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Medicine Song Digital Audio + eBook

Medicine Song Digital Audio + eBook


Just want the music but not the e-book?

Medicine Song is perfect driving music or for listening anywhere. Native American hand drumming/chant songs plus reggae/roots/soul songs infused with flute, guitar, bass, djembe and cajon by live world class musicians. Single “Woman” features Lillian Allen’s dub poetry over Native American drumming/chant. This entire album was done fully in ceremony, even in the studio. Musicians were guided to hold specific intentions and emotions for each song, so that your experience as a listener is as meaningful and healing as possible. The e-book includes the lyrics and teachings for each song, as well as how to get the most out of the healing songs.

* Note that hard copy CD’s are sold out, and for eco-friendly reasons this CD is now downloadable, along with the companion e-book.

Nominee, Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year, Canadian Folk Music Awards 2010

To hear samples from this CD click on the players below:

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