening to me as well as opening me up to even more and deeper spiritual experiences. I wrote an article on that here: https://medicinesongwoman.com/how-to-interpret-dreams-understand-your-life-spiritual-signs-symbols. Hope this helps. Blessings, Brenda

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Glad to help, Michelle. Blessings.

  3. Lisa

    Wow! I’m so glad I found this article! You put words to my knowing. Thank you! Not everyone can have this conversation (though I maintain hope that someday they can). 20 minutes before, I had just had a major download, almost like old friends catching up with the knowing that we would have to part soon…so get in as much as you can!

    Also, it made me aware I have not created a space for the knowing to come for sometime. That awareness will stay with me and I will nurture it. I really need to see that friend wayyyy more often, as it fill my heart and soul. 🙂

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Yay! I’m so glad you found this article too. Wow, that’s beautiful, your download. Yes, creating a space for the knowing to come… sometimes we can get busy, things happen, we distract ourselves with all kinds of things… It’s amazing when you do allow time and space for it, what can come through. Thanks for the comment, Lisa! Enjoy your time with your friend. 🙂

    • Cindy

      I had a download last night. I did a guided meditation to bring healing from source for my arthritis. Drifted off to sleep and awakened after an odd dream. Suddenly i felt my crown open and i saw what looked like pictures but the frames were moving so fast it was just a blur. It felt like a moving picture from the early days of motion pictures. I felt hyped, electric, like i had just drunk 20 cups of coffee. Then i saw cells. Billions and billions of them downloading into my body. I think or heard that my DNA changed. Suddenly i was aware it was a download. I was unable to fall back asleep for nearly an hour. Thank you for allowing us to express. I have studied metaphysics for 30 years and these are new to me. I appreciate having a place to share my experience and hear others.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Ohhhh that’s so powerful, Cindy! I’m curious as to how you’re doing, and I hope you’ll let us all know the outcome of your beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it here.

    • Jan Marsh

      Hi Brenda,
      I happened on your article as I searched the internet. Thank you for your knowledge about downloads. It seems they have different expressions. It has happened to me that I have a desire to lie on my bed and listen. Today was one such day and I feel some sort of vibration in my brain which then courses down my body to my feet. This seems to happen in about three cycles and I seem to be able to see or sense colours. I have no idea what this means but I wondered if my energy field was being upgraded. Sometimes I feel quite tired afterwards.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        That’s fascinating, Jan. I love that your body just tells you to go lie down and listen. I like to keep a journal to track these kinds of experiences, so I can notice any patterns. I was telling someone else in this thread I have a blog post on that kind of journaling. Here, let me know if this helps. https://medicinesongwoman.com/how-to-interpret-dreams-understand-your-life-spiritual-signs-symbols.

        On that note, if I were you, I’d be curious to track what colours I’m sensing and seeing, and what else is going on at the time you have that experience with colours. It helps me a lot to track things like this. Let me know if this helps.

  4. Sue

    I receive a frequent tingling/burning sensation in my right ear only. I sense that it has a spiritual meaning. I was hoping you could provide some clarity on the meaning of this.


    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Sue. Yes, our bodies each have their own way of giving us information and getting our attention. I wrote an article on signs and symbols and how to know what they mean. The article focuses on things in dreams or that you see or experience outside of yourself but you can totally apply it to your body sensations. Super simple exercise – just keep a signs and symbols journal. More is here: https://medicinesongwoman.com/how-to-interpret-dreams-understand-your-life-spiritual-signs-symbols

      Thanks for your question, and I hope this helps.

    • Caroline

      I don’t get any physical sensations as such. Almost the opposite I feel very clear and still suddenly. It’s like all my emotions and negative thinking are put on hold and pure information comes through that I haven’t had a chance to ‘mess up’ or distort with my own thoughts on it. They flow in quickly and I have a feeling of ‘just channel this information and think about it later’. I have started to write them down because as I say, later I think about them or I even lose them in their pure state, and I put my distorting filter of worry or doubt etc over them. They tend to come when I am out in nature or just on waking in the nano-second of time before I start thinking. They come through as a logical train of information like they are an answer to a question and before I can ask another question of that bit of information, the answer comes in quickly almost like it’s a case of ‘listen and don’t interrupt’. I can’t describe really how it arrives except just that it feels like pure clean thought that’s not come from me but literally feels like it’s just downloading into me.

      Afterwards I feel calm, reassured, inspired, happy. They do feel like ‘lightbulb’ or ‘aha’ moments. They feel like the answer to questions I didn’t really know I was asking but did if that doesn’t sound to confusing. To me they feel like they come from my higher self who sees I’m struggling and just wants to give me a clue or set me on the right path.

      The biggest difference with them is the feeling of no emotion being attached so even if it’s good stuff I don’t feel ‘wooohooo’ as it comes in – that comes after when it stops and I can reflect on it but if I was sat with someone and they were telling me this I’d be thinking ‘wooohooo’ at the same time of hearing it. It’s like emotions or my own thoughts must be totally suspended to hear what’s being said. Like if you were straining to listen to someone else’s conversation on a train or something. You just take in the words only to get a good picture of what’s going on.

      When it has finished there’s a slight emptiness of thought and a temporary relief from all my overthinking everything.

      It is so important to get them on paper to crystallise their purity because once I go back to being ‘me’ I can talk myself out of their reality and this highlights for me just how much I allow negativity to spoil things for me and stop me being the best version of myself.

      I instinctively want to say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ after. And thank you for your article which confirms to me that this is what I have been experiencing and shows me that I really am being loved and guided from above.


