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Have You Had a Spiritual Download? How to Tell and How to Get One

I have spoken with many of you who at first will say you aren’t that spiritually connected, or you don’t think you’re a healer, or you aren’t that intuitive or spiritually gifted. Then I often quickly discover through our conversation that actually you are one or more of those things! Many of us are having all kinds of spiritual experiences and just not claiming or owning them… or you might just not recognize when it’s happening.

Someone recently asked me how to tell when you’re getting a spiritual download, and since spiritual downloads are my main way of creating content as well as how I help in my deeper work with my clients, I started a thread in my Spiritual Entrepreneurs Success Circle Facebook group to see what kind of conversation would spring up. I’m going to share with you here a few perspectives on how spiritual downloads happen and what they look and feel like.

So what the heck is a spiritual download anyway? Well, it can be anything from a new song to an idea or concept to a piece of art or a whole project (like my forthcoming oracle deck)… to a few words that were exactly what your client needed to hear from you. They can come in a vision, a dream, a walk in nature or from your intuition, or just randomly. You can also set the stage to help spiritual downloads come through, which I’ll share about below.

What can a spiritual download do for me?

  • Lightning Fast Access to Higher Information – wisdom you would not otherwise be able to access or even understand.
  • Very High Frequency Communication – You’re opening up a direct line to Source. What you say or express is filled with love and light. Your words will be exactly what people need to hear.
  • Powerful Decisions – Instead of waffling about what’s the right thing to do, you are already in action, creating and expressing from a higher place.
  • Heightened Intuition & Healing Abilities – When you’re in this state, you can “hear” and therefore heed your intuition much more easily, and your healing abilities increase.
  • Increased Creativity – Not only that, but what you create becomes medicine for people.


1. How does your body feel? Get to know your regular body sensations, and the sensations that seem to have a pattern. The more in touch you are with your body, the more you will recognize and benefit from its abundant messages to you. For example, I often feel my hands heat up when I receive a spiritual download. TIP: When you express what you’ve received, the person or people receiving your words or song or painting or whatever will FEEL it. Their response won’t be a typical “that’s nice”. It will be more like “WOW” or speechlessness.

2. How do you feel emotionally? Spiritual downloads can bring in a feeling of euphoria or joy or other high vibration emotions… and sometimes just before (or even during) the download, you get a sense of quiet, stillness, as though you feel nothing at all. I find the emotions hit me more AFTER the download has come through.

3. What’s happening in your mind? What are you thinking about? What were you thinking about a few minutes ago? Did you notice your thoughts disappear? Thinking is usually on pause during a download.

4. How do you feel spiritually or energetically? We all have different abilities in terms of what used to be called ESP or our “extrasensory perception”. You’ll see from the examples below that some of us hear messages, some of us smell or see visions, some of us just sort of “sense” or “know” something or have “feelings” that are hard to describe. That “WOW” I was talking about… YOU might be feeling that too.

5. What’s happening in the moment and what happens afterwards? Did you have a SUDDEN experience? Did you suddenly get an idea and then write like there’s no tomorrow? Or do you suddenly feel compelled to tell your friend a message while you’re talking with her? I do find often spiritual downloads come suddenly, or there is a sense of urgency associated with them. Because they are a very high frequency energy, they move quickly and prompt YOU to move/act quickly.

REAL LIVE EXAMPLES + How to Set the Stage for a Spiritual Download

Can you “make” a download come? Yes and no. Spiritual downloads only come through in moments of “allowing” and releasing control to the soul. [TWEET] But you CAN set the stage… you can make it easier for them to come.

TIP: Create Sacred Space. To receive anything, you need a container. In this case, YOU are the vessel and the way you “record” what comes through is the container. ALWAYS have some way to record your experiences.

Getting yourself into a high frequency state of being gives you easier access to spiritual downloads. [TWEET] You might meditate or just breathe deeply for a few minutes or do something you love or stare at a canvas, or for me, when I channel healing songs, I get myself into a state of stillness and I close my eyes and listen for the song to emerge.

Here’s what Gudrun Eichhorst has to say about her experience:

“I feel light, alive, joyful and curious. And often surprised. That’s a good sign when I’m surprised by what happens and comes through. For me that is awakening one moment at a time and being a servant of a higher/deeper intelligence. In my business, in my relationship with myself and others. Letting go of control and trusting the process and Source. This is ultimately my purpose. It’s quite delicious.” – Gudrun Eichhorst, Founder of “Breakthrough After Breakup”

You’ll notice that letting go, trusting and being in the moment, as Gudrun says, are key to allowing a download to come through. Also, the element of surprise is a big sign of a download. I recently had a spiritual download for a client and as I was telling her what I was receiving, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the concept. It could not possibly have come from human me because I didn’t even understand it myself!

