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Success, Money, Spiritual Upleveling & Haters

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Haters. If you have stood in your power in a big way publicly for long enough, you’ve had at least a few of them, whether you know it or not. And if you’ve experienced this, you know how draining and self-confidence-killing it can be.

So yeah, let me just tell you the hard truth here. You know that fear you have… that if you get really successful and make lots of money sharing your spiritual gifts, people won’t like you? Well, it’s true. And it’s a good thing. 

Aiming for people to like you is people-pleasing. It will keep you small and invisible. But people LOVING you and people being against you and your work – that’s actually a more powerful place to be because then you’re making an impact with the RIGHT people and the ones who are not meant to be in your world begin walking away.

Most of your haters you will never even know about, or you might see some unsubscribes – and then the odd one might be more in your face about it. Now, BREATHE… because the good news is, many people will turn from liking you to absolutely LOVING you as well.

A couple of weeks ago I had another hater publicly bad-mouthing me on my Facebook timeline, and they threatened to keep on spreading the bad word about me to everyone. Wow. It takes some mindset and energy work to not let that shoot you down.

This is the first time I can honestly say that a hater like that did NOT affect me negatively. It threw me off for a few minutes but that was it. For all I know, that person is still bad-mouthing me. Oh well. So why didn’t it bother me?

We can choose to go into reaction and defense mode, or we can choose to see what’s really going on and celebrate. It takes practice, mindset adjustments and ever-growing self-confidence to take the higher path. Does it hurt? You bet. But the hurt decreases through this practice. Is it really about me? Well, yes and no… and here’s what I mean…

As an entrepreneur – especially if you are helping people change their lives – when you are in the midst of an uplevel, IF you let yourself spiral up, you’re going to polarize people, which means you’re going to have some haters. Sigh. And you can choose to let it take you out – or you can choose to recognize that haters are actually an indicator that you are standing in more of your power and truth.

What happens is, when you make a big splash with your business, your supporters become even bigger supporters and the people who are NOT aligned with you walk away. And sometimes before they walk away, they project their fears about themselves onto you.

BIG TIP: If a hater triggers you in any way, look at what buttons they’re pushing – because when we uplevel, our “stuff” gets stirred up so that we can let go of the current frequency in order to accept the new higher frequency. So if we can SEE the buttons being pressed, then we know what we need to clear in order to “hold” the new frequency. Ask yourself what still needs to be healed or cleared in YOU in that area. Get appropriate support to clear it.

For example, I had just fully birthed a new healing modality as well as 2 new high end private programs for healers. My stuff coming up was all about fear of stepping into bigger money, holding bigger energetic space, and declaring publicly that I can do something that nobody I’ve heard of can do – help healers to receive and step into using their own unique modality. And for me to do this, applicants really need to be making 75K+ and have their business coaching and training in place (new level of client for me!). And this is my first one-year program. So I knew I needed to clear another level of my Who-am-I-to Syndrome.

My Action Steps: I did a Medicine Wheel of Success Reading for myself to highlight what I need to focus on, what’s out of balance and what is here supporting me. And I got support from my business coach around my money fears.

So when you know you’re upleveling – and a lot of us are right now – give yourself extra love and get extra support from your spiritual mentor or business coach if you feel yourself drifting into a downward spiral.

And remember if any haters show up, don’t let them take you out.

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  1. Kerry Geocaris

    I so needed this message! It came at the right time, I have no idea how but it just “stumbled” into my internet search and seriously it was so what I needed! Thank you!!

  2. Martha Tassinari

    I so needed to see this today. Great article and I’m so glad my friend Kerry forwarded this to me! I’m going to make a copy of this and keep it on my desk! Thank you!


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