      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Oh I totally get this, Caroline: “It’s like emotions or my own thoughts must be totally suspended to hear what’s being said.” That’s how it is for me but just for the first few moments, and sometimes for the whole thing. But I also usually have the experience of emotions moving and awareness of physical and other sensations and experiences (our 5 senses plus the “clairs” like clairaudience, clairvoyance etc.).

        I love how everyone has their own experience of these!

        It’s important for me to write down or record what’s coming through too, because like you, I seldom will remember a channelling or download fully as it came through. I do the same with dreams and medicine songs coming through.

        Yes, the gratitude. I always feel that too and sometimes get tears from it.

        Thank you for your sharing here,

      • Maraline

        Wow, I couldn’t have described that better myself. Thats exactly what happens to me. A lot of times in the shower, my mind goes wild there when I’m relaxing. It goes too fast however to actually he able to speak my thoughts or even remember everything after. All I remember is that it was brilliant. Other times I lay on my back staring at the ceiling, breathing deep and seeing things and suddenly understands exactly how something works. This morning I had one showing me how our energies work during human interaction and got an idea for a cool picture. Too bad I can’t draw, but I’m gonna try just to remember this download 🙂

        • Brenda MacIntyre

          Ahhh Maraline, I totally get that about wishing you could draw lol. I can draw and paint certain visions that have come through, and abstract energies, but when it comes to these downloads and multidimensional forms etc., for some I just can’t. They’re often so intricate and I can’t even imagine how to draw or paint it. I can’t even put them fully into words. Sometimes I do draw rudimentary little sketches or doodles of important visions, dreams or insights so I don’t forget them. Other times I know I’m not meant to remember or understand what’s happening because it’s more of an upgrade than a download. Sometimes when I get an upgrade to my “system” – and this usually feels to me like it’s a cellular, all-over body-mind-energy upgrade – I get sensations/experiences similar to spiritual downloads BUT I don’t remember ANY of it, except the sensations and experience. Know what I mean? It’s like my whole being goes into reboot mode. Afterwards, I just feel refreshed, or sometimes tired, and I usually don’t ever remember what happened. When I go to check in with Spirit, I’m told I don’t need to remember or know or understand what happened, that it just happened and now we’re done.

  5. Jk chand

    Hi ,

    I am having crawling /tingling all over my body including my private areas. This is more so closer to full and new moon times. I am very confused and scared. I have been medically checked out with no clear explanation. Please help me understand this.


    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Jk,

      That’s good to hear you’ve had things medically checked out. I’m not surprised to hear of these sensations. I get tingles and goosebumps in a few places in my body and it’s always meaningful and positive. For example, I get very specific tingles on my left shoulder and the left side of my head whenever one of my grandmothers (in the spirit world) visits. I always know it’s her. Same place. Same sensations. And then I can feel her here. Goosebumps and tingles, for me, have always been a sign of spiritual connection and truth. Given that you’re saying it’s happening all over your body, it sounds to me like you’re connecting deeply with Grandmother Moon through your body. The moon literally pulls at our water, so you might just be feeling it more intensely than most people. Or it could be that you’re receiving new energy or information through your body. Our bodies are amazing communicators. We just need to figure out their language by practicing. 🙂 I have another article here on my blog about signs and symbols that might help. It’s more about outside signs and symbols but our bodies give us signs too, so you can totally apply it to that: https://medicinesongwoman.com/how-to-interpret-dreams-understand-your-life-spiritual-signs-symbols. Many Blessings, Brenda

  6. Alex

    Hi! Thank you for your helpful article.

    I don’t get what people on here describe as per chills or something like that. I meditate when I’m awake and still in bed at 5 or 6 am. I have got messages don’t know if they can be call downloads too. The first one I asked that where was my angel, then that same night still between dreams I heard a voice that said ” I’m outside”. Then, the second time I meditate, I went back to sleep, but during my sleep I was hearing a song and an actress name who was famous in my country a long time ago then, (she’s decease) when I woke up, I was still thinking about that actress, only to find out that they were talking about her on a morning show on the the the t.v. 😲

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Alex. Honestly, the terminology isn’t that important. What’s more important is that you’re receiving messages from Spirit and from your angel. That’s awesome! This shows you that you’re tuned in to Spirit. Was the song you heard in your sleep known to you? Or a new one? Maybe you received a medicine song of your own?


  7. theresa

    I was thinking about if I would ever find my soul mate . I went to sleep and woke up the next day and just knew who he was – even his name . It was like this information was given to me in my sleep and it felt amazing – it was like a knowing feeling ..
    Since then I just think of this person and it feels like I have always known him , even though we have just met briefly just twice .
    Please can you help me understand this

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Terri, sounds like you already understand. I’m no soulmate expert, but it sounds to me like you’re tuning in to a connection you have with this person. Trust that. Trust your guidance. My limited understanding of soulmates is that we can have many soulmates, with different purposes to each relationship. Soulmates come together to learn from each other, whether it’s long term or just for a little while and whether it’s an intimate/sexual relationship, friendship or partnership. I wonder what this beautiful soul has to teach you, and what you have to teach them? Best wishes with this.

    • David James

      I love this! When I met my soulmate last year on facebook from 1,615 miles away I knew immediately she said to me: “But I have a real life boy-friend.” Uncharacteristically, I replied “HAD. I’m taking you now!” The next day she told me that she had broken it off with him because she had had “A major download”. Delighted to find this post and happy for you.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Oh wow, that’s huge, David. Sounds like your soul was responding before your ego-mind could take over, and then your soulmate responded in kind, with the help of “a major download”. I’m happy to hear this is now a year later and wish you and your soulmate – and the one who was not the soulmate – all the best.

