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Keynote Speaker and Performer

Brenda MacIntyre

Brenda MacIntyre, also known by her indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, is a Goose Bump Giving Singer, Speaker, Drummer and Author of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™.

By the age of 20 Brenda was on Top 40 Radio in Miami, in spite of extreme shyness and the death of both of her parents. As her music career flourished, her personal life fell apart, leading her onto a deeply spiritual healing journey. A Navajo medicine woman recognized her as a healer and since then, Brenda’s speaking, singing and drumming have helped thousands of women around the world to brighten their lives and the lives of others through the untapped power of their voice.

The Juno Award-winning singer has shared her magic, leadership and soul on national TV channels such as MuchMusicCTVAPTN and Global and for appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000. Her music has been featured on CBC Radio and hundreds of other radio stations, garnering top ten status multiple times. She has shared the stage with star from The Secret, Michael Beckwith, and New York Times Best-Selling Authors Gregg BradenDr. Joan Borysenko and the late Dr. Emoto.

You won’t catch Brenda reading from a PowerPoint or notes at a podium. She loves to surprise and move the audience, while delivering actionable takeaways without a script. Her music-infused talks and workshops are always hands-on, unique and memorable. As a motivational speaker, Brenda brings musical talent, a lifetime of navigating dark nights of the soul, and 18 years of helping women to find their voice, so they can stop holding back and live an inspiring life.

If you’re looking for an engaging and experienced keynote speaker, indigenous singer or workshop facilitator for your conference, awards gala or special event in Canada or Europe, book a time below to discuss:

Brenda’s Goose Bump Giving Keynotes, Workshops & Break-Out Sessions

1. Get Real! How to Let Go and Live Your Truth Out Loud
Discover why grieving your losses and playing with perfectionism are crucial to true happiness and success. Learn how to stop stopping yourself and step into the flow of real life so you can live your purpose.

2. Amplify Your Voice: 3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence NOW
Create more confidence and magnetism in your conversations and presentations, in 3 simple steps. This highly interactive hands-on keynote or workshop will give you an embodied experience of finding your voice, so that you can speak and make powerful decisions with more confidence.

3. Opening & Closing Ceremonies and Musical Performances: Drumming, Singing and Mini-Meditation with Audience Participation. First Nations smudging (like incense) ceremony upon request.
Enjoy an indigenous musical performance interspersed with inspirational storytelling, ceremony and audience participation. Listen to traditional Native American singing and drumming, conscious reggae, and/or evocative folk-rock-soul songs.

* All Presentations include speaking, musical performance and audience participation.


  • Audience Participation and Experiential Teachings
  • Giant Dose of Inspiration
  • Goosebumps and Emotional Connection
  • Your Audience Will Feel Grounded, Energized and Connected to Themselves and Each Other. Perfect before a networking break.

For Brenda MacIntyre’s speaker one-sheet, click here.

Brenda MacIntyre Singing, Drumming and Speaking For 300 People

Speaking Raves

Out of all the speakers, you stood out so much to me and in fact I cried when I heard you speak about what your motivation is that keeps you going everyday to run your business. I cried because I have the same motivation: to help women remember who they are and feel their true power again. I’m a new mum and am just putting the bones of my business together. For now my priority are my little 3 children. I had depression as a new mum and through all the work I did on myself, I now am creating a business to help other similar mums heal themselves, reconnect to their power and create their true life. I really resonate with your message and you and your essence just heals me when I hear you!

Melissa Cuzzilla

Spiritual Teacher for New Mothers

Many thanks. You are gifted with music, medicine and magic.

Shelagh Rogers

CBC (MC of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards)

Brenda MacIntyre has been an integral part of our International Women’s Day and First Nations Day celebrations, both as a phenomenal keynote speaker and as an extremely gifted facilitator, always to a capacity-crowd.  Brenda’s empathetic, knowledgeable and respectful delivery is inclusive and welcoming.  We are honoured to have Brenda MacIntyre in our lives, and it is with absolute consensus that we recommend and promote Brenda in any way that we can. She has so many gifts to share.

Elisa Char Guilbeault

Mattawa Women’s Resource Centre

The standard of your performance and the quality of your work reaped praise and applaud from our visitors as well as the members of the CNE board and staff. Your contribution to the Canadian International Artist Forum is appreciated and much admired.

Asma Arshad Mahmood

Cre8iv80 Studio, CNE

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