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Are you looking for an Indigenous keynote speaker who can deliver to your audience not just a typical talk or performance but innovation, connection and an immediate sense of tension relief? How about easy activities and practices – set to live music – and designed to help your audience alleviate burnout, improve mental health or become better Indigenous allies?

Known by her Indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has shared her evocative melodic voice, unique healing music, and teachings with appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000 across North America for over 35 years, and on the virtual stage for over 10 years.

The London Ontario-based JUNO Award-winning singer and keynote speaker has been featured on CTV, CityNews Toronto and London, APTN, Global and a front page headline in the Toronto Star. Brenda was also nominated for the 2021 Ontario Arts Council Indigenous Arts Award. 

Brenda MacIntyre is a mixed blood Cree Sixties Scoop Survivor and natural storyteller whose lifelong innovative experiences with leadership development, self-care and picking up the pieces inform her keynote speaking and powerful singing. 

Raised by a white family, and having Indigenous and white ancestry, Brenda MacIntyre has been on an Identity Reclamation Journey for over 20 years. She is in a unique position to help your audience learn how to decolonize their lives and understand a different side of personal Truth & Reconciliation.

She has turned grief and trauma into musical medicine and teachings. Fueled by the untimely sudden loss of both her parents as well as the recent violent loss of her son, Brenda MacIntyre not only shares her memorable story and songs, but she guides audiences through unique easy activities to create and sustain mindfulness. while coping with unexpected change.

Her popular Picking Up the Pieces 101 and Sing Yourself Alive workshops have been shared with many audiences both virtual and in-person. Her new Truth & ReconciliACTION keynote balances awareness through song and story with effective actions your audience can take to ally with Indigenous people for Truth and Reconciliation on an individual and collective level.

Brenda MacIntyre’s customized keynotes and workshops invite audiences into interactive experiences, leaving them with memorable takeaways and tools they can use immediately to get out of what she calls “Anxiety Land” and cope with sudden upheaval, trauma, grief or the discomfort and guilt that settlers feel when faced with the reasons for Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Having done virtual events for over 10 years, this First Nations keynote speaker has pro lighting, high quality sound and a desktop computer customized for livestreaming, with super high speed hardwired Internet for her virtual keynote speaking. Whether virtual or in-person, she delivers a message of hope while always providing live music and learning activities.

If you’re looking for an engaging and experienced motivational keynote speaker or workshop facilitator for your virtual conference, Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt) Day event, staff meeting or outdoor Canadian event, book a time below to discuss:

Brenda’s Goosebump-Giving Keynotes, Workshops & Break-Out Sessions


  1. NEW! Truth & ReconciliACTION

This keynote or workshop balances awareness through song and story with effective simple actions your audience can take right now to ally with Indigenous people for Truth and Reconciliation on an individual and collective level.

  1. *Breath of Life: Becoming Open

How to lead with an open mind and heart… and what you’ve been missing without it. Experience the true power of your breath and how it can impact your audience’s wellness. Improve communications between your staff and clients with a few simple steps.

  1. NEW! Picking Up the Pieces 101: Music & Mindfulness for Mental Health

Learn and practice unique mindfulness activities set to live music. Your audience, staff or clients will discover ways to make space for grief and self-care in the workplace and at home, to prevent burnout and alleviate stress. Receive a balanced experience of mindfulness from an accessible, inclusive First Nations perspective.

  1. NEW! Virtual Workshop Series for Women’s Groups: RECLAIM – How to Recreate and Reclaim Your Identity after Loss and Trauma

Your group will learn how to regain a sense of who they are and the gifts they carry. How to let yourself dream after living in what felt like a nightmare. Connect with a sense of purpose and improve your life even while living with grief and trauma.

