Ready to stop holding back, come out of the healer’s closet and OWN who you are?

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You are SO READY to birth yourself into the power of your spiritual calling.

You know you’re spiritually gifted, but you second guess yourself and your guidance. You’re afraid you might blow people away and freak them out if you show them or talk about your full power and the true essence of who you really are.

I mean, what would people think when you tell them you’re probably from another planet or star system, or that you just “know things” or “see things” that most people don’t?

So you’ve been suppressing your spirit, not letting people really SEE you. Holding back your gifts. Hushing yourself when your spirit is like a little kid with a huge secret it can’t wait to tell the world.

So little of your WOW factor is seen or recognized.

You want to find your spiritual voice and let your spirit out to play, but it’s blocked by fear and self-doubt. You’d do almost anything to be able to claim and express your real power and voice as a woman, and fulfill that deeper purpose you’ve been ignoring. That’s because it’s what you’re energetically wired to do! In fact, NOT letting your spirit FULLY out to play is making you feel like you’re missing the boat on life.

You are here at this specific time in history to do something so simple and yet so powerful that it’s hard to imagine it could be real.

You are here to be a beacon for helping people to remember and be who they truly are.

But first you have to remember who YOU are.

You know what?

I Get It. I’ve So Been There!

I was there for an embarrassingly long time. Many years. My shyness and insecurity made it hard enough to talk to people at all, never mind telling anyone about the visions and spiritual gifts I had. I held back my full power all the time. In every conversation. On stage. In the media. I avoided networking. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like me if I brought ALL of me out to play. People were used to the quiet, timid me, not the playful version of me with a big huge voice full of power and spirit.

Out of nowhere, my gifts burst out of me, beyond my control. I had no choice but to face my spiritual calling and start using my gifts.

That was the magic. Suddenly people were getting instant physical healing from listening to me sing. They were having visions, major insights, and their lives were changing just from listening to my songs or being in the room with me.

That Was Just The Beginning!

Deep down, I was still second guessing myself and my gifts, and I wasn’t fully “out”. I was so damn serious all the time and I knew there was a LOT more to my gifts, and even just me as a person, that wanted to emerge.

I remember a well-known intuitive author at a mutual speaking gig telling me “you’re just about there” in terms of my stage presence. I hated that I knew she was right. Then Hay House author Deborah King tells me in a healing with her that all she could feel that needed healing was some deep sadness.

I was like, what the heck is holding me back and how can I clear this crap so I can OWN ALL of who I am and let it all out?

Here’s the thing. I had entrepreneurial success covered, with a multiple 6 figure business built from scratch. I had overcome my fears of networking, selling and speaking to thousands of people. I had developed my gifts and I was using them. So what was missing?

I hired a spiritual mentor and healer for a year to help me discover and birth ALL of ME into expression on a PERSONAL level.

Something inside me cracked wide open.

I went from being a serious, hardworking hermit to deliciously playful, funny and fun to be around.

I now am attracting amazing people into my life who “get” me and I’m enjoying my life in ways I never thought possible.

I have become well known in the spiritual community locally and online.

My life is FUN. My spirit gets to burst out of me all the time now, not just when I’m on stage or giving a session.

I can’t even describe how powerful and FREEING it is to be able to share and be who I am, without worrying about what people will say or think of me.

This Could Be You!

No more hiding. No more holding back.

You. Free to be You.

Doing what you REALLY want to do and not afraid to talk about it.
Attracting people into your life who totally get you and love to be in your energy.

Knowing what to say and speaking with confidence, even when it comes to your spiritual gifts.

Becoming known for the medicine and magic you carry.

Moving through life playfully, dropping the perfectionism seriousness, and letting people see and feel and experience all of YOU and your amazingness.

Isn’t it time to stop holding back, come out of the healer’s closet and OWN who you are?

You are on the cusp of birthing a deeper version of you, and it’s high time for a spiritual midwife.

If you’re feeling called and ready NOW to birth that deeper version of you into full expression…

get your Find Your Voice Gift Pack right away, so we can get started!


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Ready to boost your confidence, bypass
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