4 Ways to Fill Your Empty Cup to Overflowing: Let me show you how to truly unplug and fill your sacred cup to overflowing, so that you can hold space for the people you care about, and even for the healing of the planet and humanity, without losing yourself or your energy.


We’ll help you manage  trauma, grief and chronic pain, so you can do more of what lights you up.

It’s been a long, exhausting few years.

Living a COVID-conscious life is becoming harder and harder all the time.

Don’t give up. You are not out there alone, even if it often feels like it.

If you’re looking for relief, healing or to find your voice, breathe this in. I can help.

We can help you: 

  • Feel Connected
  • Grow Your Sense of Belonging
  • Practice Extreme Self-Care
  • Feel Validated
  • Re-Energize
  • Find Your Voice
  • Get a Better Sleep
  • Hold Space for Others without getting so drained

You are the heartbeat pulsing between your Ancestors and the ones yet to be born. 

Imagine… As you get more and more relief and find your voice, you can enjoy your life more and no longer feel so exhausted from your generous giving.

That’s what we can help you to do.


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Working with Brenda was an “of course I need to do that” for me.

I began work with Brenda in the Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Program, so I knew the power she brings to helping women find their voice. When she called me about the Voice Spirit Power Mastermind, it was a YES. I knew I wanted to discover more of my voice, my spirit and my power.

Before the mastermind, struggle felt inevitable and overwhelming. Now it feels like part of life and I still get to be who I am within it, perhaps even discover more of who I am as I walk through the process. I shifted from feeling alone to supported, and from looking to external answers to finding my answers within my own heart.

She taught practical tools as well as providing the place where we could practice using our voice, expressing our spirit and power and stretching our wings. I was supported in what I was walking through, flooded with healing sounds, given the gift of being heard and the gift of perspective that helped the lessons to become a part of me and a part of how I move in the world.

I imagined new possibilities and ways of being and started to practice those. I began to speak my truth not only when it was easy but in all situations.

I faced some really difficult circumstances that, honestly, scared me and felt so out of my control. It was really significant to the support of Brenda and the group in a time of upheaval and change. That support helped me connect more deeply to my center and Higher Power.

I stepped into my own power, took risks, shared bravely, stepped out of old patterns that had been hard to shake, and forged a new way. I valued myself in the choices I made and the choices brought me to a place where I really value the treasure of who I am.

Now I am clearer in who I am and how to embody and express that and this impacts everything.

It is fun to honor and return to gifts I had let slide. I am more connected to life and the people around me. I am more aware of the power I have to be and express myself; that makes life simpler and more fun.

Kate Furnish

Now that my writer is unblocked, I’ve written my first award-winning, best-selling book!

My biggest life challenge was uncovering, discovering and recovering my true, authentic self. I was the master of self-sabotage. I knew my wellspring of creative self-expression was way deep down inside but I needed a spiritual facilitator to help me retrieve, own, and share more and more of my treasures.

Brenda is positive and professional. She always checked in and stayed attuned to where I was in all our sessions together. Since working with Brenda, my physical health has improved, new resources have come into my life (energy medicine healers) to help me and I’m well on my way to accomplishing my goal of curing my disease and living a healthy, happy life.

I now have a loving, compassionate, self-healing relationship with Me. I feel happier and healthier every minute of every day. I am grounded and centered in my True Self 24/7. I use Brenda’s Medicine Song Healing Meditation every day, which enhances my spirituality, creativity and physicality.

Now that, thanks to Brenda’s love and expertise, my writer is unblocked, I’ve written my first award-winning, best-selling book, Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live and it will be published this summer.

Since I’m no longer carrying around the responsibility of saving the whole world, my now healthy self has attracted the ideal clients I want!

Mari L. McCarthy


I have always experienced you primarily as a healer, and your gifts to me… of healing and of believing in myself as a healer… were profound. Not to mention confidence to be in front of groups. I was terrified, and now I’m not. It’s that simple. Thank you.

As always, I admire the energy, commitment and sheer determination you bring to life and to your business.

I just stumbled into a population that is ripe for the mind-body self care I love to teach — medical professionals. I wasn’t looking for them, in fact I was trying to get to their patients! But now they are inviting me to give talks and asking for programs for themselves and I realize this one is a gift from the universe. I am not choosing it, it is choosing me. And it actually IS a path to their patients… just not the one I was looking for!

Mayana Williamson


I was feeling very frustrated in my professional life and my life purpose as for me they are the same. I had started doubting my talents because of a lack of clients and I was looking for clarity around this. Spiritual and business clarity.

The session I had with Brenda was truly amazing and the information that came through was so spot on it was mind-blowing. The very intimate nature of the content especially so – I mean really my deepest inner thoughts that I had never shared with anyone. So I knew that it was true. I did receive the all important confirmation that I was on purpose as well as extra guidance on how to implement these. I was also advised to try out these new skills and get feedback from clients. Clarity is so important for me and I got this with Brenda.

I know I am on purpose and with the new skills I received. I am on fire! J This means so much to me to receive this confirmation because I felt like giving up for good.

Brenda is amazing and she has her feet firmly in both the business and spiritual realms. She is totally neutral and present throughout the sessions, as well as providing support during sessions. I appreciate feeling that I could go to Brenda with any of my questions no matter how wacky they seemed.

I feel much more confident about my life and business now. I know what I can do and it makes me feel humbled and honoured.

I have been given the green light and now it is just a matter of connecting with my ideal clients. For so long I had doubted myself but now I have embraced my Greatness and feel really excited to get to work (or play).

Trilby D. Johnson


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