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How to Write Articles Your Ideal Client Will Love

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Blog conceptAt my last few events, when I asked who writes online newsletters for their tribe, I got blank stares and maybe 1 or 2 hands went up. I was surprised! But then I’m a natural writer. When I was in Grade 4, I had an amazing teacher who encouraged me to write, and I wrote a 21 page story, which she then put into the library so that other kids could take it out. Can you imagine what that did for my self-esteem as a writer? I went on to be published in my first anthology in 2000, and the same year, had articles published in several newspapers.

So yes, I am surprised how many entrepreneurs aren’t putting out some sort of newsletter. It’s really really really really important. Do you get how important this is? You need to be consistently in conversation with your tribe. And if you are, what I’ve noticed when working with my clients is that a lot of you are getting into perfectionism (yeah, me too, I admit it) and instead of moving through the perfectionism and into action, you get stuck on what to say or how you will be received. Then you fall into one of the two classic mistakes, which I’ll share about in a minute.

So how do you write articles and promotional emails that your people will want to read? You’ll be surprised, but this is what I have shared with many a spiritual entrepreneur to help them relate more to their tribe, to bring them closer.

What NOT to Write – the 2 Classic Mistakes

1. What Everyone Else Is Writing. A few years ago I was scanning my inbox for what to open and what to delete, and I nearly deleted one of my own emails. I didn’t look at the sender name, which was me, and when I opened it, I was like, oh not another one of THOSE emails. And then I realized I had written it!! I couldn‘t believe it because it was SO. NOT. In my voice!!! I had empathically taken on my coaches’ energy and marketing style, and it was such a turnoff and embarrassment for me to read my own promotional email that had gone out to all of YOU. Ugh! DON’T DO THAT! Especially if your intuition is ringing bells all over the place before you go to send it out. Yep. That happened another time and I got a bunch of unsubscribes. I mean, who really wants to read another of the same old same old marketing emails that everyone else is sending out? I KNOW you’ve got a bunch of THOSE emails sitting in your trash right now or waiting to be put there.

2. Academic Essay. Perfect grammar. Lovely little paragraphs in just the right places with perfect sentence structure. Re-reading it over and over and over again. Making sure it sounds professional, using all the right lingo for your profession. And guess what? Your people are like HUH? What is she talking about? Or they might understand the words but they aren’t FEELING anything, so they get bored and click off the page. DELETE. Perfection is… well, it’s boring and it’s a big fat lie! People don’t want or expect you to be perfect and most people don’t want to feel like you’re far off at a professional distance because they’ll think you don’t “get” them. Believe me, I got my BA Honours, Summa Cum Laude, in Humanities and English, where you pretty much do nothing but write essays. So what! Do I talk like that? As if! Don’t talk in essay format or professional jargon. Talk in your client’s language with YOUR voice [CLICK TO TWEET].

The FEAR is that you’ll come off sounding salesy, right? So then you try to play it safe. You either don’t write anything, which just alienates you from your people, or you write in perfect grammar, you carefully avoid any promotional language, or you go the way I did that time and write the way you think you should because it seems to be working for other people. But as a spiritual entrepreneur, you KNOW what your people want: YOU.



Talk like you really talk. Shake off the shoulds. Be the spiritual being you are.

If it’s a purely promotional email you’re writing, sure, make it a bit more formal, be more mindful of grammar, but still be real and make it conversational, with TRUE PERSONAL STORIES.

Put your energy all over it! Help your tribe to FEEL your authenticity and hear your VOICE in your marketing. [CLICK TO TWEET]

Be YOU. Speak your truth. Nobody wants to hear “rinse and repeat” coaching clone-isms from a spiritual entrepreneur or trailblazer. They want to hear and FEEL YOU.

You know how to tell when it’s really going to strike a chord with people?

When you get into your PASSION and you speak truth even knowing that some people will be really mad about what you said or completely disagree. That’s actually a good thing, because it will set you apart and create “superfans” for you. People will cheer you on and spread your message when they resonate with you, your energy and the energy of TRUTH.

Here’s one of my secret strategies I share with my clients (and all of them are spiritual entrepreneurs or trailblazers) all the time…

Read it out loud to yourself. Rewrite it until it sounds like a conversation.

Tell great stories. Not fake stilted stories. Get real with your audience. This goes back to speaking your truth. There is so little truth being spoken these days, what with everyone hiding and being “appropriate” and all, that when people hear a truth, it cuts through all the noise and touches them right in the soul. [CLICK TO TWEET]  What does your tribe want to learn about that directly relates to them working with you? Chances are, if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, your ideal client is also spiritual. Tell stories and #truth in your writing playground.

Here’s a bit about my own writing process…

I can be a bit of a grammar freak. And. There is a balance I strive for. (yep, I just did that). I prefer to be real. I’m not interested in people hearing how perfect I am or my grammar is. I routinely use dangling participles and other incorrect grammar very much on purpose, playfully and sometimes even rebelliously, just to make a point of talking like I really actually talk.

I’m not a polished, edited book. You don’t want to be one either, right? I prefer my online and in person presence to match and often that means I’m making up Brenda-isms like “Who-Am-I-to Syndrome”, or just playing by my own rules.

I play with language in ways that make sense to me, that make me look professional but not perfect, intelligent and also authentic, and most importantly, approachable and welcoming.

What’s your writing style? What’s your conversation style? What if you recorded yourself chatting with a friend about your business? What would that sound like?

I hope this helps you to feel like you can write a really great magnetic article for your tribe. Same goes for social media posts, though in there, it’s even more casual. Can you see how even if you’re not a writer, you can write a great article? Wow, there is so much more I could share with you but I would be writing for days and it’s getting late even for me. (:

If you could use some support in getting over the fears and blocks stopping you putting yourself out there through ezines, blogs, speaking, sales conversations or networking, and you’re ready to invest in customized private mentoring that includes back and forth brainstorming, I can help. I LOVE playing in that #sacredplayground. You can book a complimentary call with me here to discuss possibilities.


Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

If you’ve enjoyed this SWEET Success article, you can go get your free Medicine Bundle for Your Business, and a subscription to my SWEET Success Soundbytes, videos and ezine at SuccessShaman.com. I’m Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Blessings of sweet success to you. Until next time, or as we say in the Ojibwe language, ba ma pii.

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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