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Visioning Time: Your Year Plan on FIRE #TruthbyBrenda

Here’s your 17th Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ reading, along with the audio clip of the medicine song that matches the card.

The cards and the songs from my Medicine Song CD interact with each other to amplify the energy and experience for you. The cards are based on the Ojibwe medicine wheel the way I was taught by indigenous traditional teachers, and my own Medicine Wheel of Success system, as well as the 13 Grandmother Moons of the lunar cycle and the 28 days of each Moon cycle.

Your 17th reading is based on the song “Visioning”. Click on the audio player at the top of this week’s blog to hear the clip and meditate to the healing art while you read the message for the week.

The “Visioning” Visualization Card is from the West direction of the medicine wheel, representing Wateremotionsdreaming and living your dream.

The big message coming through is that yes, it’s time to do your year plan, or tweak it or activate it if you’ve already got it done.

This card is a DOUBLE visioning card because of it being based on the song Visioning as well as being in the element of Water.

The main thing to know here is that YOU and SPIRIT are at the helm. Even if you get a VIP Day with a coach to plan out your year (like I’m doing on my birthday), be sure to honour your intuition, your gut feelings, and your inner desires in the process.


  • Set your sacred space. Don’t just plop down at your desk and work your butt off. Give yourself a few moments to connect to yourself and to Spirit. Make your space beautiful and comfortable. Or if you want to literally have a visioning lodge like the one on the card, you might turn off all the lights and sit in silence. Maybe bring your phone into your “lodge” with you so you can speak what comes to you and record it. You might consider smudging or using incense or essential oils to sweeten, cleanse and clear the space as well as your body and mind.
  • Ask your Higher Realms Support Team for support. If you don’t ask, many of them can’t help you. Invite them into your space and ask for their help.
  • Set your intentions. What do you want to feel, experience and enjoy in 2016? Write it down and start feeling it NOW. And base your goals and decisions on these intentions.
  • If you have the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ & Musiclisten to the full song “Visioning” once you know what you want and you have your vision solid and clear. While you listen, use Multi-Sensory Visioning. Bring in as many of your senses as you can and imagine your vision is already happening. That’s how I manifested a 2 month road trip to tour one of my CD’s and it’s how I manifested the money to actually create and manufacture that CD.
  • Oracle Reading. Again, if you have the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ or another oracle or tarot deck, give yourself a reading. I love giving myself a reading as I do my year plan, and again at the beginning of the year. It can also be powerful to have someone hold that space for you and give you the reading, so you can just do the receiving of it.
  • Reflect. Reflect on what worked that you could repeat, what sucked, and how you might be able to modify what kind of worked but wasn’t quite as awesome as it could’ve been.
  • FEEL. Rather than just writing down a bunch of goals and tasks, notice how you FEEL about those goals and tasks.
  • Plan. Using your reflections and how you want to FEEL, set up your major goals, and find ways to make yourself accountable (get the support of a mentor or friend, give yourself deadlines and real solid steps). You don’t have to do this by writing either. You could create a collage or vision board. You could doodle it out on a great big sheet of paper. Do it how you FEEL like doing it.
  • Calendar. If you don’t get it into your calendar, it won’t happen. Make dates with yourself to connect with your year plan from time to time, especially at the beginning of the year, so you can schedule in actual action steps and make it happen.
  • Take Inspired Action! If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you take INSPIRED action – meaning take action when you really do feel inspired – you bring power into your manifesting abilities.

Share your intentions or your vision with someone. Speak it, write it, sing it, put your body into it, and have someone witness you. If you feel like it, post in this blog about it, so I can cheer you on and you can feel seen with your vision.

Blessings to you,


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Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre, author and artist of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ & Music, is a Juno Award-winning singer, motivational speaker, indigenous drummer and wisdom-keeper. Brenda has shared her leadership and soul nationally on stage and in the media, such as MuchMusic, APTN, CTV, CP24, Global and CityTV’s Breakfast Television, as well as CBC Radio. Having experienced major loss and fear of being seen and heard, she is passionate about helping women to bring out their playfulness, edge and inner rebel, so they can live a life brimming with self-authority and soul-satisfying expression.


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