  8. Turisno_fum

    Ultimately, I had no fucking idea what was happening to me while I was going through my spiritual awakening and Dark night. I thought that I was going crazy or was going to burn in hell forever for questioning everything I’d been taught. I would have loved to read an article like this describing all the spiritual awakening symptoms and their significance. So I’m honored to be able to present them to you now. I hope, if anything, that they can validate what you’re going through.

  9. Brenda MacIntyre

    Oh yes, I totally get that feeling. I’ve had several Dark Nights of the Soul and different levels of awakening, and not all of them feel almost crazy-making, but some have, especially the one I’m in the midst of right now. Yes, the questioning is such a big part of the process, as is the acceptance of it. Thanks for sharing here. It really is so important for people going through spiritual downloads, upgrades, Dark Nights of the Soul and awakenings. We’re at a point on this planet where a LOT of people are going through this as a part of this Great Re-Awakening. Many Blessings to you.

  10. Seben

    I’m so happy to find your page. I thought I was quite alone actually in my experiences. I get some of the downloads mentioned by other people here, like holygraphic images that are accompanied with a fast stream of “knowing”, to some questions that I think I may have asked. I’m not sure, I don’t know how to interpret them. I get the tingling sensation on my left side of the brain. But the most bizarre one is these emotional downloads or rather state of being download. I had three of them. They all last 4-5 seconds, yet I was able to extend the last one 2-3 more seconds. The first one was , I guess I can call it emotional hell, where there was nothing except for the super concentrated feeling of aloneness, hopelessness, nothing, not even God, and therefore the depth of abyss in my opinion. The second one was complete and utter euphoria, and the last one which was yesterday, complete detachment of any humanly or earthly stuff, sort of like experiencing the matrix. All three were soo condensed, I know for a fact they can’t be from this realm. I don’t meditate or practice any holistic or spiritual practices. I just don’t know what to do with these informations. I know I have healing powers. But these new experiences are beyond my knowledge and I don’t know how to utilize them. Can you or someone you know give me any information.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Interesting how you’re experiencing those “state of being downloads,” Seben. Sounds like taking being an empath to the next level in a way. You might find if you begin to practice some sort of meditation that inspired action steps might fall in front of you (or maybe it’s happening already and you’re just not quite aware of it in the moment?). It might be interesting to notice when you have these experiences… what are the actions you’re led to take in following moments, hours or days that might be connected to the experience?

      Since I started a meditation practice just about a year ago, I’ve learned that if you just sit with your experience and be present for yourself (be the compassionate observer of yourself and hold space for yourself and whatever is coming through), information from higher sources begins to flow through, while ego-mind thoughts become more muted, though still just as present (because I’m not meditating to get rid of my thouights, but to be there with them). I also find that meditation can bring you right into a kind of human level of what you’re talking about. For example. I’ll be in meditation and all of a sudden out of nowhere, I feel deep deep sadness and need to cry. Or I’ll have this lightning fast feeling of Joy or love suddenly flood my being. But those are human states… combined with Source energy because there is such a deep spiritual connection happening that it almost feels surreal and not of this world. That’s because there is an element of the experience that really is not of this world, but also elements of the experience that are absolutely human. But we are Source itself. Your experiences are sacred. It would be interesting to see what happens for you if you were to track them, like not just track the dates or times they’re happening, but also what happens just before and after, how you’re feeling in those moments before, during and after, and what other sensations might be happening… and then also track up to a week or so past the experience to see what might happen that perhaps is connected to the original state of being download experience. This feels really deep. When these happen, are you allowing the experience to unfold and observing how you’re feeling in the experience? I feel like the information/knowledge is either already here or going to come to you about what this is. I’m not sure there is any way to utilize them – that feels like ego-mind searching for answers. But if you go beyond utilizing and into just having the experience, and then seeing what happens afterward, I’m curious what you find out. I hope this helps. We human beings have so much capacity to FEEL, and to feel deeply and expansively. We mostly shut it down and want to control our emotions and feelings but if we let them arise and just be with them, it can be pretty magical.

  11. Chuck

    Over that last four months I have had some strange experiences. I was seeing a woman in another state for about a year and things went sour. One three separate occasions and straight out of the blue, I’ve had this tremendous calm, peace, and absolute inner knowing that I’m going to be with this woman. Its like I can interpret what this knowing is through the sensations that I feel and it is then translated to my mind in full clarity, confidence, and knowingness. Its a guaranteed thing that’s going to happen. The problem is that the current situation points in the total opposite direction of what my knowingness is. So much in opposition that I’m starting to doubt what I still know and realize to be real. Its like this…. If I look at this pop bottle in front of me, I know its there. But if I had the knowledge of a the pop bottle being in another room simply from the spiritual experience that I had above, I would trust it even more than the pop bottle I could see in front of me. Its that powerful.

  12. Brenda MacIntyre

    Hi Chuck. Interesting. If it’s a guaranteed thing that’s going to happen, you always have the option to let the ego-mind relax into that knowing. What if you simply allow things to unfold naturally, while you put yourself in a state of openness and curiosity? What if the current situation is just one piece of the puzzle? In other words, maybe the pop bottle you see in another room is also in another time, or is going to show up in some way you can’t fathom right now. I would encourage you to lean into that trust and let go of any urge to “make it happen,” but instead allow it to unfold, even if that means waiting or acknowledging that the pop bottle in front of you doesn’t seem to be what you know is true. Circumstances aren’t usually Truth. Circumstances are kind of the past, in that they come from our history and we’re already creating new circumstances with every breath. Truth just is. You’ve also tapped a bit into some deeper Truth, which is that many outcomes/realities exist as possibilities in every moment. We can choose in each moment what we will do, feel, think, believe or act on. We can also choose how to perceive what’s happening in our lives in any moment. You can allow the opposition to exist, and still have your knowing, and as long as you aren’t trying to control the outcome and you allow yourself to be open to what’s possible, something even higher than you can see right now will likely unfold. Best wishes.

