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From Playing It Safe to Playing with Passion

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I am always open to whatever signs or symbols might appear. This message was on the back of a street sign and I found it when I was on my way to a lunch meetup at one of my favourite Toronto restaurants, The Real Jerk.

“All we have is today.”

It really made me think, especially when it came to making a scary but exciting decision after when I got home that night. I thought, if all I have is today and I choose the “safe route” over the “risky route”, what will happen? And my answer was, wow, I could totally miss this amazing beautiful opportunity right here in front of me. So. I made the decision that had the most risk, fear, vulnerability and “I don’t know”… and PASSION attached to it.

It took me some processing to take action on my decision. If you carry trauma, give yourself a few deep belly breaths here.

For people living with trauma, big decisions can feel very triggering, so if you live with trauma, give yourself time, patience and compassion. You might need support to bring out your passion in a big enough way to tackle any fear, doubt or even panic that might try to surface.

If you are living with grief, that grief can get in the way of big decisions as well, so go easy on yourself if you’re on a grief journey.

I even shed some tears because the fear was that intense. I had to sit with my inner little girl and let her know she would be all right. I sent a big long email to one of my mentors, who encouraged me to take the action that felt the most aligned with me. And that’s exactly what I did.

And guess what happened! I got the results I really really wanted.

The thing is, that might not have happened but it was still important for me to take the risk and take action fuelled by passion. I could feel the calling welling up in my body. Goosebumps, tingles, warmth.

What are your body’s “signature signs”? What does your body do when you’re about to make a decision that your spirit knows is good for you? It’s really important to know what those signs are, so do some field research.

Any time you feel big sensations in your body, notice why it’s happening. Get to know how your body tells you something is in alignment with you. If you carry trauma, learn your body’s ways of letting you know you are triggered. That way you can respond with appropriate self-care.

When you feel your body respond with your “signature signs” if you’re thinking of a decision you could make, TAKE ACTION ON IT RIGHT AWAY!

If we don’t take these kinds of risks, especially now of all times, when things have sped up and the higher your frequency, the messier playing it “safe” can get. Did you know that? Abraham-Hicks has said it’s as if you’re on a merry-go-round and you get it going really fast. It hurts a lot more when you fall off than if you kept it going slowly, right?

What if you introduce micro-risks into your life in a measured way that won’t trigger you too much but will help you move out of your “comfort” zone?

What if you bring all of your passion for your spiritual purpose, or quest for your purpose, onto that merry-go-round or your playground of life?

I invite you to spend your next 24 hours living as if all we have is today. Really embrace it and see what you feel called to do. I hope you’ll take the risk to play with passion. It could get messy either way – you might as well have fun, feel and enjoy your passions, and stop leaving behind prompts from the Universe that you might not be seeing.

Please share your comments. (:

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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