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Spiritual Success Teachings from an Unexpected Messenger

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One of the spirit beings I work with is Thunderbird, and that I have a cape that has a thunderbird on the back. That teacher I talked about above gave me a drawing of a thunderbird. Unmistakably, right down to how colourful it is. And it is not the same as the thunderbird on my cape at all. So how could she have known how to draw that, when she wrote right on the drawing that she normally can’t draw recognizable shapes???

So what is the message here and who is the messenger?

Well, the teacher and Thunderbird are both messengers in this case. And the day began with me being the messenger for the room full of teachers I was teaching.

We are all messengers for each other.

Did you know it is always like this? That we always have the opportunity to be the messenger and to receive messages through all other living beings? That’s just one of the messages I wanted to share with you today.

The other message I wanted to share with you is this:

No matter how awful or amazing your life gets,
know that miracles are constantly unfolding for you.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of knowing that miracles are constantly unfolding for us. Your success, your joy, your fulfillment and impact, even your prosperity… all depend on allowing yourself to see miracles unfolding constantly.

For example, things like this often happen at my live events – people commonly have visions or spiritual awakenings or even physical healing. It has become common to me to witness these kinds of experiences and to have them myself.

So, a little note about ego here.

I remember when Wayne Dyer came out with a book a few years ago that had a picture of a butterfly on his hand. And he talked about how this butterfly stayed with him for hours. At his seminar, all these people were going “Wowwwww.” Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself cynically and jealously, “Stuff like that always happens to me – I just don’t brag about it.”

When I realized what I was feeling and got over myself, it hit me: Why wasn’t I sharing my miracles with people when I was up on stage? Well, I was afraid people would think I was bragging… and that some people would just not believe me and think I’m nuts. (:

Since then, I experience the big and little stuff of life with the wide wonder-filled eyes of a child. And I share it with you, and the other people I come across, as examples of what is possible for YOU… and to remind you of something really important:

If you want success that means something, you’ve got to let yourself believe in miracles, see the miracles in your own life, and express yourself fully to those around you in ways that inspire them to believe that anything is possible.

So what miracles are you experiencing that you want to share?

No more holding back.

We are being required to step into our power more and more quickly in this Shift, and that means letting go of our fears and doubts, and letting ourselves express our truth. And if you are an entrepreneur, it is time to bring all of your gifts into full expression through all areas of your business.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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4 Ways to Fill Your Empty
Cup to Overflowing


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  1. Isaac Beadling

    Hi, I was interested in using your Thunderbird sketch as a tattoo, would you allow me to do this? I enjoyed your comments about your experiences here, thanks for sharing.

    – Isaac


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About Brenda MacIntyre

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