  13. Zowie

    Hello beautiful spirit,
    I just came across your website through having a ‘download’ and googling it.
    This download is clarity for me for some challenging questions and feelings I’ve had recently and also for others channeled through me.
    I’m a healer and writer and would love to share with you beautiful people here what came through hoping it might inspire some of you as your comments have me. I would also like to work with you so I will message you separately.
    Thank you

    ‘ We give our lives meaning
    We are choosing to be happy
    We are having an experience to understand our soul in human form
    Do not worry about the future, experience life now and all that you feel
    Even when it’s not a nice feeling try to understand it beyond the discomfort
    What it’s teaching us
    And if we can’t understand what, try to accept that we are not meant to
    In time perhaps it will be clearer or maybe not, maybe it’s apart of accepting the mystery of things as they are without having a definitive or fact.
    Very few things are certain anyway
    Choose to be happy
    Turn the fear into laughter as you become more grateful for this singular experience.
    Ask yourself what’s most important
    What do u want to feel
    And feel yourself up with this feeling towards yourself first
    From inside we know ourselves and then we can feel and share with others
    Appreciate the beauty of things
    The simplicity in the complex
    How every season is perfect and necessary
    Although we have questions that seem daunting
    Look at them as a child does
    In that they don’t know much but they know to trust.
    Why do we lose trust in the process
    Believing we should be more advanced
    Denying ourselves the growth of experiencing things as they are.
    I don’t want to taint my future with old feelings that have no more life.
    I want to be free to move in the expansiveness of feelings beyond what I’ve already felt or attached meaning to which limits the truth and just adds to my conditioning.
    Allow me to experience new feelings new thoughts and experience myself as a new person just realising that they’re waking up to the potential of myself and how life is such a blessing a gift that I want to spend my days cherishing instead of fearing.

    Help me to let go of fear to embrace love and to enjoy my life moment to moment knowing I’m happiest and most alive by doing this.

    My idea is to write a book

    Writing about a person who had a spiritual awakening and isn’t relating to the personality of former self
    The personality is stripped away to expose years of built up fear and unhealthy dynamics such as thought patterns
    As much as the new spiritual self needs to
    Get to know their new feelings and operating in this world
    Because of the releasing of the old self
    There comes a lot of questioning of who they are
    What the world means
    Intense fear of the future which was a residue of the past self not really sensitive enough to feel
    They believed this awakening was a terrible thing just wanting to go back to their former self but then they realise that it’s transformed their understanding
    How life is meaningful when we can admit that we are just here to be happy
    Everything else is all the baggage we’ve accumulated from inheriting from our ancestors in many forms.
    When we are strong enough to be aware enough to know that we are healing generations through our very cells
    We can begin to tap into our power to know that we also release it to the universe to free us up to flow more in alignment
    The more trust I have in myself the more I can trust the unknown
    That I don’t need to understand the mysteries of why or how
    That feeling is enough beyond the minds need to understand things
    We can understand by the way our body feels
    How our senses dance
    When we trust we are safe enough to be here
    This is self love

    I’m letting go of my fear of my identity in that my transformation has shifted me into a new place and parts of me are no longer needed
    Letting go of the fear as if I lost myself
    When in fact I’m still discovering.
    Before was a conditioned self telling me who I thought I should be according to others mainly
    Now I decide from an honest place
    My expression to the world
    My peace

    I would say I’m spiritual or kind or whatever
    But that’s an identity so many cling to afraid of who they are beneath that
    I’m not attached to these descriptions as much as we are always evolving beyond our definition of who we perceive ourselves to be
    Trying to define ourselves is like stunting the potential of who we are to become without realising we’re so much more than that limited awareness.
    Thank you

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Love this stream of consciousness download here, Zowie. Just letting it flow. That’s how Spirit rolls. 🙂 Looking forward to talking with you.

  14. Claire

    Greetings Brenda,


    I am thrilled that you wrote this article, and equally thrilled that it has received so many comments.

    I see you’re in Canada as well and will contact you privately regarding a short story gifted to me as I was meditating about 8 hours into the Solstice, Dec 17/019.

    Thank you for what you said at the beginning, “spiritual downloads are my main way of creating content.”

    I feel quite fortunate to have come across your this article and website in my immediate quest for answers.

    I wish a happy safe holiday season to you and your followers. May we all enjoy the growth potential of 2020.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Claire,
      Thank you so much.
      Wishing you a happy safe holiday season as well.

  15. Claire Worrell

    Thanks again for this article that I came across in my search for answers after writing a short story directly after meditation.

    I wrote what I “saw” with eyes closed. I was wrong about the timing of the Solstice, for it is today, and hopefully all I have read about the thinning of the veil will yield many faith-strengthening mystical downloads for us all.

    It’s important for me to write immediately after mediation when we’re in download mode. I appreciate all of the examples given by Brenda and everyone who has commented. One thing – text or Messenger loved ones when you feel a download coming on. Acknowledge it and share your download with those same people.
    Confirmation is wonderful, but remain aware of the need for validation from others when you’ve already got it in your hand/on the page.
    Thank you.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Thanks, Claire. Happy Solstice!

