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I’m so happy to connect with you!

I’m Brenda MacIntyre and my indigenous name is Medicine Song Woman. I’m here to help you bring out your playfulness, edge and inner rebel, so you can live a life brimming with soul-satisfying expression.

My passion and spiritual gifts come from over 30 years of singing my soul out on stage, 18 years of helping women find their voice, and 7 major spiritual awakenings that began when I was 7.

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Rev. Michael Beckwith, Shakti Gawain and New York Times Best-Selling Authors Gregg Braden, Dr. Joan Borysenko and the late Dr. Emoto, among others.

I’ve risen out of multiple Dark Nights of the Soul to re-create myself and my life anew, so that I can help you re-awaken into the power of who you are becoming, and express that beautiful being with confidence and radiance.

FUN FACT: Besides singing and speaking, Brenda’s favourite sources of Joy are her daughter, her 2 cats, old school reggae and spiritual playtime with her sisters.

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Latest Blog Posts


Spiritual Medicine for Crazy Times

Spiritual Medicine for Crazy Times

I couldn’t think of what to write today so I did a Medicine Song Oracle Reading, asking the oracle deck what you needed to hear from me. Turns out, it’s an oracle reading: Your 1st Oracle Card: One of the Things in the South. Play the song on Spotify for the full...

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Empaths, Energy & Exhaustion: Why Am I So Drained?

Empaths, Energy & Exhaustion: Why Am I So Drained?

I’m curious… What’s your number on the empathic overwhelm scale right now? Put your number in the comments and let us know, how are you managing now as an empath after over a year of living with this 🦠 situation and everything it’s brought up? If you’re tired of...

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