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What Does it Take to Be a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

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spiritual-entrepreneurIt makes me so MAD that spiritual entrepreneurs are being made to feel like they’re not good enough by this whole industry, when it’s the very reason most of us have remained small, hidden our gifts or just not stepped up into our full power.

The online marketing and coaching industry – even in its railing against the whole car salesman approach – has only created a “new and improved” (NOT!) version of exactly that. Most of the sales techniques and marketing efforts are designed to make you feel bad about yourself so that you will purchase or enroll in a program. In other words, you are being SHAMED into BUYING.


1. You ARE good enough. PERIOD.

2. If you want to grow your business enough to make a lot of money, yes, you will need to do sales calls – but this doesn’t mean you have to go chasing down clients. Magnetizing your ideal client to you is much more effective and feels really good for you and the client.

3. Along with client attraction, yes, you do need to take action. You need to do some form of marketing consistently – and there are many ways, so just pick what feels good to you and excel in that.

4. It really does take a certain something to be a true entrepreneur. And. Being a SPIRITUAL entrepreneur is DIFFERENT than just being an entrepreneur. I mean, I”m really happy for Olympic athletes, but I’m tired of hearing from “experts” that highly successful people have all pushed themselves to extreme pain in order to be successful. Nope. You know what? As a spiritual entrepreneur, you’ve endured lifetimes of extreme pain, execution, being outcast, burned at the stake… why the hell would you want to go through anything like that again??? (AS IF!)

5. If you want a sustainable business that doesn’t include you working your finger to the bone and being exhausted and drained, then there are a lot of things you can do about it – shift your business model, raise your fees, grow a team, get volunteers… but you don’t have to take a million certifications and programs just because someone said you need it – or because you feel like you’re not good enough to get paid for what you already know. You know how it works… “When the student is ready…”

6. It’s going to take some time. Most spiritual entrepreneurs need to take things slow and integrate along the way. And stepping into putting yourself out there after having lifetimes of being persecuted for being who you are… well, it’s not easy. That’s where support can be most helpful.

7. The high end coaching industry has made a huge fortune from turning people like you and me into business coaches or money mentors, when it’s not what most of us are here to do. The industry has actually made it even more difficult to sell anything not related to sex, money or how much a person weighs. But here’s the thing. There is a different way. And you’re a natural pro at it. It’s called SHARING YOUR ACTUAL GIFTS. No, not for free or trade. Do value yourself please. Offering complimentary or paid strategy sessions or mini-readings can be useful ways to attract potential clients, and to see whether they are a match to work with you.

So. Are you cut out to be a spiritual entrepreneur?

Being shy or quiet, or taking things slowly, or not hopping on a plane every time there’s another big business conference… those don’t mean you’re not an entrepreneur and they don’t mean you can’t be successful.

What will make you successful is this: You need to show up, do what it takes to get clients, get paid and be of service – and for that you might need some guidance and support – which is how most of those other entrepreneurs (including me) have done it.


  • You’re grounded in your spirituality.
  • You’re willing to learn and grow.
  • You get that in order to fulfill your purpose on Earth, you’re going to have to create and invest a lot of money.
  • You’re willing to take intelligent risks.
  • You are COMMITTED to showing up more and more powerfully as YOU and be your own personal brand ambassador.
  • You have a strong DESIRE to help people and the Earth…
  • You are BURSTING with the URGE to share your gifts AND you want to be paid well for it…
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your business where it really matters. And this is the key.
  • You have an inner DRIVE to grow, succeed and make a difference.
  • You are highly self-motivated, responsible and accountable.
  • You’re willing to go into uncomfortable places within yourself, challenge yourself and step into the unknown.


  • You’re committed to railing against money or you think it’s wrong to make money in exchange for sharing your spiritual gifts.
  • You refuse to take risks.
  • You tend to blame other people or planetary/astrological events for your circumstances.
  • You use spirituality to make excuses for not doing something that you procrastinated on or are afraid of doing.
  • You don’t actually want or need to make lots of money.
  • You strongly prefer to give your services away for free, trade or barter.
  • You complain about not having enough money to hire an assistant or coach but you somehow manage to take more and more modality certifications or go to spiritual retreats in other countries.
  • You aren’t accountable.
  • You really enjoy working for other people (being paid to work at a clinic for example) and having that steady income as opposed to having to create your income all by yourself.

I hope this helps you to know more about who you are, because that is where it all begins: remembering who you are.

P.S. If you are a spiritual entrepreneur and you want to explore working with me, you can apply for an UNLEASH Your Inner Fire Breakthrough Session with me here: http://www.unleashyourinnerfire.com/session.

If you’ve enjoyed this SWEET Success article, you can go get your free Medicine Bundle for Your Business, and a subscription to my SWEET Success Soundbytes, videos and ezine at SuccessShaman.com. I’m Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Blessings of sweet success to you. Until next time, or as we say in the Ojibwe language, ba ma pii.

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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