      • Claire Worrell

        Thank you so much Brenda.
        I love your voice on the welcome kit mp3!
        Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your story and your spiritual gifts with us.

        • Brenda MacIntyre

          Ah thank you again Claire. Glad to help. <3

    • sandra

      Hello Brenda
      I came across your site when googling spiritual downloads. I am curious as to what you would think of an experience I had the other night. I woke to find myself sitting up and was aware of an illuminous green light that enveloped me. As I became conscious, I I noticed that I was in conversation and hearing some instructions but can not recall them except the last one which is vague – remember seeing something in my hand which had a sort of lid. I also was aware of hands on my face – firmly. Maybe they were my own. I felt very much that I had had a download of some sort. I would love your comment/ feedback.
      Kind regards,

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Hi Claire. That sure sounds like a spiritual download of some sort or maybe an upgrade. It reminds me of a spiritual upgrade I had, one of my very first ones, where these cylinders of different coloured lights were placed inside parts of my body and it was in preparation for my 08/08/08 event. It happened during a healing massage I was getting from a friend. She knew something was happening so went extra long with the session. It was quite an amazing experience. I’m curious how you’ve felt ever since, and if anything shifted for you after that happened. I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

  16. William kuumarra

    Comment Hi Greetings Brenda!!
    I just dropped by yr website accidentally while searching for an answer to my spiritual experience… I feel as if a long n continious twitching at the sife of my left calf…
    I’m having this for de past few days
    Initially I got annoyed everytime this happened but only today I began to search for an answer to my experiences via online…
    And I finally arrived at yr site😎👍🤗

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi William. Interesting. Without any context, I can’t really say much here, except that paying attention to and being in communication with our bodies is always the best way to get answers. You could literally ask your left calf what’s going on and then just meditate or journal and see what comes. Blessings.

  17. James

    The following is an answer to a relationship problem. From your own experience, would you agree that this is definitely a message from source and that I do indeed have the answer?

    I had an experience three different times that carried the same message each time. This happened during times where I was up and active and not thinking about anything. I would feel this warm feeling in my chest followed by a peaceful and calm feeling throughout my entire body. My mind could interpret what was being said to me through the sensations in my body. The thoughts are clearly not my own and you immediately know that they are coming from somewhere other than you. When interpreted by the mind, it is a very clear and direct, beyond a shadow of a doubt kind of knowing. It’s as if the thoughts that are coming to you are from another dimension. It happens so fast and lasts only about 2 seconds. So fast that I can’t remember what comes first. The thought or the feeling. As the thought fades, your left with this inner knowing and peace that you couldn’t shake if you tried and sometimes can last for days, or until your mind tries to rule out what you’ve experienced by making you believe it didn’t happen. But it will keep happening, with such a powerful strength and force until you can’t even try to doubt it any longer. Your gonna get the message that’s there for you no matter what. But, the thing about this message, is its in total opposition to what your other five senses are showing/telling you.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi James,

      Sounds like a powerful experience! It might be that you’re having a simultaneous spiritual download and spiritual upgrade. I wrote another article on spiritual upgrades – check it out and let me know your thoughts. https://medicinesongwoman.com/am-i-having-a-spiritual-upgrade

      In Curiosity,

  18. iris

    this was my download=i am imune and i spread imunity.this is about the virus

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      That’s beautiful, Iris. I do hope you’re taking all precautions that your local health authorities recommend, and maybe at some point you can go get tested for antibodies, because if you are truly immune, it could be helpful in understanding more about the virus and how to help other people. Blessings.

  19. Deanna

    I just recently started realizing I was downloading from spirit. The practice that works best for me is to either meditate immediately following my usage of marijuana, or I meditate and then smoke marijuana shortly thereafter and things just come to me. They are realizations almost, things my mind was too closed to see the connection. I am now starting to really use my intuition and trust that what I am receiving is helpful in some way, and that seems to make them come more frequent. It is very overwhelming and it seems to come so fast, but then I get so anxious when I am not receiving anything and I want to receive more, although it is tiring. One of the most helpful things I have “downloaded” was “Live life with purpose to find your purpose. Live with intention so that opportunity will present itself. Once you start living with purpose, your path will become easier to see.” Ever since that download, I have tried to live in this way. Since then, my life, although much turmoil, is overall been positive experiences in spirituality.

    • justin livesay

      Hi just wondering if anyone here has felt this and can explain it.

      It has happened about three times in my life. I’ll be near a women and spontaneously there will be an intense energetic connection seems to start in the crown and then like a lightning bolt travels to the base chakra and creates an intense energy in the erogenous zones …. It’s so powerful and tangible and seems to happen by itself. I’m sure the other person feels it too but haven’t discussed it because it was not appropriate at the time it spontaneously occurred.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Wow, this blog post got busy! Sorry this is super late, Deanna. Sounds like you’ve had some meaningful experiences. Using substances to enhance or create a spiritual experience is one way. I wonder if that might be part of why you’re so tired though. I learned a long time ago from my very first yoga teacher that you can have even deeper experiences without. At the time I think I had just quit everything because I was pregnant. I use cbd/thc edibles sometimes nowadays for chronic pain and C-PTSD after losing my son and I have had some interesting spiritual experiences with that, but I still find there is much much more power as well as more boundary control when I am clean and clear of outside substances. But I also find it tires me out , sometimes quite a lot, when I use those for pain, and my focus is nowhere near as good as when I’m clear of substances. I’d be curious to see what happens if you try that, like don’t use for about a month and journal about what comes through for you during that time, and how the experience feels for you. Just a thought.

