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Your 4-Point Foundation for a Successful Spirit-Led Business

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Remember last week I gave you my Top 5 “Don’t Do’s” for success as a spiritual entrepreneur? Well, if you missed it, you can check it out at my blog. Anyway, I promised you then that this week I would share with you the 4-Point Foundation that is crucial for a successful spirit-led business. So here it is!

This 4-point foundation will help you create a more and more prosperous business and the great big positive impact you were meant to make.

So here is what you need…

1.    Sustainable Business Structure. You do NOT want to burn yourself out working in a dollars-for-hours business model. You do NOT want to be undercharging for your services (HINT: Almost all the healers I have met are seriously undercharging!). You also don’t want to be filling your calendar up with busywork and non-paying or low-paying clients so there is no room to bring in highly committed and qualified clients.

2.    Ongoing high level business coaching for your business. This is where you get the right business strategies specifically for your business. It’s also where you create and maintain momentum and accountability to keep you on track. And it’s where you get to learn the sales and marketing skills and strategies that you need to become successful. You don’t want to be in the same position with your business a year from now that you are right now, right? I hope not! Because then you’re trying to defy one of the laws of nature – that everything is either growing or dying. And I would love to hear your story a year from now about the amazing impact you have been able to have through sharing your gifts! (:

3.    Personal Mentorship for YOU, to help you to step into your power and onto your path as a successful business owner. Unless your business coach can also give you the spiritual, emotional and healing support you need in order to do the things he or she is telling you to do, you will end up like some of the healers I have talked to. Feeling like a failure, and back to going it alone, because they can’t figure out what went wrong… so they think it’s that something is wrong with THEM. It’s not true! We just need someone who’s been there to walk beside us as we go through the major transformation it takes to be not just a successful business owner, but to be a beacon, an inspirer, a transformation catalyst during the most jaw-dropping time EVER. I mean, we aren’t just going to work here… we’re navigating the Shift and helping others to do the same! So. Don’t go it alone. You DESERVE the BEST.

MASSIVE SELF-CONFIDENCE TIP: If you are working with a high level business coach and you aren’t having the success you want, check this out: What I have found is that the intensity of growing your business… of doing all the tough stuff and taking all the risks and making all the tough decisions you need to for your success… well, all of that can be really freaking stressful even WITH a business coach!! Growing your business requires, and creates space for, a TON of personal and spiritual growth and healing. And that – you should not be doing on your own. The cool thing too is that when you get the right personal mentorship along with your business coaching, your clients can feel the difference – and they automatically get better service from you!

4.    A MASSIVE Desire to Fulfill Your Purpose. You need to want it. Like REALLY WANT IT. Not just a little bit but like you can’t live without it. The desire to fulfill your purpose through your business needs to be so strong that nothing can stop it – or you – from that fulfillment. This is a MASSIVE TIP for you. Seriously. And it isn’t what most coaches will tell you.

I’m going to be talking about #4 in more detail on Fall Equinox for my FREE Virtual Retreat, so don’t miss out. In fact, Desire is one of my 7 Keys to Success through Spirit Connection that I will be going over on the call.

If you haven’t registered yet, CLICK HERE and I’ll see you at the Virtual Retreat!

P.S. You don’t have to leave your house for this… you can attend via Skype, over the phone or online. (:

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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