4 Ways to Fill Your Empty
Cup to Overflowing


You were born into this era to help make the world a better place, but nobody gave you a playbook for doing that during a global crisis full of divisiveness, grief, fear, anger, confusion and our Mother Earth in such a struggle.

It’s not like you were told you’d be dealing with trauma, grief or chronic pain later in life either. 

You might be thinking, “There is no way I signed up for this!” or “What are we doing here?!” as we make our way through the 2020’s.

We are constantly being bombarded by everyone else’s unfiltered energies and emotions like never before. If you are a covid-conscious woman, it is a LOT. If you are an empath on top of that, it is even heavier.

That’s why I’ve created this downloadable care package to help you shore up your energy and hope while you push through the muck. I know it’s demoralizing knowing that you’re one of just a handful of covid-conscious people trying to make things better, while everyone else is in an alternate reality living it up like it’s 2019. 

All that gaslighting, projection and existential dread while trying to stay safe can wear you down and make you doubt yourself. Let me give you some simple tools to help you stay on the path and get some relief.

As a covid-conscious woman, you are here to play your unique role in the healing of this and the next 7 generations, but you were never meant to be the point person for healing and helping everyone and everything. I mean, it’s exhausting just thinking about it! Even if it’s just a few of us, covid-conscious women are still in this together.

Even when things finally settle into some kind of an actual “new normal” worldwide, it’s going to take several generations for humanity and our Mother Earth to fully heal from the trauma of this global experience.

What can you do to keep on going without constantly feeling drained of your energy, joy, peace… and your life? 

Let me show you how to fill your cup to overflowing, so that you can still be part of the healing of the planet and humanity, but without losing yourself or your sanity.

Download the FREE Care Package!

*You will also receive a series of valuable content (articles, videos, healing music and tips) for women with trauma, grief or chronic pain, followed by our monthly ezine and occasional invitations to women's circles or Brenda MacIntyre's deeper healing and mentoring work.

I’m a big believer in embodiment – not just learning but getting that knowledge and actual practices into your body memory by applying them often. That’s how we change lives, not just by reading an article or taking a webinar, but putting what we learn into physical action.

You Will Learn:


How to hold sacred space for yourself so you can keep your sanity and stop feeling so drained.


The 4 levels of sacred space.


4 checkpoints to help you bring back balance any time.


Why trying to hold yourself together can make things worse, instead of better.


Best thing is, you get to use your gifts and creativity in the process.

Your FREE Care Package Includes:

Audio MP3 and Cheat Sheet

  • How to Create and Hold Sacred Space for Yourself Audio (MP3)
  • How to Create and Hold Sacred Space for Yourself Cheat Sheet (PDF)

3 Printable Resilience & Re-Awakening Journal Pages

  • Love your Self in this moment (PDF)
  • Reminder to B R E A T H E (PDF)
  • Open to all possibilities (PDF)


Known by her Indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has shared her evocative melodic voice, healing music and spiritual teachings with appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000 across North America. The London Ontario-based Juno Award-winning singer and motivational speaker has been featured on CTV, CityNews Toronto, APTN, Global and a front page headline in the Toronto Star. She was in the CBC Searchlight 2020 Top 100 and  nominated for the 2021 Ontario Arts Council Indigenous Arts Award.

Brenda’s signature Medicine Song Healing concerts, circles and private sessions invite you deep into potent spontaneous healing soundscapes. Her keynotes, workshops and Picking Up the Pieces 13 Moon Resilience and Reawakening program help women empaths to get through trauma, grief and exhaustion, while embodying resilience and reawakening to the gifts they carry.

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