  20. Shavontay Curry

    Hi, I’ve been seeing the same numbers frequently since last year September. Like 333, 444,111, 1111,1212,1010 and the most frequent one is 252(I see this more than 3 times a day and it started November/December last year). 252 is also my male best friend area code of his cell as well. Also, have this sudden ringing in my ear and sudden silence in my ear. I started my spiritual journey last year and trying to pick on things.nalso having vivid dreams. One dream that stuck with me from when I was younger was when all the children on my neighborhood(cousins) died except me. I was crying and I saw all the hearse passing by going to the family church and I woke up crying. This dream happened when I was about 12/ 13. Im 27 now. Another dream happened last year. I was in my mother’s old trailer and there was a snake in the house and it chased me. It slithered by my sister and daughter and only wanted to attack me. As I jumped on the bed to run from it, it stood up tall as ever and looked me dead in my face and flickered its tongue. The snake was black with glowing yellow eyes. Looked like a Cobra. Please help with your expertise touching on these events I mentioned please.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Love this, Shavontay. Sorry I didn’t respond for so long but I had to take time off to deal with a tragedy in my life and now I’m just finding some comments I never got to respond to yet. Those numbers… I love it. I konw the feeling of that suddeen ringing and silience in your ear. When those happen for me, I sit and listen, and I ask my guides and Ancestors what they want to show me. I usually don’t know what’s happening but I feel like they are trying to communicate with me in a different way. Sometimes I’ll sing along with it if I can, until it goes away.

      Those dreams sound like they are based in trauma you were processing, or maybe a metaphor for a ‘death’ of something in your life.

      One thing I’ve told a few people here is to check out my blog post around journaling to track your signs and symbols. It’s easy for me to just say hey, that snake might represent transformation or your shedding your skin. Or I could say look it up on google, which I do tell my clients sometimes if I don’t get an impression during a healing/reading session. But it’s so valuable to do your own tracking because a snake for me probably won’t mean exactly the same thing for you.

      Here’s that blog: https://medicinesongwoman.com/how-to-interpret-dreams-understand-your-life-spiritual-signs-symbols.

      Hope it helps in the future.

      P.S. When you’re constantly seeing the same numbers like that, the spirit world is trying to get your attention. The numbers can mean different things, but I’d still say to track those along with things like that snake in your dream, to see what patterns show up for you.

  21. Cindy Moyer

    Hi Brenda,

    A few weeks ago I experienced something that doctors can not figure out what happened. A friend of mine told me that I was being downloaded by God or spirit. I was sitting in my truck and felt an enormous wave of energy. Immediately after that, within 1/2 a second it started pouring rain and within a half second after that I was paralyzed. That lasted, what it seemed minutes. I started forcing my jaw to move and I became, like serious vertigo, with a extreme taste of metal and became ill. My friend called the ambulance and they did mri, ct scan, x-rays and blood work, and the doctors could not find anything going on anywhere in my body. Next they want me to go to a neurologist. What do you feel, please?

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Cindy. That does sound like a spiritual download but almost like you got too much too fast. I don’t have the qualifications to offer medical advice, and I don’t give personalized readings over my blog. If you want a session, you can find that on my products page, but I will always recommend people follow their own intuition and also whatever they are given by their medical and wellness professionals. I will say that typically if they can’t find anything it is often because it was done by Spirit. If I were in your shoes, I would want a 2nd and maybe a 3rd opinion. Sorry I can’t of more help here. Don’t give up until you get the answers you’re seeking. We’re living in powerful times and a lot of awakenings and downloads are happening for people. This sounds very unique though. Please be safe and pay attention in different ways than you normally would. Maybe the rain has something for you, so my only suggestion is to get out in the rain if/when possible and/or listen to rain sounds, meditate to that and see what comes. Big Blessings to you, Brenda

  22. Heather

    I am an artist and i receive visual downloads quite often since around 2000. They come to me during sleep or waking up and also sometimes during the day. The first major one i remember was in Italy while travelling. I was nearing the end of my trip and saw so much artwork there and wished to see more when all of a sudden i was receiving a massive download of millions of images stacked on top of each other flipping through so fast, old style paintings, and the wild thing was i could paint better when i returned. I also connected with some spirits of artists while there, i visited Michaelangelo and Leonardo Davinchis grave sites in a church in Florence, and suddenly felt them flanking me and showing me the art there. That night a spirit merged into my third eye and was with me for a week or so after i returned to the states. Im pretty sure it was Michelangelo as i felt his presence and spirit the entire time we walked thru the vatican and saw his massive paintings and the “La Pieta”, even the photos had strange lights in them. But now 21 years later i am receiving images still. They are of a different quality and content now. Some are images of houses and rooms and people i cant seem to make the connection as to why i am seeing them, but i have had “deja vois” often and wonder if it will all make sense in the near future;) This morning as i was waking, i saw thousands of images of light “pages” flashing before my eyes as i went from dreaming to waking, and they mostly were picture flashing fast in my minds eye of light, scenes of light, then when i slowed them down enough to see, they were picture of the sun and lit up light filled rooms and sparkling light images…. Maybe it was a light download! I have had some experience with astral travel and often see two spining light doors (look like revolving doors) spining towards me as i leave my body and venture to the astral…… im wondering if this is similar to the revolving “door” like images i see before traveling…… similar but more like a movie screen in front of my vision

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Heather, how beautiful! Sounds like a gift that you’ve been given. So powerful. I’m sure it will all come together and make sense at some point. Creativity and Spirit are so linked together that sometimes it’s hard to separate them. Sounds like your art and openness are literally opening doorways to deeper spiritual connection and to light itself. Love this!

