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Wisdom from the Womb: 3 Secrets to Sacred Feminine Success

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My own body gave me this topic “Wisdom from the Womb: 3 Secrets to Sacred Feminine Success.”

I want to be clear that we all have a womb space, even if you’ve had a hysterectomy or you’ve never had a child or you not a cisgender woman. Our creativity lives in that space. That ‘s why we all carry wisdom from the womb – if we can tap into it.

To be totally transparent here, I’m in the midst of the whacky wild phase of menopause, or as some would call it, peri-menopause, which for me began in 1994 but has really been active since late last year. Basically, it’s getting a little crazy in this body. 😉

There are days (like today) when I can’t know from one moment to the next what my body is going to do with me. So there is nothing to do but just be with myself and be extremely patient – knowing that anything could happen. That brings me to the first piece of wisdom from the womb.

Sacred Feminine Success Secret #1:

Be present with uncertainty. It is your doorway to greater success. 

If there is no uncertainty, then you’re not growing. Just like your breath, there is expansion and contraction in your life too.

When you breathe in, your body expands. When you bring more light into your energy field, or you make more money, or you have a breakthrough, you are expanding. That expansion creates uncertainty (transformation), and then what?

Breathe in – breathe out. Contraction happens next. The natural cycle of life on Mother Earth Earth. Know this, accept it and learn to ride the waves of uncertainty. Then the undertow of worry, fear or doubt won’t suck you in as often or as hard. In other words, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sacred Feminine Success Secret #2:

You might think your voice begins at your vocal chords… but your deepest self-expression as a woman begins from within your womb.

Read that again and breathe it into your womb space, otherwise known as your sacral chakra.

That’s why I’m always saying to breathe deep into your belly. It all begins there. If you breathe deep into your womb space and bring your breath up from there – then your voice will carry your power and the essence of your spirit.

One of my most powerful tools is my Breathing Your Self Alive eyes-open meditation – an advanced exercise I give my private Sing Yourself Alive clients to help you move power up from your belly and out through your voice. It opens up what I call your inner Sacred Feminine Success Path.

Can you see why using your breath to move your power up through you and out through your voice can be so powerful? Think of when you last heard a singer or speaker who gave you goosebumps. One time in the recording studio, I discovered that when I breathe a certain way, whatever I sing gives people goosebumps and this is why. Your voice begins in your womb space – but only if you let it.

Sacred Feminine Success Secret #3:

Go with your own flow.

This is actually from a song I wrote way back, called “Flow Like a River.” I’m not talking about going along with what other people – or society for that matter – impose on you. I’m talking about going with the flow of your own alignment. Being who you are.

Going with your own flow means allowing yourself to flow like your own river. That means listening to your body and your intuition too. If your body or intuition are trying to tell you to slow down, you slow down. If you’re on your moontime/period or you’re having hot flashes or just plain crankiness, and you need a break – take a break!

Never mind what other people are doing, saying, thinking or believing – go with your own flow. I’m not talking about convincing yourself out of fear or doubt to make decisions that keep you in your comfort zone – quite the opposite actually. Going with your own flow means making effective decisions, grounded in your intuition and wisdom from the womb.

Your intuition and womb wisdom move you forward along that river. So use your intuition, not your fear, in making decisions.

From my song:

Gotta go with my own flow
My mind, body and soul
I got a rhythm and style of my own

The Shift, or Great Re-Awakening as I like to call it, is creating all kinds of uncertainty. Many of us are feeling this shift deeply because of being energy-sensitive. So it is definitely PRIME TIME to tap into your spiritual essence and gifts, because that uncertainty is just going to get bigger and bigger. You’re going to want to feel confident and empowered enough to ride it out to the next level… and the next level… and the next.

Connect with your wisdom from the womb through your breath. Take a big belly breath in, through and out whenever you remember. That breath will bring you back home to You.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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