Monika Fraser explains her experience from an artistic point of view:

“When I was doing my ceramics, I would leave the fired or unfired piece in front of me and listen until it “spoke to me” and told me what colours, methods and often what its essence was before I could start painting and decorating it. Classmates got used to this and were fascinated because once I received this information, I completed the piece very quickly. I experienced this energy with my writing as well. A very insistent energy compelled me to get up at 3 am and within 30 minutes I had written 20 poems. I have been told by others that when I write a coloured energy can be seen by them around my hands and I find I at times cannot type fast enough to keep up with the flow.” – Monika Eagle Woman

Like I mentioned earlier, spiritual downloads usually come with speed and a sense of urgency. I love that Monika mentions how she was “compelled” to get up and then, voila! 20 poems!!

I find that when I listen and sense in between the spaces of daily life, I receive from Spirit easily, and so often, like Monika, I will feel compelled into writing, drawing or singing and recording whatever is coming through. Truly, if you miss those moments, you either miss the downloads completely or they can sort of dematerialize, like when the morning sun burns off the fog.

Speaking of fog, Nature can often be a catalyst. When I first started getting lots of downloads, it was in the form of healing songs, so I carried a notepad and some kind of recorder. My daughter got used to me stopping the stroller to sing and write in mid-walk.

I love what Tomar Levine says about how Nature calls her just before a download…

“I get downloads in different ways. Most often on walks – I live near a park and go there frequently, never without a notebook and pen. Sometimes I feel a hunger or that something is hovering right above me ready to come through and I almost run out the door. I sense myself opening up as soon as I’m outside and more under the trees.

If I have a question in my mind or am focused on a project I want ideas for – something I’m writing or a program… It’s a little like staring at a blank canvas and “inviting” the image to reveal itself, which I also did as an artist. I hold that blank canvas openness/ invitation space and often the words and ideas come pouring through. In fact, it’s hard to capture them fast enough. Sometimes I speak them out loud – as if I’m “pretending” I’m giving a talk. It’s always more eloquent, feels natural and I think I’ll remember, but if I don’t write it down I can’t reproduce it later because I need to be in a flow state. Sometimes this happens at home too, when I’m focused on a project. Starting to write will do it. But it’s that blank canvas/ inviting/ holding the question space – something rushes in to fill it. It feels like a partnership, but not with a person or being but with knowing. The question always invites an answer and I can be shocked by the completeness and brilliance at times. A lot of my new ideas come to me out of doors.

When I work with clients that will often happen too. I’ll suddenly “see” the big picture, the patterns, the highest potentials, the ways to make it happen, all coming together like puzzle pieces that have been looking for each other. I see it all at once and then have to unpack it in words. I get very excited and joyful when that happens.” – Tomar Levine, Life Purpose and Career Guide

Yes! Something rushes in when we hold that space open. The more we create ourselves as Sacred Space, the more Source/Spirit runs through us, giving us spiritual downloads with more ease and frequency. Before I started channelling medicine songs, I would never have thought that I could bring through a song on demand any time but that’s exactly how it works for me now… after lots of practice and allowing and holding myself as that Sacred Space of invitation. Also, as soon as a song comes through for a client, it’s like a waterfall of information comes through and at the same time, my hands heat up and go exactly where the healing energy is needed.

QUESTION: If you have spiritual downloads, I’d love to hear if you also have any catalysts that seem to bring on a download. For me, it’s medicine songs – they bring everything else. Please share below on the blog – I’m so curious!

Janice Masters shares her experience of that flow state Tomar mentions, and about how her downloads come through.

“My downloads tend to happen in an auditory way… I hear them coming in. Then I either sit at the keyboard…or even better, use my voice recognition software and just speak. The feeling is of opening a channel and allowing the flow. The information tends to come through very fluidly and with a ton of clarity and encouragement. How and when they come, depends a lot on whether I am asking about a project of direction, or it is simply time…and very spontaneous. I have had to rush home from cycling to get something rushing through down, or stop the engine on our boat to transcribe. When it comes through, IT COMES THROUGH.  Middle of the night, no problem, I get up and write.