  23. Zarina Barzaga

    I have had 4 experiences now that relate to someone that has passed. On the outside I start sobbing and my head gets hot and my face hurts and I can’t catch my breath. Meanwhile on the inside I feel sadness and
    regret and love while I see in my mind that dead person reaching out to someone. Specifically this past Saturday I saw him next to my niece trying to teach her how to fish with a stick off her bed because he didn’t get to in life and I could feel that is wh

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Zarina, not sure what happened but looks like part of your message got cut off. Yes, those ones in the spirit world have so many unique ways to catch our attention and to let us know they are with us. One of my medium friends said one day that my son (in the spirit world) was playing with his daughter. so if anyone ever told me she has an invisible friend, it’s her father. Love that. I feel different spirits differently. My paternal grandmother always comes to my left side and sort of brushes my hair. My son always comes up behind me with his big huge energy. I’m sorry some of those experiences are so intense for you. One thing I have done in the past is to let spirits know how I prefer for them to communicate with me. For example, I don’t want to see them all of a sudden in full body view, so they respect that and show themselves to me in different ways instead. Sometimes spirits who still need healing can cause those intense experiences too, so I don’t know your situation but please make sure you have your energetic boundaries strong and only allow in those ones who are willing to be in relationship with you in a good way. They also could just be trying to get your attention and not know any other way, so it’s good to just let them know that’s pretty intense for you, and you can ask them to tone it down or find other ways. Hope that helps.


  24. Willow

    Well, you described my experience perfectly, especially when you compared it to being pregnant! I also felt so full of compassion, and love and as though I may have well have been floating… the sense of ‘self’ disappeared. Every conversation during that time was equal parts humble and perfect; I can’t remember how many times people said to me, “I hadn’t thought of that,” or “That’s a really good idea.” It wasn’t just a short moment of time either; I was in this state for a couple weeks with it peeking at around 20 days in before tapering out. You can imagine how fun it was to be working your average 9-5 job in this time! haha

    I also had a very spiritual dream of me meditating during this time that was part of me releasing some trauma around someone who had hurt me so badly that they scared me away from my spirituality and only creative ability for many years. It was such a cluster of experiences, involving trauma releasing and what I can only describe as a divine connection increasing. Crazy as it sounds, I think it was also telepathically connected to someone else I hadn’t even spoken to in two years! But during that time, I was compelled to reach out to this person and tell them about the dream, and question some of their actions towards me (they were not the instigator of the major trauma I mentioned, but I had re-experienced it with them years before, and I now had a deeper understanding which I felt tied into this sense I’d always had that I was meant to teach them something that they refused to learn from me). I wouldn’t hear from them for quite a few days because it turned out: they had been away meditating at an advanced retreat during the time in which these experiences started! And the kicker? My ‘name’ was part of the mantras they had been saying. When they contacted me, even they asked right away, “Did you feel me?” as if they acknowledged some intention to reach me during that time, as they admitted they thought of me due to the mantra having ‘my’ name in it. Funny enough, even though catching up with one another was very nice, afterwards the same repetition happened and I felt as though he did not recognize my ability to show him something he didn’t consider… Even though I attempted to tell him what I could! There is much he still doesn’t know, but I have a sense of letting nature decide, though my more physical body keeps contemplating: How come – despite the release of trauma – he still appears to interact with me according to a projection? I thought in releasing it, others would now see past that to a deeper ‘me’ but he very hurtfully apologized for basically making the mistake of acting in a loving way to me due to having been in a heightened state after his own meditation; it felt a bit like a fauxpology, and I don’t know how kindness can be something worth apologizing for lol But it has ALWAYS been this way with me, hence I find life can be quite an insult in that way as there has been this fear people have towards their feelings towards me and even against the love I have towards them?? haha Is it his own blindness/’ignorance’? Or am I still missing something?? I’m taken back by this given (and maybe this isn’t fair) that he has spent 30 years practising meditation and studying diligently to end his suffering, and destroy ignorance.

    This has been quite wild. I don’t know what to do with this gift or how to reach it myself, and now ‘out’ of its beautiful light, I find myself acknowledging this as a period of integration; I’m not sure if I miss it (okay, I do!) or if I find it overwhelming (both!). Heck, I even felt like getting a reading after the dust had settled, so to speak, and the very talented reader, without any prior knowledge of me, read my chakras and described a ‘bullish man who was sitting in my crown chakra who was questioning my spirituality’. I still cannot believe it. So maybe it is a need to release this desire to be recognized, but my whole life has been filled with people misunderstanding my intentions; wanting to believe lies when I tell the truth; resisting my attempts to discover myself all along; insisting that I’m wrong when I can only see their beliefs about me that are their problem, but they blame me (even make me out to be immoral to take on their own moral errors). I thought I was ‘there’ without any desire to convince anyone, but he just reminded me of the pain that still exists, and on a physical level… I always felt I had no choice but to let people have these thoughts/feelings/actions that hurt/misunderstood me because I had no way to protect myself, or assert myself. Of course, anger won’t solve anything, but I wonder if now I can tell him (like I wished I could tell others who hurt me): “You are wrong about me, and you have hurt me.” NOW I have these words; that is no small thing, but I am more conscientious because maybe the best thing is to let it go. I fear in doing so though that it will not change that there is uncleared karma, so I don’t know yet what is the kindest answer, especially given that I feel I did receive a gift from him (whether intended or not) through his meditation practice.

