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3 Amazing Blessings – Time to Come Full Circle

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Have you ever had a spiritual experience so crazy or so deep, maybe even scary… that you figured if you share it with anyone, you’ll be put away with a straitjacket? Or shunned from your community? Or lose your clients? Well, I just had one of those experiences last week… and it was directly connected to 2 others I’ve had.

I want to share this with you because I know that many of you right now are experiencing some sort of awakening – or you’re just about to.

What I’m being told is that it is a time of coming FULL CIRCLE. For some of you, it means completely shifting your business model or finally starting your business or just even owning your gifts, and in some cases, like what’s happened to me, a restructuring of your DNA on top of all of that. So. Lots of letting go – and it’s nearly time to receive.

THE GREAT NEWS: I lost a few subscribers. How is this great news? I gained a TON of respect and visibility, and about 20 potential clients suddenly came out of the woodwork wanting to work with me in some way. So. Will you get shunned (or lose subscribers or clients)? Maybe a few, but only those not meant to work with you or be in your world. But you’ll also become very very visible to those who ARE meant to work with you.

So here we are – The Triad of Blessings:

BLESSING #1: Spiritual Awakening from the Past

In 2008 I had a massive spiritual awakening. My business had broken down after a very difficult winter where I could hardly walk and was borrowing groceries from my neighbour because I had no clients.

HINT: If you have no clients right now and that’s unusual for you, yep, probably your turn for another awakening.

It was March 2008 near Spring Equinox, when I received my own healing technique directly from 3 Star Beings who communicate with me through my Lemurian seed crystal. Yeah, that happened.

I had been told 10 years before by a Navajo medicine woman that I was a healer, so I guess it wasn’t that much of a shocker that I was supposed to step into that role.

BLESSING #2: Preparation & Action – Activating the Spiritual Awakening

I did what I was told by those Star Beings to do and I took action right away – that’s a big key. In preparation for my 08/08/08 ceremony and drumming circle I went to see a healer and had another one of those experiences… the kind where you’re even questioning yourself about whether it’s real. I mean, I had what looked like cylinders made of light embedded into my body. Yeah. Pretty soon stuff like this stopped being strange and became a regular part of my experience. And I kept on going, using my new gift to help people.

BLESSING #3: Full Circle Moment

Well, last week I had another of those experiences and it has led me to an even deeper place – my spiritual identity, at the soul level. I already have my spiritual name, Medicine Song Woman, which was channelled for me by another indigenous medicine woman. But I’m talking about knowing where I really come from, which is the Pleiades. And. I received a new gift.

The funny thing is, I’ve been receiving new spiritual gifts one after the other in the past year or so. Well now I know why – I’m meant to help spiritual entrepreneurs to not just the whole cliché of live your purpose or find your passion… but actually dig way deeper down than that, and help your human body and business to support the extremely high frequency energy meant to come through you and out to the people you serve.

What This Means For You:

  1. You know that moment when you or your friend goes into labour and knows it? The body goes into waves of contractions in preparation for the birth? Well, we’re in it right now. Baby’s about to be born. And by baby, I mean the deepest, most powerful and impactful version of YOU. Whether you’re ready or not. If you prepare (Blessing #2).
  2. That spiritual awakening you had years ago… was a catalyst for what’s happening NOW. There are teachings back there for you to retrieve about your role NOW. If you aren’t ready yet, then get ready NOW. Prepare and if Spirit gives you action steps, take them.
  3. It is FULL CIRCLE TIME. You’re probably getting kind of familiar with these waves of contractions. Unlike a physical birth, it’s taken many of us years, not just 9 months, to get to this point. So not only is it about coming full circle, like coming to the end of one cycle and the uplevel into the next… but it’s about being in a circle of support.

My Challenge to You is:

Journal or meditate on what your Full Circle Moment might be about. Is it that you’re finally going to start that business? Or maybe it’s that you’re going to get a “midwife” to help you birth your spiritual identity and gifts? What you want to look for here is that moment years (or months – some of us started later and are being accelerated more quickly) ago where you had a spiritual awakening. And see if you can find the connection between that moment and what’s going on now for you. Go ahead and share your revelations here – I look forward to getting to know more about who you truly are. (:

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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