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How to Open Yourself to Receive Spiritual Downloads

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People keep wanting to talk to me about spiritual downloads, so I wanted to offer you a bit more on that. It’s an exciting topic for me because I get ALL of my products, services and signature systems as downloads, most of the information for my clients comes that way, ALL of my medicine songs come as downloads, like for just about everything I do in my business, there is a spiritual download at play, and it makes my life soooooo much easier! And more fun! And more profitable.

The thing is, I’m a catalyst for spiritual downloads. It kind of just rubs off on people who experience my work. I know I carry magic. I know that part of why that happens is because it’s my purpose here on Earth at this time to help people connect to Spirit on a very deep level, in addition to finding their voice. But also, I live my life in a way that I am open to receive spiritual downloads anytime.

Here’s How to Open Yourself to Spiritual Downloads

If you’re like “What the heck is a spiritual download anyway?” then go check out “Have You Had a Spiritual Download? How to Tell and How to Get One” on my blog.

1. I do NOT do “rinse and repeat”. I don’t follow the trends or the crowd. There is value in using the knowledge you learn from other people, but there is a point at which you’ve got to come up with your own material. It’s what makes you YOU and why people come to you and not someone else for advice, friendship or partnership in life or business. Every time I’ve “rinsed and repeated” someone else’s formula – sometimes even after  changing it to suit me in the past – it has led me off my true path and made me feel awful and my conversations awkward. I gave away my power a few times by doing rinse and repeat. The exception: when the rinse and repeat is a model *I* created. If I created it, then it will work for me. For example, my Sing Yourself Alive program and my Picking Up the Pieces 13 Moon Program are my own completely unique creations. Do YOU. Nobody else can.

2. I let my creativity roam free like a wild horse. Then the rest of me finds ways to not curb its free expression but to focus what comes out of my creativity, and prioritize or take action on what is pulling at me the most, and in ways that benefit me, my business and my clients. So I bring the wild horse in and and maybe I have an objective of just exercising the horse, or connecting with the horse, or asking the horse to take me somewhere in particular. And you know what? Horses always know the way home. 😉 So does your creativity. Let it go free and then call it back home as needed.

3. I am a leader. Even though I thought I was a follower for most of my life, all this time I’ve actually been a leader but I only stepped into and OWNED my own leadership in my 40’s. I’m always on the leading edge now with what I do in my business and just as a human being. I’m not interested in being part of the status quo. But OWNING it is where the challenge was for me. That brings me to #4.

4. I let my inner rebel have her way but not run amok. I’m not out to resist anything. I prefer to go with my own flow. My inner rebel is the leader. When I let her lead from a place of non-resistance, of just pure flow (like the wild horse of my creativity), I OWN my power and express my truth. I am seen and heard. If I let her run amok, that doesn’t happen. When you create a healthy relationship with your inner rebel, leadership can emerge. [Click To Tweet]

5. I’ve developed a thick skin, so to speak. I celebrate instead of freaking out when someone disagrees with me or thinks I’m strange. I’ve received the most bizarre hate mail and it always happens right when I’m breaking through into something BIG and about to speak my truth in a whole new way. So the invitation is there to my inner rebel (see #3). Instead of getting into resistance and letting anger, fear or self-doubt get the best of me or stop me, I turn to passion. Passion for living my own truth and being who I am. I celebrate because I am at a point of power.

6. When I get a spiritual download, the most powerful ones often seem really weird or out there and initially I might question the truth of what I’m receiving. TRUST YOURSELF AND SPIRIT. That piece is HUGE. I still laugh sometimes when I get certain pieces of information from my clients’ spirit guides or ancestors during a Medicine Song Healing & Reading Session. It’s fascinating to me when I receive instructions for people to do something that doesn’t make sense to my ego, that’s supposed to help them some way. I trust myself and Spirit. By Spirit, I mean my Ancestors, guides, spirit helpers, Archangels, goddesses and more. I like to call it your Higher Realms Support Team, whatever that means for you. Trust and listen.

7. I observe. A LOT. I observe myself, other people, Nature, what’s going on around me, what has happened that seems to be a pattern, when I leave a pattern behind and create a better new one. This makes it easier to tell when I’m getting a spiritual download or about to. I observe it all. If you’re shy, introverted, socially anxious, empathic or highly sensitive, chances are this is a skill you’ve developed all your life. Put it into action.

8. I listen. Deeply. I listen to my intuition AND to Spirit. Both are important and are NOT the same thing. Your intuition comes from inside you, your body or your energy field. Spirit comes through you and touches your own spirit within you. And that is where the spiritual downloads come from. I listen to people too but they can’t tell me what to do. Only Spirit and I (and my inner rebel!) get to tell me what to do.

9. I found my voice. If I don’t know which “voices in my head” are mine and which ones are programming from the past or what other people want for me, then how can I possibly tell when Spirit is talking to me? It’s a lot of noise! Also, we need to be able to speak our truth in order to fully allow and utilize whatever spiritual downloads do come through. Most of the time, people are getting mini spiritual downloads at least occasionally but they just don’t realize it or know what to do with it. Or if they haven’t found their voice enough to be able to freely speak their truth, then the spiritual downloads they receive become squashed, compressed, stuck in the body. Not good. We need to EXPRESS what comes and allow it to flow or what’s the good of it coming?

10. BONUS TIP! A number of years ago, this motto came to me and I’ve followed it ever since: I only do what I FEEL like doing. There’s more to it but basically I dive in deliciously with what I FEEL like doing, and if I don’t feel like doing it, either I don’t do it or I put myself into a good-feeling place and then do it. Before this, was I getting spiritual downloads? Yes. So this is a bit of a bonus for you. Practicing this motto allows for more spontaneous spiritual downloads, and it makes it easier to put them into practice in your life and work.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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