At other times I can feel ‘pregnant’ with something wanting to emerge and so I will open my AudioAcrobat and speak and record what’s coming through. I also imagine myself giving a talk on a certain topic and BAM! There it is, fully formed.

Walking, swimming, biking…a lot of openness in the great outdoors for me! And also with my new practice of intuitive painting with my teacher…the surrender to what the brush, paint and canvas want is nothing short of stunning!

And we are just touching the proverbial tip of the iceberg here in my opinion.” – Janice Masters, The Shaman Mama

Janice and Tomar both mention asking the question. If we ask the question, the answer comes. When I ask for a song, it comes and brings energy and information with it.

You know what? This is how we are meant to operate as human beings. We ask and the Universe responds. [Click To Tweet]

Like Janice said, even with this big article, we really are just touching the tip of the iceberg here. Not only that, but we are moving into an era where spiritual downloads are just normal everyday occurrences for all human beings. Right now, it’s exciting because we’re on the leading edge of a new (old) kind of communication and this is part of it. It’s easier now than ever before for people to connect with Spirit, to receive messages and information and really live from our deepest true essence.

Are you seeing yourself here? Have you received a spiritual download and you just didn’t have the language for it? Do you have some of these feelings, sensations or experiences in those moments? Can you see how you could set the stage for them to happen? I’m so curious about YOUR experience.

Please post your comments and questions below and let’s create a conversation around this powerful topic. I always love hearing from you!



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About Brenda MacIntyre

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre, author and artist of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ & Music, is a Juno Award-winning singer, motivational speaker, indigenous drummer and wisdom-keeper. Brenda has shared her leadership and soul nationally on stage and in the media, such as MuchMusic, APTN, CTV, CP24, Global and CityTV’s Breakfast Television, as well as CBC Radio. Having experienced major loss and fear of being seen and heard, she is passionate about helping women to bring out their playfulness, edge and inner rebel, so they can live a life brimming with self-authority and soul-satisfying expression.


  1. Lyn

    Hi Brenda,
    My spiritual download was unexpected, like the chills that run over peoples head accasionally. Mine ran all through my body all the way to my legs, and it just came down so quickly and kept going for about 15min I think? I literally am taken back when this happens. I am usually helping friends with problems or reading oracle cards. I stopped and waited to hear something that might tell what was happening but I heard nothing and still unsure what was going on and was I to do something? To date no one has experienced this download, and i feel more alone with pychic group I attend every monday, now for some reason than ever before. People just don,t want to be close to me.. what do I do?
    I have had the download happen before in the middle of the street when I was trying to console a long time friend who was crying, and i just could not beleive the energy that was pouring down , still have no answers as to what this is.. hoping you could help me.

    Regards Lyn

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Sounds like a wonderful experience, Lyn. I’ve had a couple of similar experiences, where you get full body sensations but then seemingly no information. I always trust that the information will come when it’s meant to come. Or maybe it’s not about the information, but rather some sort of spiritual upgrade to your system. I’m not sure what’s happening with people not wanting to be close to you but one of the things I like to do is pay attention to what’s going on as more of a scientist, not judging it but rather being curious about what’s going on. Maybe something in your energy or behaviour or how you feel about yourself has changed. Or maybe it’s meant to be a time of introspection and being with You. I think of spiritual downloads as each being their own experience, bringing some sort of information now or later. I think of spiritual upgrades as… well, I just know I’m being upgraded because I can feel it, but there is no real information necessarily coming through. That might be what’s happening for you. It also could just be that what you’re experiencing is just your ability to open to Spirit and flow energy through you is being activated or growing. Many Blessings.

    • Ladylightwriter

      When I get spiritual downloads I get tingles all over my head. If it’s the left side of head I know that’s my mother present.

      Left side of body is ruled by feminine energy and right side of body is masculine energy. My mother was an astrologer for 50 years before she passed and she taught me Astrology since I was 17.

      Since she passed Christmas Eve 2016 my intuitive Empath abilities escalated especially after taking a class called energy diagnostics that correlates the chakra system to medical diseases in the body and you rely on sensing a persons energy field to see where the client is having blockages causing illness in body.

      That Class changed my life because it opened my third chakra that was blocked due to family issues I was still holding on to that blocked my full medium ability to connect to spiritual guides and the Divine.

      I Get these downloads often. Pretty much daily now and I pay attention to what I’m talking about at the moment. If I’m speaking to friends about the spirit world my entire head starts to tingle. Like waves of energy coming up the back of the neck to crown chakra.