    I really wonder if I can tame and train this gift, because it was so intense. I think it was easy to ‘go off the deep end’, and I know it deserves respect. I had the desire to cleanse my body during that time, which I went along with, but even that denotes a lack of control. It’s very powerful to contend with the dualistic nature of everything when you are in the midst of feeling channelled by a source you cannot possibly put into accurate words. It is definitely multi-purpose. Thank-you for your lovely post that led to all this contemplation 🙂

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Willow, sounds like you’ve had some pretty big revelations that bring up more questions (it’s often the way with spirituality when you dig deep).

  25. MnMa'at Holding

    This was an amazing article! I am grateful to have found it. I feel that if you have found this article, spirit has led you here because you have experienced the download(s). I have them almost every time I am doing spiritual development work with someone. I do not do spiritual work often, but I believe me having them so often while doing the work shows that maybe it is something I should be doing with more of my time to fulfill my mission. It is a powerful experience as I can feel the divinity through my words. I usually hold a clear quartz crystal ensure information comes out with ease. The downloads always come out divinely stated and catches me by surprise each time. Grateful to be able to be a portal from the divine and the ancestors to the people. Dua Ntchr (Give praise to the Creator)

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      I love that you can feel the divinity through your words. Clear quartz crystals do amplify our physical strength and bring a lot of clarity – and you can program them too – so I’m not surprised you get so much clarity when you hold one. Beautiful.

  26. Kenya

    Hi, I had a weird experience just over the past 2 hours. Before I was falling asleep, two male voices came up through the back of mind, they sounded as if they were on a podcast. They were saying that everything is going to be ok. It scared me, I thought my son’s phone or tablet was left on. Or, I was losing my mind. I fell onto sleep, and I had a dream. In my dream I went to the Emergency Room. I just walked right in and told the Doctor about me hearing those Men, and I asked her if she thought I needed to be put in the mental hospital. She told me no, that I’m not crazy, that God is telling me that everything is going to be ok. I just got chills typing this out.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Kenya, yes! It was just guidance. You were open enough to receive it in a new way. That happened to me in 2008 for the first time and freaked me out but it was my Star elders giving me instructions right after I said “tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” They told me to “gather the people together,” so I have ever since, through my healing circles, programs, concerts, workshops and courses. That is so beautiful you got that reassurance. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Millie

    Oh my word 😂! This is such a beautiful article. I love how the contributors were talking about getting downloads and imagining they are doing a talk 😂That happens to me A LOT. And because I don’t write it down, it will disappear. I have been receiving downloads for years but I didn’t have the words to describe it.

    My favourite downloads happened last year when my dad was transitioning. I remember receiving a knowing to help him make peace with a relative and then to tell him that we’d be okay when he left. I remember him dying a few hours later…so peacefully.

    I love it. What I want to learn now is how to receive them when I want 😂
    I am a writer and sometimes I get these impulses and write an entire article. Other times it’s such a blur. But I love the ideas in here about asking questions and setting the stage. Loove. I will try these out.

    This is an amazing article and thank you so much for sharing.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Thank You for your kind words. Yes, a lot of times it’s hard to describe them. It was really rewarding to ask some of my friends and colleagues about their experiences and just see the similarities and also some differences between how we each perceive and receive them. How to receive them when you want? You said you’re feeling called to be a healer, and you’re clearly opening up to more on a spiritual level. I don’t know if there’s ever a way to control receiving them but what has shifted for me over the years is that now they only seem to come when I’m doing healing work. Either I’m leading a healing circle or I’m giving a client session and I’ll both spiritual downloads and spiritual upgrades every now and then. I feel like we humans don’t always know when we need to receive a download or upgrade, so our spirit and Higher Realms Support Team do it for us when it’s time. Sometimes it’s that we need to prepare for something. Sometimes it’s just we’ve reached a certain level and that’s the next step. One way you can invite downloads in is through creative expression. Writing, singing, dancing, painting etc. In those moments of doing something creative, if we open ourselves up, we can receive some downloads instantly. For me, that’s medicine songs and I can have a download of a medicine song anytime I want. But with anything else, it seems I have no control and they just come when they’re needed. Hope that helps.

  28. Eloise G

    Hi, I found this page because I was wondering if what I was experiencing were really downloads.

    This always happen at night when I’m falling asleep and I can usually feel it coming. I feel uncomfortable and my body slightly starts to vibrate. If I let myself go (accept the message I guess) my body starts vibrating even harder and I get in a state of paralysis where I can only listen and look at what is happening. This has already happened a few times but it feels more scary than enlightening which is why I’m not sure if this really is a download. I also don’t usually understand what is meant by whatever happens. I am however sure that this is not night paralysis because I can stop it when I start feeling the vibrations at the beginning. It is however always insistent and keeps wanting to get through until I put music on to distract myself in order to sleep.

    Can you help me figure out what this means? Thank you 😊

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Eloise. Not a download. Your dream body is trying to leave. This has happened to me all my life and I didn’t understand why or what it was either. It still is sleep paralysis. The difference is, you’re allowing yourself to get pretty close to astral travel happening, in which case you would just go into your sleep state and perhaps even be able to lucid dream. I’ve been there. There is a book I was reading by Stephen LaBerge called Lucid Dreaming and it explains some of that and gives some help on how to make that experience less unpleasant. It’s very sciency and no spiritual elements at all but was still helpful for me. But absolutely, your dream body/astral body is just trying to get out to journey while you sleep. Hope this helps.



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