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How to Navigate this Global Dark Night of the Soul

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I wanted to add more than what’s in the video, so this article lays out some of the video’s points but gives you some additional tips and resources to help you get through this pandemic.

I’ve been saying for weeks now that we are in a Global Dark Night of the Soul and that we are experiencing grief on a global level. Now people like Matt Kahn and Gregg Braden are saying the same thing. So here we are. Now what?



It’s time to start living life without the script society has been feeding us. We have no choice anyway. There is no script for dealing with this pandemic. What we need to do, how the virus is acting or mutating, it’s all changing by the minute.

So what is life without a script? First off, let’s just say that life WITH a script counts on the currently crumbling foundations and systems that no longer work (well, really never did work). The economic systems. The greedy and the needy. Profit over people. Ongoing Indigenous genocide and our abuse of our own Mother Earth. Marketing = manipulation. That’s been the script running through the western world for many many years now.

The only scripts you want to be living by are ones YOU create for yourself.  Well, that, the laws of Nature and the laws of wherever you live, of course. Rather than scripts, think of it as healthy routines – routines and practices that further your personal growth, health and well-being.

In recent years, we’ve seen spiritual bypassing grow wildly – people having spiritual downloads and spiritual awakenings but not doing the work of grounding those experiences in the body, or getting high on ego. Throwing the shadow out the window when it’s part of who we are. Spiritual wisdom that is not grounded in Truth and Body does nothing to help humanity. Let’s get ourselves grounded and filter Truth through our bodies because we can easily discern between Truth and everything else out there when we connect to and listen to our bodies.

We hit tipping point a while back, more than a year ago, towards more Truth and a healthier way of living. The frequency of the planet has been changing. Due north is no longer due north as we knew it. The permafrost is melting. And at the same time, more people are having spiritual awakenings than perhaps ever before.

We’re heading in the direction of speaking our truth, being who we are and having true connection to Spirit, to ourselves, to each other and to Nature.

While Mother Earth has us on a time-out, what will you do to contribute to the well-being of you, humanity and our planet?

Here’s why I’m so done with doing anything with a script… except for my own scripts that I’ve created along my current grief journey, like spiritual practices that keep me lifted and grounded.

When Spirit brings you Truth, it often comes as meandering thought, or what I sometimes call the thought-stream. Truths and spiritual downloads can only drop in when your ego-mind is not running the show but has a job to do. So you just listen and say, sing or write what you “hear” (with all your senses). That’s how all my songs come, for example.

Listen to your inner and higher guidance for what to say or do. Trust that what you need to say will come. Say what’s on the tip of your tongue and trust that the rest will come too. Being real means dropping the script. Living through a global pandemic means there is no script. We literally have to live in the moment right now because it’s changing so quickly.

That in itself is a huge gift to humanity: that we are finally living in the moment. That being said, we are kind of juggling living in fear (past and future) with living in the present. What if you dropped the balls of past and future and only juggle with the ball of the present? You’d have much more focus, you’d feel more calm, and you’d have way more capacity to deal with what’s here and what’s coming, even though we have no idea what’s coming out of this pandemic.

Ask for help whenever you need it. Reach out for whatever support you need. If I hadn’t reached out and hired a personal mentor back in 2013, I would’ve had very little help because I was hermiting. I had hardly any friends and was really lonely. My mentor helped me to open up and build and nurture new relationships. Because I began to cultivate those relationships, when I lost my son to murder, I had plenty of help. I do now too and so can you. It might feel far less than comfortable to ask for help, but this is another place we’re headed.

We need each other or we would not all be here. There would only be one person on the entire planet if we did not need each other. Cultivate your relationships. Many of you have got nothing but time on your hands right now, so why not use it to connect more deeply with loved ones and even forge and cultivate new relationships.

We have to help each other to get through this. It’s one of the lessons that virus is teaching us.

Train your brain to ask for help. The fear of asking for help is actually fear of receiving – fear of receiving what’s aligned with who you really are. Sure, it’s also fear of rejection but more than that, it’s the fear of receiving. Build your receiving muscles. Again, nothing but time on your hands so might as well use it in a good way to help you prepare for what’s down the road. Whatever you’re receiving by way of social media or the news, vet it first. We want to have and make space for the really good stuff – the truth – to come in. Practice discernment.

Being prepared means no panic buying. It means letting go of neediness in favour of having an understanding of what you really do need and asking for it. It means smart gradual stocking up, not just on toilet paper and food, but on friends! Friends are part of your outer resources.

Get to know your inner and outer resources. What are your gifts, talents and skills? What seems easy to you? What experiences has life given you that are totally valid and valuable now?

Facebook has many groups like “Caremongering” that are chock full of people who want to help and people who need help. If you need help or you want to help, get yourself into some of those or other groups. I’ve received help every single time I’ve asked, and even being quarantined with not much of a budget, I’ve been able to help in many ways. You can too and it feels so good to be helpful at a time like this.

There’s more in the video about how to find your voice. Most of us have a log jam in our throat centre that stops us from speaking deep truths as well as asking for help. It’s like you can’t find your voice in the moment, like nothing wants to come out, or a lump in your throat or just that feeling of freezing or wanting to run away. You can get through that if you just open up that log jam. I talk about how in the video and in the resources below.

It’s really cute how my new friend and neighbour shows up near the end of the video as my perfect example of asking for help… because she was dropping something useful off for me (disposable gloves).

You can feel Truth in your body if you cultivate body awareness and listen to your body. Truth tears, truthbumps – how does your body speak Truth to you or give you messages? Pay attention and you’ll be able to navigate these crazy times of this Great Re-Awakening like a pro.

Hope this helps. Comments are welcome at the blog and I will respond to any questions you might have.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman


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