5. *Sing Yourself Alive: How to Find Your Voice

Your team, clients or audience will learn how to find their voice and self-confidence through song and simple inclusive vocal and creative practices. Experience the power of Indigenous singing and hand drumming. Learn how to turn your voice into a tool to  help you hold space for your clients and staff and easily hold their attention. No singing experience necessary. Walk away with an easy trick to create instant confidence in those moments when you feel like hiding. Help your staff and clients connect with each other more meaningfully.

Customized for Your Staff or Event

All appearances are personalized to your organization and/or specific event and audience. We can also discuss topics you don’t see here. 

All Presentations include speaking, musical performance and audience participation.

*Topics marked with a * can be a one-time event or a series. 


  • Audience Participation and Experiential Teachings
  • Giant Dose of Inspiration
  • Goosebumps and Emotional Connection
  • Your Audience Will Feel Grounded, Energized and Connected to Themselves and Each Other. Perfect before a networking break.

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman Sizzle Reel

Speaking Raves

Brenda MacIntyre gave a moving and inspiring virtual keynote at our December 6th event The National Day of Remembrance and Action to Stop Violence Against Women for over180 people.

Brenda found just the right words and songs to touch and inspire the audience. Not only is Brenda a powerful, moving, amazing, goosebump-giving singer but she offers insightful, inspiring, and meaningful teachings through her motivational speaking. 

Even leading up to the event, Brenda was a dream to work with, getting us exactly what we needed way ahead of time, making setup easy for our sound/tech people and even going the extra mile to customize her music and teachings to our event theme and audience.

We especially appreciated Brenda’s support to end violence against women and children. What she shared made me feel that we are all going through challenges in our lives, but we are resilient and she inspired me to be more positive through her songs and speech. 

Your conference attendees will love Brenda’s genuine approach, thoughtful words, beautiful voice and unique Indigenous drumming.

Safia Hirsi

Women’s Program Coordinator, The Neighbourhood House

Brenda MacIntyre will move you not only with her heartfelt, meaningful message but her powerful, rich, melodic voice and drum. 

It isn’t often that a person enters the second day of a staff conference, and holds the space sharing exactly the inspirational message that was meant for all the participants. 

Her message and songs affirmed the rich contributions of participants, the themes, and teachings of the conference.  

We didn’t give Brenda what would be considered reasonable advance notice to give a keynote; however, because the themes of the conference resonated with her, she went out of her way to accommodate our event date. Brenda also appeared early to feel the energy and listen to the conversations to allow her heart and spirit to lead her teachings, music, and drumming.

Conference participants will love Brenda’s authentic approach, thoughtful words, beautiful voice, and unique indigenous drumming. Conference planners will love her flexibility and accommodating manner.

Carol Wall

Consultant, Wall to Wall Consulting

Brenda MacIntyre has been an integral part of our International Women’s Day and First Nations Day celebrations, both as a phenomenal keynote speaker and as an extremely gifted facilitator, always to a capacity-crowd.  Brenda’s empathetic, knowledgeable and respectful delivery is inclusive and welcoming.  We are honoured to have Brenda MacIntyre in our lives, and it is with absolute consensus that we recommend and promote Brenda in any way that we can. She has so many gifts to share.

Elisa Char Guilbeault

Mattawa Women’s Resource Centre

Brenda MacIntyre just gave an outstanding and inspiring workshop called Picking UpThe Pieces, for our “Looking After Your Health And Well Being” initiative, through Better Living Health and Community Services. This initiative was to support all staff and volunteers throughout the Central LHIN during the Covid -19 pandemic. 

Her presentation was through zoom because of Covid restrictions. It worked well and if you are considering Brenda for a presentation, you will like her genuine approach, thoughtful words, and beautiful voice as she shares the stories behind her songs. A wonderful session Thank You.

Some of the feedback we received said:

I felt very uplifted and will use her teachings to learn how to ground myself and use sound and music to bring about calm and peace in my daily life.

I liked the notion of picking up the pieces.

Reinforces the healing power of song, music, and making time and space for the grief and healing, pleasure and pain.

Juliet Irish

Project Coordinator, Better Living Health & Community Services

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