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Medicine Song Healing
& Reading Sessions

with Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

I’ve been preparing for this Great Planetary Re-Awakening all my life, mostly through multiple Dark Nights of the Soul and Spiritual Awakenings. Long ago, I lost my mother to suicide and my father to a heart attack. In 2016 my son was taken from me by gun violence. I’m more familiar with what it’s like to live through a Dark Night of the Soul than I am with ordinary life.

Right now, humankind is living through a sudden massive Dark Night of the Soul. The good news is, this also means mass spiritual awakenings are going to start happening. It’s our time. This is what you signed up for. Ready?

I had no idea I would even become a healer until a Navajo healer/elder claimed that I already was one, back in the 90’s. Then I experienced a miracle in 2008.

Adopted at birth and gifted with extrasensory abilities, I was always sensitive, shy and deeply connected to Mother Earth and the Spirit World. So yes, I talk to dead people, and other higher beings as well, when I do these healing and reading sessions. It’s amazing how much they tell me and show me for you. The healing that can happen is quite profound.

“My greatest challenge area was being in alignment with my true soul path, clearing away old thinking and a tendency to give to others before myself, and manifesting the desired abundance into my life. I had more compassion for others than myself.

The experience working with Brenda was peaceful and powerful. I felt the healing happen during our recent healing & intuitive reading session, as well as continuing on after the session. It was wonderful to have the recording to go back to to hear the beautiful voice and healing words.

I have been empowered, and I feel more in alignment with my true self. I am not as afraid to be who I truly am, a healer, a mother, a women who can be empowered and in her passion.

I am currently seeking a transition from my ‘day job’ as an office manager, and I’m beginning my healing and service career as a Reiki teacher and practioner. I also am getting ready to get my crystal jewelry online for sale.”

– Brandy Jones

In my 30’s, to end a long cycle of toxic relationships, I went to a healing lodge for Native women and children, where I found my voice, completed my BA summa cum laude, and got back into my musical career.

About a day before Spring Equinox 2008, I said out loud – alone in my apartment – “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” In a moment of divine inspiration, I was shown an amazing way to use my gifts to help people improve and sometimes completely release physical pain, chronic health conditions and illness.

Since then, through these sessions, miracles have been happening for my clients: cancer cured, physical pain dissolved, spiritual visions, stress release, wishes fulfilled, and just from one session with me! I also love how my clients tend to have an amazing sleep after a session.

Imagine this…

You have an amazing sleep, waking up feeling energized, refreshed and relaxed all at once. Those usual aches and pains are barely noticeable (wait, are they gone?!). You feel like you have a new lease on life, and like something has lifted. You’ve just had resounding confirmations and new insights about some major life decisions. You’ve made a deeper connection with your spirit, ancestors and lost loved ones.

Imagine how you could be feeling right now!

“I had been having trouble sleeping since I made the decision to separate with my ex and step into the role of single mom, because there have been so many thoughts/emotions/energies blocked up in my head/crown area. I had also been collecting an extra amount of stress and tension around my shoulders, neck, jaw, face and head in the past couple of months.

The healing is immense, to say the least. I don’t think there is a word big enough to encompass the feelings you have helped shift and crack open. I felt the healing work right away. Pains and discomfort where I hold most of my tension became heightened as they began to move with energy.

It only took about 10 minutes or so before all this discomfort transformed into feeling of bliss and light and weightlessness. It was such a feeling of relief.”

– Gwenith

If you can answer YES to ANY of the following, then Brenda MacIntyre can help YOU…

 I am tired of this pain and I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of it!

 I feel like I’m lost in a sea of grief.

I want more energy and to stop feeling so drained.

I want to know my purpose.

My life seems to be crumbling at my feet even though I’m doing all the right things. I don’t know what else to do!

I’ve been having strange spiritual experiences and I’m not sure what to do.

I think I’m experiencing a breakthrough or some kind of major shift.

As an empath, it’s tough to manage the heightened energies and emotions during these crazy times.

Distance Healing & Intuitive Reading Sessions with Channeled Visionary Guidance and a unique Healing Song channeled for YOU

You Get…

Recorded Personal Healing Song: With each session, Brenda channels a new, unique healing song for you. In other words, she turns healing energy into a distinct song, and that song is especially for YOU. You get the MP3.

Energy Healing: After singing your song, Brenda works with watercrystals and her hands to clear and balance your energy. This makes you feel energizedand more alive, while decreasing or removing physical pain and negative emotions.

