4 Ways to Fill Your Empty Cup to Overflowing: Let me show you how to truly unplug and fill your sacred cup to overflowing, so that you can hold space for the people you care about, and even for the healing of the planet and humanity, without losing yourself or your energy.

Visioning, Clarity & Honouring Your Inner Goddess #TruthbyBrenda

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Crystal Clear Audio:
Woman Audio:
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Here’s your 27th Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ reading, along with the audio clip of the 3 medicine songs that match the cards – yes, you’re getting a bigger reading this week.

The cards and the songs from my Medicine Song CD interact with each other to amplify the energy and experience for you. The cards are based on the Ojibwe medicine wheel the way I was taught by indigenous traditional teachers, and my own Medicine Wheel of Success system, as well as the 13 Grandmother Moons of the lunar cycle and the 28 days of each Moon cycle.

Your 27th reading is based on the songs “Crystal Clear”, “Woman” and “Visioning.” Click on the audio player at the top of this week’s blog to hear the clips and meditate to the healing art Then read the message for the week.

I’ve done a VPS Spread for you this week. That means Voice, Power and Spirit. In the Sacred Feminine Success Path™ teachings, activating your VPS helps you to feel confident when you speak your truth. The first card represents what you need in order to find your voice. The 2nd card is about embracing your power. The 3rd card is about what needs to happen for you to connect more deeply with your spirit.

CARD #1: The “Crystal Clear” Affirmation Card is from the East direction of the medicine wheel, representing air, the mind and new beginnings.

The affirmation on the card: I am crystal clear.

This card is about becoming super clear on what you are intending to say, and also on what you desire, which is right in line with Card #3, as you will see below. In order to find your voice, you need to get crystal clear on your message. What do you intend to say? What is the message underneath the words that you want to get across? At the top of the image of this card is full-on access to Source, which is a reminder that we all have that access. We just need to tune into it.

CARD #2: The “Woman” Activity Card is from the North direction of the medicine wheel, representing Earthphysicalbodybusinessmoney and wisdom. Activity cards are always about taking some sort of action.

The activity on the card: Reach out today to a woman in your life and tell her how amazing she is. Connect to YOU first, open your heart and connect with her on a heart to heart level.” What a beautiful activity to do. That woman is going to feel so loved and cared about and like she matters, just because you decided to reach out and tell her how amazing she is. What a gift!

Beyond this activity, the underlying message of this song and card is that in order to truly connect with your power, you need to honour yourself as a woman. Connect to your inner goddess. Treat yourself. Show yourself some extra love this week. Another message here is that whatever you are “pregnant with” right now is being well nourished and cared for. All is well. For whatever project that is, you do need to reach out and connect with other women as well.

CARD #3: The “Visioning” Visualization Card is from the West direction of the medicine wheel, representing Wateremotionsdreaming and living your dream.

This is a very special card – a Double Visioning Card – because it is based on the song “Visioning” but also it is in the West, and so it is a Visualization Card. Your spirit is calling you. You are also being called into deeper self-trust. In order to heed the call, it’s time to go within your “visioning lodge”, which could be a walk in the forest, a nice long bath in candle light, or it really could be you having a personal weekend getaway. The most important thing is that you get some time to yourself to visualize and imagine and access your spirit. You also need to access your deepest desires, so you can ask your inner and higher guidance to help you create what you desire.

So this week, take some time for YOU. Go within. Get that clarity. And don’t forget to give the gift of your attention and love to one of your women friends or a woman in your family.

Please share on the blog any insights or aha’s you’re getting. I’d love to hear about it. (:

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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