      At that moment I’m connected to the spirits, healing angels and The Healing Energies also known as the Travelers that have always been here to help healers on their path to help heal humanity. Just be open to the idea that not all individuals receive the downloads in the same way.

      Since doing what I call Healing Prayer sessions for people struggling almost nightly and listening to Meditation music while I sleep I’ve been getting Lucid dreams and downloads.

      The information comes from the people I dream about and its clearing those wounds with that person. Everything in the universe has energy and Energy is the sacred essence that is within all of us that connects us to the Creator, The Divine and what most people call GOD. Everyone on Earth is connected by this Universal energy and when people hurt each other. It affects the entire planet.

      Focus on your journey and it’s ok to be different and those who shy away from you are lower vibrations of energy and most likely negative people who are afraid to embrace the gift of knowing and connectedness to spiritual realms. They are not your Tribe that my spiritual teacher refers to.

      Ask for LIGHT minded people to enter your life and you’ll be surrounded by those who inspire you to be magnificent and unique as you were always meant to be.

      Hope this helps. Your in the right place at the right time. Your journey will be amazing.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lightladywriter. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so happy to hear you’re connected to your mother still. One of my grandmothers gives me those head tingles when she’s here. She brushes her hand on my hair and shoulder when she comes and I always know it’s her. When my son comes, he surrounds me with his huge energy and wings, and always stands behind me. After my dad passed, the only time I saw him in physical form was right in front of me or in dreamtime. They all have their own signature ways of getting our attention, I find and I’m so grateful for that connection. I feel we all have access to this kind of connection. It just requires us to pay attention in new and different ways and develop our gifts in whatever ways we are called – or allow ourselves to be immersed in them when an awakening happens. Thanks & Blessings, Brenda

    • Ram

      Hi, My spiritual download was yesterday night (3 Jan,2019). It was totally unexpected and i was not sure what it was until today morning when i spoke to my guru who explained me what it is. I was scared when it happend and it felt as if i had 1000 volts of electricity passing through me and i was not able to move and even scared to open my eyes thinking i will find someone there. In the morning i find myself calm and peaceful with no thoughts after this blissful experience. All my cells in the body looks like they are charged and i feel as if i have a whirlpool of energy over my head constantly. I feel i’m glowing and happy. I believe this happend to me because i was constantly searching for reasons for my son’s health. I constantly thought there is some thing wrong as he is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, i was not bale to digest it and my constant prayers with the god were to help him get better. I think i was selfless and prayed only for his betterment and searched all over to find the reason and a solution almost 24/7 for the past six months. Even in my dreams i always requested who ever i met to help heal my son. I think this energy will help me find a solution.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Wow, Ram, that sounds pretty intense. Yes, I’ve had similar experiences. I’m so sorry about what you and your son have been going through. Yes, sounds like you’ve received a gift from Spirit. Hey, have you ever done healing work? It seems to me like you might have some new abilities you’re not aware of, or new knowledge that will bubble up and help you when needed.

        Blessings to both of you and your family,

    • Deb Hughes

      Wow. That is so interesting. Mine have been waking me up every night with a vibration/ tremor. It is in my chest and hands and they physically tremble slightly. I can’t find anyone who has had this type of experience either. It’s not scary but I didn’t know what it was. I went for an Emotional release session and she told me it was downloads and to allow myself to be open to receive them. The tremors will still wake me up but stop as soon as I allow it in. It’s almost like my body was trying to fight it. Since I have been accepting it I go right back to sleep but I have had some amazing insights since I’ve allowed it

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Hi Deb. Beautiful. I’m so happy to hear this! I get full body vibrations sometimes when I’m receiving a download, so not surprised at what you’re experiencing. Happy for you. <3

  2. Michelle

    Hi , Brenda . I’ve had some experiences with my psychic abilities and I wanted to know how to access and control these spiritual downloads . Much appreciation , Michelle ❤️

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Michelle. I have found that the more I give attention to what’s happening on an energetic/spiritual level, the more access I receive, but also tracking your experiences can help you to uncover patterns. To go a little deeper even, you could create a “signs and symbols journal”. I did that years ago and it really helped me to interpret what’s happening to me as well as opening me up to even more and deeper spiritual experiences. I wrote an article on that here: Hope this helps. Blessings, Brenda

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Glad to help, Michelle. Blessings.

  3. Lisa

    Wow! I’m so glad I found this article! You put words to my knowing. Thank you! Not everyone can have this conversation (though I maintain hope that someday they can). 20 minutes before, I had just had a major download, almost like old friends catching up with the knowing that we would have to part soon…so get in as much as you can!

