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The Healing Power of Indigenous Medicine Songs #TruthbyBrenda

Indigenous medicine songs hold boundless healing power. They can relieve or sometimes even completely release pain or health conditions. They can uplift you, energize you, calm you, soothe you or help you to remember who we are. They can take you on a spiritual journey or ground you and bring you back into our body. How does that happen? Why are these songs so powerful and healing? How do you get the most out of this kind of healing music?

First off, you might want to know how to tell what a medicine song even is, right? The simplest way to tell is how you feel emotionally and physically when you listen to it. For example, there are indigenous social songs for hand drumming, but they aren’t necessarily healing songs. They still might lift you up and make you feel good, but you won’t get deep or lasting healing from them. Artists will often give a medicine song or CD an obvious title too. For example, one of my albums is actually called Medicine Song. Another is called Thunder Mountain Healing Songs. One of my favourite indigenous artists David A. Maracle has a very healing CD called Spirit World. I feel soothed by it every time I listen and I use it to get me to sleep when I’m stressed out.

Know that what you find healing might not be healing for everyone. Trust your intuition and your spiritual guidance. Consider it like going into a crystal store. Pay attention to what is calling you the most.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Native American or First Nations healing music.

1. The singer’s intentions express the meaning and purpose of the song. When I channel medicine songs, the original prayers, intentions and emotions are embedded into my songs. Whether you listen to them, sing them alone or sing them with others, the original prayers, intentions and emotions infused into the songs will reach you.

2. True medicine songs originally come directly from the spirit world to the song catcher, which means they contain spiritual medicine. When you connect to the healing energy of Spirit and the sound medicine that is created from it, you may experience…

    • Joy
    • Inspiration
    • Goosebumps
    • Visions
    • “Chills” or Energy running through you
    • Tears Coming to Your Eyes
    • Emotional Release, immediately or later in the day
    • Other physical or emotional sensations
    • Healing (instant or gradual)
    • Pain Relief
    • Stress Relief
    • Improved Sleep

3. Your intentions (prayers and/or positive thoughts) as you sing or listen will add strength and meaning. Even just simply having gratitude as you sing or listen will amplify the healing power of the song.

4. The song’s original story will help you understand the meaning of the song, especially with the hand drum songs that don’t have English lyrics. For this reason, indigenous hand drum songs are always to be shared with their story.

Keep in mind when you intend to listen to or sing or share medicine songs:

  • When you listen, drink water before and after, and know that you might experience an energy shift. That can come in the form of someone making you mad that day (which brings up something you need to release), or it could be a sensation you feel, or you might cry, you could experience some kind of physical healing, or you could even suddenly just feel a little bit better.
  • Listen to indigenous medicine songs especially when you need healing or uplifting.

HOT TIP: I strongly suggest that you share/sing with or for people ONLY when you’re feeling well and are clean and sober, and if/when you feel good about sharing them. When your mind is clear and you feel good, you have a much better, more positive effect on people with your singing. I’m not talking about perfection here. Your voice, emotions and intentions carry vibration. The better you feel and the more clear your mind, the better the effect you will have on whatever/whoever you are singing for.

Remember it’s not about singing a song perfectly or having a perfect voice. It’s about intention. If you’re singing, do your best to sing the song how it is on the recording (or in the circle if you’re live) but intention is the priority. A good way to hold intention is to hold the thought that all is well, you are safe and protected and that you and whoever is listening will get from the song exactly what your/their spirit needs at that time. Or you can borrow my main intention that I say when I wake up and before every client session or medicine song channelling: “I intend that this be for the highest good of all life everywhere.”

When you sing, focus your intentions and/or prayers on the medicine of the song. In other words, for a water song, focus on healing for the water. If the song is about getting through rough times, focus on what it will feel like to be already through those rough times. Or if you are singing the song for a specific person or family or community, focus on their wellness.

It’s important to share the story and teaching of the song before you sing it (in public or with others) so that they know and understand what to expect.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS get grounded back to Mother Earth after you listen to or sing medicine songs. Good ways to ground yourself are eating something, sitting for a while with your feet on the floor, lying down on the ground or floor, going outside, feeling the weight of your body on the surface below you, taking some deep breaths and stretching, and laughing.

Want to experience the power of indigenous medicine songs for yourself?

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Thanks & Blessings to you.

See you next month.

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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