4 Ways to Fill Your Empty Cup to Overflowing: Let me show you how to truly unplug and fill your sacred cup to overflowing, so that you can hold space for the people you care about, and even for the healing of the planet and humanity, without losing yourself or your energy.

Why You Don’t Have to Let Go of the Past – and what to do instead

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You don’t have to let go of the past. Just don’t live in it.

Time is relative and human-made. The past – our treasured and even not so treasured memories – have so much to teach us. Being fully self-aware and growing into who you are becoming means living in the present and on the edge of the future you are choosing.

You may know that I lost my son Quinn to murder. Well, his birthday is October 16th. It makes me so mad when people tell me to let go of Quinn or of the past because I don’t want to, I don’t have to and really it’s a bad idea.

I share more about that in this video.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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4 Ways to Fill Your Empty
Cup to Overflowing



  1. Paula Griffin

    Thank you Brenda. May everything you need and want be in your presence to help and aid you on this journey about your beautiful handsome son . Your words really help me Brenda . I look forward to your videos . Thank you

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Thank you, Paula. Many blessings to you.

  2. Suzanne

    So beautiful and true. Lots of love

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Thank you, Suzanne. Love to you as well.


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About Brenda MacIntyre

About Brenda MacIntyre

Known by her indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has shared her evocative melodic voice and fusion of reggae, rap and indigenous hand drum healing music with appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000 across North America. The Toronto-based Juno Award-winning singer has been featured nationally on MuchMusic, CTV, CP24, APTN and most recently, Global and the front page of the Toronto Star.

Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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