    Also, it made me aware I have not created a space for the knowing to come for sometime. That awareness will stay with me and I will nurture it. I really need to see that friend wayyyy more often, as it fill my heart and soul. 🙂

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Yay! I’m so glad you found this article too. Wow, that’s beautiful, your download. Yes, creating a space for the knowing to come… sometimes we can get busy, things happen, we distract ourselves with all kinds of things… It’s amazing when you do allow time and space for it, what can come through. Thanks for the comment, Lisa! Enjoy your time with your friend. 🙂

    • Cindy

      I had a download last night. I did a guided meditation to bring healing from source for my arthritis. Drifted off to sleep and awakened after an odd dream. Suddenly i felt my crown open and i saw what looked like pictures but the frames were moving so fast it was just a blur. It felt like a moving picture from the early days of motion pictures. I felt hyped, electric, like i had just drunk 20 cups of coffee. Then i saw cells. Billions and billions of them downloading into my body. I think or heard that my DNA changed. Suddenly i was aware it was a download. I was unable to fall back asleep for nearly an hour. Thank you for allowing us to express. I have studied metaphysics for 30 years and these are new to me. I appreciate having a place to share my experience and hear others.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Ohhhh that’s so powerful, Cindy! I’m curious as to how you’re doing, and I hope you’ll let us all know the outcome of your beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it here.

  4. Sue

    I receive a frequent tingling/burning sensation in my right ear only. I sense that it has a spiritual meaning. I was hoping you could provide some clarity on the meaning of this.


    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Sue. Yes, our bodies each have their own way of giving us information and getting our attention. I wrote an article on signs and symbols and how to know what they mean. The article focuses on things in dreams or that you see or experience outside of yourself but you can totally apply it to your body sensations. Super simple exercise – just keep a signs and symbols journal. More is here:

      Thanks for your question, and I hope this helps.

    • Caroline

      I don’t get any physical sensations as such. Almost the opposite I feel very clear and still suddenly. It’s like all my emotions and negative thinking are put on hold and pure information comes through that I haven’t had a chance to ‘mess up’ or distort with my own thoughts on it. They flow in quickly and I have a feeling of ‘just channel this information and think about it later’. I have started to write them down because as I say, later I think about them or I even lose them in their pure state, and I put my distorting filter of worry or doubt etc over them. They tend to come when I am out in nature or just on waking in the nano-second of time before I start thinking. They come through as a logical train of information like they are an answer to a question and before I can ask another question of that bit of information, the answer comes in quickly almost like it’s a case of ‘listen and don’t interrupt’. I can’t describe really how it arrives except just that it feels like pure clean thought that’s not come from me but literally feels like it’s just downloading into me.

      Afterwards I feel calm, reassured, inspired, happy. They do feel like ‘lightbulb’ or ‘aha’ moments. They feel like the answer to questions I didn’t really know I was asking but did if that doesn’t sound to confusing. To me they feel like they come from my higher self who sees I’m struggling and just wants to give me a clue or set me on the right path.

      The biggest difference with them is the feeling of no emotion being attached so even if it’s good stuff I don’t feel ‘wooohooo’ as it comes in – that comes after when it stops and I can reflect on it but if I was sat with someone and they were telling me this I’d be thinking ‘wooohooo’ at the same time of hearing it. It’s like emotions or my own thoughts must be totally suspended to hear what’s being said. Like if you were straining to listen to someone else’s conversation on a train or something. You just take in the words only to get a good picture of what’s going on.

      When it has finished there’s a slight emptiness of thought and a temporary relief from all my overthinking everything.

      It is so important to get them on paper to crystallise their purity because once I go back to being ‘me’ I can talk myself out of their reality and this highlights for me just how much I allow negativity to spoil things for me and stop me being the best version of myself.

      I instinctively want to say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ after. And thank you for your article which confirms to me that this is what I have been experiencing and shows me that I really am being loved and guided from above.


      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Oh I totally get this, Caroline: “It’s like emotions or my own thoughts must be totally suspended to hear what’s being said.” That’s how it is for me but just for the first few moments, and sometimes for the whole thing. But I also usually have the experience of emotions moving and awareness of physical and other sensations and experiences (our 5 senses plus the “clairs” like clairaudience, clairvoyance etc.).

        I love how everyone has their own experience of these!

        It’s important for me to write down or record what’s coming through too, because like you, I seldom will remember a channelling or download fully as it came through. I do the same with dreams and medicine songs coming through.

