Full Moon Healing Circle

Live Virtual Healing Circle with a Sound Journey for Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Health

Full Moon Healing Circles are held on the Wednesday nearest each Full Moon.

Join us for our next Full Moon Healing Circle!


Hungry for community? Feeling like you can’t turn off the adrenalin or all the chaotic energies to get a good sleep?

I’ve got you.

When you put these 4 elements together, out comes the magic, healing and relaxation…

1. Indigenous Medicine Songs
2. The Full Moon
3. Water
4. Women

The sisterhood, magic and connection flow like a river and create a ripple effect of love that reaches out to our loved ones and Mother Earth.

That’s why every Full Moon, I host a Full Moon Healing Circle. These circles are open to all covid-conscious women and non-binary folx of all backgrounds.

Here’s what people are getting out of my healing circles:

I am grateful for your sounds. I always enjoy hearing your voice or instruments and in a state of relaxation by the end!
– Melanie Cornacchia

I feel so much better after your circles. You have a way of bringing us back and centering…grounding us.
– Donna L Mattias

Tickets: Pay What You Can*

*Suggested Energy Exchange $25+. If you are struggling financially, you can pay whatever you can afford. If you are financially blessed, please give generously, so that we can subsidize those who cannot. Hiy Hiy, Miigwech, Thank You!

When: 7pm Eastern/ 4pm Pacific
2024 Dates: Jan 24th, Feb 21st, March 27th, April 24th, May 22nd, June 19th, July 24th, Aug 21st, Sep 18th, Oct 16th, Nov 13th and Dec 18th

Wondering what time it is in your time zone? Calculate the time at TimeandDate.com.

Where: Virtual – Details sent to you upon registration

Ready for some relaxation? 

 Relax, release and soak up the calming energy of live channelled healing soundscapes.

 Energy and sound healing through Brenda’s signature Medicine Song Healing work.

Sometimes we just need to slow down, fully relax and be present in this mad world. This is one way to open the inner door to help your spirit connect with you, so you can expand and express all of who you really are. While we wait out this strange time, give yourself experiences like this one to remind you to breathe, move energy gently and melt away the tension.

We will tap into the energies of the Full Moon and Water, as my women Ancestors have been doing since time immemorial.

Reserve your seat and I’ll see you in our virtual circle,


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