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Gratitude and Release

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It is no mistake that after deciding to offer you this article, and also give you a gift in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving Day weekend… that I would come across one of the most powerful healing songs I have ever channelled. Tears were streaming down my face as I listened to it a few minutes ago.

The song takes you on a journey from Gratitude to Release. Be ready with some tissues and please drink extra water after you listen. It is meant to leave you in a state of release and openness.

Read below first, and especially the instructions for the song, and you’ll be prepared as well as get the most out of the experience.

I had mentioned that I was writing back to someone and that was the inspiration for my article this week. One of the things she had said in her email was that she has no money. And you know what? I refuse to believe that.

Not only do I refuse to believe that, but I wanted to point out to her that that is a story she’s holding space for, which will create and re-create itself bigger and bigger in her reality as long as she keeps on saying or believing that.

This is one of the ways we withhold from ourselves what we truly desire. We tell ourselves stories all the time and we reinforce those stories every single time we tell them to someone else, or in our minds to ourselves.

I can stand in the power of knowing that even if I have a few pennies in my purse, or money for groceries, or any savings at all, or a credit card with a few dollars of space on it, then I do NOT have no money – do you see what I mean? And it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about money, love, healthy relationships, good health or whatever it is you desire… our stories can either take us down or create more of what we want in our lives.

I know this particular money story well because I created it for myself in my reality – and for several years I was living on less than $9000/year on my own with my son. It’s not a pretty place to be and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Now, because I have shifted over time (with the help of some powerful mentorship and healing) into a new story that says hey, last year I made about $80K, this year I’m on track for over $100K, and I’m creating more and more of what I truly desire, and less and less of what I do not.

I say this to show you that ANYTHING is possible if you take the steps you need to and get the right support. But you need to have the DESIRE to do it.
So what is it that you desire?

What if instead of hiding your desires or pretending that you actually don’t want the things you want, or not daring to hope for it in case you get disappointed… what if instead, you made a conscious choice to create a new story for yourself?

What if instead of telling yourself you can’t have whatever it is that you desire, what if you looked around in your memory and in your world for examples that it is possible for you to fulfill that desire? And what if you were to have massive extreme gratitude for those people and situations that have shown up for you to show you that what you desire is totally possible?

Create a new story. Do it now. Do it often. And do it with GRATITUDE.

Release the old stories you have been telling yourself. I know when it’s ingrained deep inside you, from years of seeing evidence in front of you of whatever it is you believe… and I know it’s possible, because I have done it time and time again.

One day when I was telling myself the story that I’m broke, that I have no money (and believe me, I was pretty close to that – maybe $20 to my name and no savings or credit cards), I just stopped. And I looked at my hands, which were holding the spare change I was gathering up to buy some groceries. And I realized that I had been lying to myself, telling myself that story for so long that I’m broke, that I was creating it in my life.

Was I rich? Obviously not. But I DID have money. It was there in my hands. Maybe it was only about $20 but I had it. And I went deeper. Even if it was just 2 pennies in my hands, I would by lying to myself to say that I had no money.

I have moved into living my life that way, and I continue to work with my mentors on creating new stories and releasing the old ones… because every time we move forward, the old stories often come up and it can be soooo easy to just self-sabotage and believe the old stories, when they aren’t even true anymore.

So. What story do you tell yourself that you would like to release?

What new story would you LOVE to tell yourself instead?

Below is your healing song “Gratitude & Release”. Follow the instructions and you will be amazed at the shift you can have immediately.

Listening Instructions:

Before you listen to this song, make sure you are in a safe sacred space, where you will feel comfortable to release tears if they come up. Do NOT listen to this song while driving or operating any machinery. It can take you deep very quickly and you’re going to want to just sit in stillness and silence, with no distractions as you listen.

You can listen to it without doing anything else. Or to deepen your experience, during the first half (the song is just over 12 minutes long), list or tell yourself all the things and people that come to mind that you are grateful for – that remind you of the NEW story you want to tell yourself.

You’re going to feel a shift within you, especially as the song shifts and my voice rises up. It might feel uncomfortable. And then there will be a release. At that point, just allow it. Allow any tears to come up, and allow any feelings or sensations in your body or heart centre to flow through you. Release any tension or tightness that builds up by focusing on and deepening your breath.

BREATHE deeply and consciously through the entire song.

After you’ve listened, drink water and relax for at least a few minutes, journal if you want, and ground into the Earth. A good way to ground yourself is to eat something nutritious or just lie down on the floor or the Earth.

Then… create your new story. And start telling it to yourself A LOT.


Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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