Recorded Energy Reading: As Brenda does energy work for you, she receives visionssacred symbols and messages for you. You get a digital MP3 recording of what she receives for you.

Multiple Levels of Healing: You will likely experience goosebumpstingling sensationsvisionsrelaxation and/or a boost of energy as your session happens, even though it’s by distance. When you listen to your recorded song afterward, you will likely get even more healing.


Bonus Exclusive 1 Hour Guided Meditation of soothing sounds of water in the background with Brenda’s voice walking you through your healing sessions. This will help you focus and get deeper healing during each session.

If you’re getting a half hour session, feel free to use the guided meditation or not. It is an hour long, so your session will be done halfway through it, but the birdsong and water sounds are super calming and lovely to meditate to.

Ready to invest in your personal well-being?

30 Minute Session

$250 $125

1 Hour Session

$497 $248.50

“It’s been a week since my niece in Europe had the distance Medicine Song Healing session with you, and just over a month since 80% of the tumour between her lungs and heart was removed by surgery.

Her test results came in today. No cancer was found!! Astounding. We are in shock. Thank you for whatever your good spirit and song has brought to my niece and my family’s journey.”

– Lilita

“I slept soundly that evening for the first time in months.”

– Joyce

“I’ve had a bit of a rough couple of days, which I feel is related to me bringing up some things I need/want to let go of in order to move forward with my intentions. I know your healing energy is helping me with that. I loved reading what you had to say! I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’m 6 mos pregnant. I wonder if that has something to do with the sparkles you were seeing? That was my first thought when I read your words – that it was a message from the baby.

I definitely had a lot of blocked energy in my head just prior to the session. There was a lot of stuck energy there that I could feel as heavy pressure. Again, I think I brought that up for release. And I definitely felt relief after the session was over.

I can also clearly see how the heart chakra comes into play here, as it relates to my intentions to be more heart centered with my children, and for my work. It was interesting to read your words around this as I hadn’t quite framed it that way myself, but immediately recognized it upon reading.

I listened to the recording today and it was very soothing. I love hearing you sing! Such beauty, and such a strong healing energy. Your work is lovely, and I feel blessed to have something directed specifically at me.”

– Melanie, Mississauga Canada

“As your song started, a very loud flute started as well and played throughout, even drowning out your voice and the drum. I could not hear the end of the recording for the drum.

At the first, for a couple of minutes, I was disappointed. Then I just let go and as things progressed I had a very good cry. I then put it to a CD and when I listened to it then, no flute!! I listened to it on the computer… no flute!!!

I think I may have had an amazing visit from a special guide who came & was present here! Could that be? I am so grateful! I will use the recording a lot!”

– Pat Topal

“My body was involuntarily moving for most of the time.. At one point I felt peace and pure joy… It was very powerful! I experienced so many things throughout the whole session.

I feel energized, alive, and excited about life… YEAH!”

– Cristina Spagnuolo

“I have Seasonal Affected Disorder & am prone to get “blue” in the dark months. (That’s half the year up here.) And I often get caught up in unnecessary worry & being very serious. Brenda & her spirit helpers knew how to “free” me.

Within days I felt new energy inhabit me & the “old” good energy was released, woken up. Now I am able to banish dark thoughts from my mind & decide what needs my attention with less procrastination. For instance at work I do things with the “right” energy – not rushed, not dawdling.

It’s confidence. And I feel totally “in” my skin, who I am & even what I wear is OK (a BIG change for me). Brenda helped me find the “zone” where I’m totally content to just be. It’s a spiritual “area” where I’m non-judgemental, accepting & aware of the natural world around me.

I feel I’ve moved forward spiritually; And of course that affects what I do, my frame of mind & thoughts, people I interact with. I live here, now.”

– Marita Hollo, Yellowknife

You’re here for a reason. It’s time to take care of YOU,
so you can use your gifts to heal humanity and Mother Earth.

Invest in your healing today and experience your own miracles

30 Minute Session

$250 $125

1 Hour Session

$497 $248.50

DISCLAIMER: *Please note that none of these sessions are intended to replace medical treatments or prescriptions by your licensed medical practitioner (i.e. family doctor or therapist). Brenda MacIntyre is a traditional healer and not an accredited counselor or licensed medical doctor. Brenda strongly recommends that you continue consulting with a medical practitioner(s) you are comfortable with. If emotional issues come up to be cleared, Brenda recommends that you seek professional counseling. Actual Results of healing sessions vary.


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