        Yes, the gratitude. I always feel that too and sometimes get tears from it.

        Thank you for your sharing here,

  5. Jk chand

    Hi ,

    I am having crawling /tingling all over my body including my private areas. This is more so closer to full and new moon times. I am very confused and scared. I have been medically checked out with no clear explanation. Please help me understand this.


    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Jk,

      That’s good to hear you’ve had things medically checked out. I’m not surprised to hear of these sensations. I get tingles and goosebumps in a few places in my body and it’s always meaningful and positive. For example, I get very specific tingles on my left shoulder and the left side of my head whenever one of my grandmothers (in the spirit world) visits. I always know it’s her. Same place. Same sensations. And then I can feel her here. Goosebumps and tingles, for me, have always been a sign of spiritual connection and truth. Given that you’re saying it’s happening all over your body, it sounds to me like you’re connecting deeply with Grandmother Moon through your body. The moon literally pulls at our water, so you might just be feeling it more intensely than most people. Or it could be that you’re receiving new energy or information through your body. Our bodies are amazing communicators. We just need to figure out their language by practicing. 🙂 I have another article here on my blog about signs and symbols that might help. It’s more about outside signs and symbols but our bodies give us signs too, so you can totally apply it to that: Many Blessings, Brenda

  6. Alex

    Hi! Thank you for your helpful article.

    I don’t get what people on here describe as per chills or something like that. I meditate when I’m awake and still in bed at 5 or 6 am. I have got messages don’t know if they can be call downloads too. The first one I asked that where was my angel, then that same night still between dreams I heard a voice that said ” I’m outside”. Then, the second time I meditate, I went back to sleep, but during my sleep I was hearing a song and an actress name who was famous in my country a long time ago then, (she’s decease) when I woke up, I was still thinking about that actress, only to find out that they were talking about her on a morning show on the the the t.v. 😲

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Hi Alex. Honestly, the terminology isn’t that important. What’s more important is that you’re receiving messages from Spirit and from your angel. That’s awesome! This shows you that you’re tuned in to Spirit. Was the song you heard in your sleep known to you? Or a new one? Maybe you received a medicine song of your own?


  7. theresa

    I was thinking about if I would ever find my soul mate . I went to sleep and woke up the next day and just knew who he was – even his name . It was like this information was given to me in my sleep and it felt amazing – it was like a knowing feeling ..
    Since then I just think of this person and it feels like I have always known him , even though we have just met briefly just twice .
    Please can you help me understand this

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Terri, sounds like you already understand. I’m no soulmate expert, but it sounds to me like you’re tuning in to a connection you have with this person. Trust that. Trust your guidance. My limited understanding of soulmates is that we can have many soulmates, with different purposes to each relationship. Soulmates come together to learn from each other, whether it’s long term or just for a little while and whether it’s an intimate/sexual relationship, friendship or partnership. I wonder what this beautiful soul has to teach you, and what you have to teach them? Best wishes with this.

    • David James

      I love this! When I met my soulmate last year on facebook from 1,615 miles away I knew immediately she said to me: “But I have a real life boy-friend.” Uncharacteristically, I replied “HAD. I’m taking you now!” The next day she told me that she had broken it off with him because she had had “A major download”. Delighted to find this post and happy for you.

      • Brenda MacIntyre

        Oh wow, that’s huge, David. Sounds like your soul was responding before your ego-mind could take over, and then your soulmate responded in kind, with the help of “a major download”. I’m happy to hear this is now a year later and wish you and your soulmate – and the one who was not the soulmate – all the best.

  8. Turisno_fum

    Ultimately, I had no fucking idea what was happening to me while I was going through my spiritual awakening and Dark night. I thought that I was going crazy or was going to burn in hell forever for questioning everything I’d been taught. I would have loved to read an article like this describing all the spiritual awakening symptoms and their significance. So I’m honored to be able to present them to you now. I hope, if anything, that they can validate what you’re going through.

  9. Brenda MacIntyre

    Oh yes, I totally get that feeling. I’ve had several Dark Nights of the Soul and different levels of awakening, and not all of them feel almost crazy-making, but some have, especially the one I’m in the midst of right now. Yes, the questioning is such a big part of the process, as is the acceptance of it. Thanks for sharing here. It really is so important for people going through spiritual downloads, upgrades, Dark Nights of the Soul and awakenings. We’re at a point on this planet where a LOT of people are going through this as a part of this Great Re-Awakening. Many Blessings to you.


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