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What It Takes to Stand in Your Power

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It’s not easy to do what it takes to stand in your power as a woman in a world ruled by colonialism and patriarchy. It can be even harder when you’re marginalized or living with grief or trauma.

You are meant to go beyond your limits to become all of who you are meant to be.

Every time we feel the intensity of the deep inner calling to go beyond our limits, often we will hit a wall.

It feels as if the second you speak your truth, everything will fall silent, the whole world will suddenly be staring at you, and nobody will think you’re “normal” ever again. At least that’s how it felt for me and many of the women who have come to my circles wanting to find their voice.

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: Breathe into your belly. Feel yourself in your body. Feel your feet on the floor.

I’m talking about fear of abandonment, rejection, torment and even death. Not to mention the feeling of the whole world being on your shoulders. So many spiritually awakened and awakening women feel as if the survival of humanity depends on them. No pressure, right?

I want to let you off the hook right now.

It isn’t all up to just YOU.

That’s why there are so many of us awake and awakening, who are being compelled into the fullest expression of our gifts. Colonialism has lulled us out of a sense of community care for generations. Were you born to be here right now? 100% YES, but you are not alone!

What it takes to stand in your power…
is a huge dose of courage to melt away the fear of accepting and sharing your sacred gifts.

So How Do You Build Up That Courage? How Do You Face The Fear?

Many coaches will say to just do it, to stop whining and get on with it. I know different.

Yes, it is time and we need to jump into aligned action right now. Yes, you and the fullest expression of your gifts are crucial to this Shift. But the last thing you need is more pressure.

You’ve got enough already from the incoming energies and the huge clearing happening within you at the cellular level.

Bullying us into action just doesn’t work. If anything, it makes us put the breaks on, puts us into even more resistance, and brings on even more pain, fear, shame or doubt. So what then? What are we supposed to do?

Stop beating up on yourself every time you think you’ve done something wrong

Start to realize the truth: that you’re always getting it right because each of your experiences has meaning and purpose. Allow the purpose inside everything to unfold for you.

Stop feeding the fear – and start feeding your heart with extreme self-love.

Surround yourself with those who love you and value your gifts. Find aunties, matriarchs, grandmothers, mentors and sisters who will inspire you and help you to be YOU.

Continuously increase your intuition and trust it, especially in difficult situations. But not only that. ACT on it.

I can’t even count how many women have come to me to find their purpose only to discover within a few minutes of talking with me that they already know it. Women have been shamed for far too many generations now.

We need our next 7 generations of girls to grow into women who are born with what it takes to stand in their power. We can pass that down the line through blood memory if we do it for ourselves NOW.

Grow your self-trust.

Stop believing in the lies that have built up in your system over years and lifetimes. Begin to let go of the lies playing in your head like a bad movie. Instead, let yourself do what it takes to stand in your power.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

About Brenda MacIntyre

Known by her indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has shared her evocative melodic voice and fusion of reggae, rap and indigenous hand drum healing music with appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000 across North America. The Toronto-based Juno Award-winning singer has been featured nationally on MuchMusic, CTV, CP24, APTN and most recently, Global and the front page of the Toronto Star.

Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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