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What Water Can Teach You about Stepping into Your Purpose

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Before writing this post, I was on the shore of Lake Ontario with a beautiful group of women (Thank You, Jill Hewlett for asking me to do this!) singing, drumming and healing the Water. I learned that day what Water can teach you about stepping into your purpose.

Several years ago I began to receive water teachings from a few very wise Native Canadian elders and teachers, and from Spirit, my dreams and the Water itself and some of the spirit beings that live in it. I became super-passionate about Water. You will notice I capitalize Water. That’s because the Water is a living being.

Water Blessings, Gifts & Teachings

In 2005 I had the honour of being invited to open for – and do ceremony with – author Dr. Masaru Emoto (What the Bleep/The Hidden Messages in Water). Ever since then, the Water has continued to teach, bless and gift me.

Everywhere I go and every day when I talk to women all around the world, I keep hearing that we as women are being powerfully called to step into our purpose, express ourselves fully, be who we truly are and fulfill our purpose.

That calling brings with it excitement, power, fear, self-doubt, and for many, a big feeling of stuckness.

I am grateful to have a deep spiritual connection to Water and I received this hidden message in the Water for you.

Message from the Water

You are magnificent in your being. You have many gifts to share and yet you wait in silence as the tide goes out. And when the tide comes in to greet you and beckons you to share your gifts more fully, we want you to jump in with both feet, giggling with delight, your laughter a song that alights upon the waves as sparkles of brilliance in the sunset. We are full in your presence. We are glad when we feel your breath merging with us.

Your sharing of yourself is an act of great beauty and power, and we long for you to share of yourself. We long to feel the flow of your energy, your grace, your freedom. As you step barefoot forward into your passion, your dreams, your aliveness, your truth, you touch us with who you are.

It is time to become clear. It is time to stop fighting the waves and allow the rhythm of life force to carry you, to birth you, to be you. When you finally realize how bountiful and beautiful you really are, we will forever be transformed by your joy. And the world – the human world – will know power in a way it has never experienced.

The power of women flowing their gifts upon the water of their breath… this is the beginning of the upswell, of the renewal of the Mother Earth.

Message from Spirit

The above was what I heard directly from the Water. I also wanted to share with you what came to me as I went about my day getting ready for our women’s gathering on the beach that day.

Your breath is solid evidence that you are a powerful manifester.

Just by inhaling, you are creating physical life within your body. By exhaling, you are purifying your body.

If you are in a high state of vibration, then you’re giving life back to the atmosphere. Water has the ability to completely change its physical structure according to thought, memory or emotions. Your breath contains Water. So every time you breathe with positive intentions or just a pleasant thought or memory, you change the Water within you and the Water in your breath. That means YOU are transforming the very air that we breathe.

How powerful is that?!

The Convergence of Water, Breath and Song

When we were on the beach singing that day, it was pretty funny and interesting. There was a boatful of partiers and super-loud house music blasting across the water. This boat was just a few hundred meters out on the lake right behind us, and every time I tried to give teachings, all you could hear was that music. We did what we could at first. When I fully let go of trying to work around the distraction, the boat and people got quiet, and suddenly we had this beautiful wave of calm and peace.

When we let go of resistance and let our energy flow like Water,
we have so much more power available to us.

Even though I have experienced the power of women sharing their voices hundreds of times, it still blows me away every time.

We sang and drummed from our hearts and the power was palpable. You couldn’t help but feel it. Many of us got right into the lake and sang my Water song “Crystal Clear” for Lake Ontario. It was so moving.

This is the power we have as women when we come together and really allow our very spirit to be expressed through our voices. It is what I LIVE for.

Water is all about synchronicity, flow and connection.

Ironically, I started off facilitating our gathering in the midst of a boatful and beachful of noisy partiers. A flow of sorts but it sure felt like chaos. But that chaos turned to such calm so suddenly that it was almost spooky, and our circle ended up being absolutely magical.

Then I wound up at one of my favourite Toronto venues, The Red Canoe Studio, for my VIP Weekend Intensive, where there literally is a red canoe perched outside the studio. Yet another reminder of Water.

On Sunday morning I left my house and laughed knowingly as I walked by an SUV with 2 kayaks on top, with a red canoe in the middle. We proceeded to make more magic in what was my best event to date. This is the medicine of Water: Synchroncity, flow and connection.

For me, the day ended with one of my beautiful clients – Genevieve Taeger – gifting me with an unbelievable fairy stone from the Water. It clearly shows a woman giving birth – the ultimate flow of life force through us as women. Genevieve explained the message she received from the stone – that it is a symbol of what I help women to do with their gifts, their power and their businesses. It is all about birth of the sacred feminine power from within.

Through that message, I received a message of my own. All I can say is, it is as if the baby that is my next phase of business… “dropped,” meaning it was getting ready to be born.

When you can allow your energy, your voice, and your gifts to flow as water does, you become a pure channel of life force. And the world becomes stronger for you being in it. That is the true power of your stepping into your purpose and being who you truly are.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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