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Spirit Orb Wisdom

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Last week I had such a beautiful time facilitating a circle of about 40 women. I did a sound medicine journey and group healing for them, led them in some singing and drumming, and taught about how to Sing Yourself Alive. What blew me away, apart from having an extra something added to my voice on a spirit level, was the spirit orb wisdom that actually happened AFTER the circle. This HUGE spirit orb showed up and brought 4 spiritual truths with it.

Did I tell you I LOVE what I do? (:

When we were done, one of the co-hosts Jill Hewlett wanted us to have our picture taken together. Her co-host Karen Armstrong asked her mom to take a picture of us. And here’s where it got interesting…

Talk about Shining Your Light!

Karen’s mother had said there was a light in the way. Jill thought it might be her finger. Nope.

We moved to a different part of the yard with less lighting. The “light” still showed up in the picture.

3rd time – it showed up in pure darkness, so I asked her if I could see it. Yep. The biggest, brightest spirit orb I have EVER seen. If followed us around the yard until we all understood and acknowledged its presence. Not that I definitely know what these orbs from the spirit world are, but I know they are from the higher realms, and that they only seem to show up when high vibration activities are going on, like ceremony and celebration, or a child’s laughter.

In case your left-brain science mind is trying to find an explanation for the orb, like dust on the camera lens or moisture in the air, NOPE.

The 4th picture we took showed NO orb. It was simply gone. Same spot in the dark, same camera, just seconds later, after it showing up 3 times in a row in different spots. Not only that, but contrary to the belief that they only be seen on camera, I have seen these with my own eyes. I’m talking about my own physical vision, with and without my glasses on. Just saying.

The 4 Spiritual Truths that Came with the Spirit Orb:

What a reminder to literally shine your light!!!

In the speaking industry we call that “larger than life” or “charisma”. In the energetic realms, it’s called radiating your light and being more of who you are, which is what we were working on that evening. If you want to be seen, SHINE. I’ve seen orbs before, thousands of them one night with my eyes, but never one this big and bright. That’s the magnitude of light YOU need to be shining so that you can be a beacon for those who need your support. That means facing and moving through your self-doubt, fear and lack of self-trust – it’s not easy but it is doable with the right support.

How much proof do we need before we will believe that we have incredible support from the higher realms???

I’ve been seeing Spirit ever since I can remember, so I don’t have to “think” or “believe” Spirit exists. I see it all the everywhere around me. If you practice tuning in to Nature, you can get pretty good at discerning between different energies and spirit beings. This spirit orb literally disappeared the moment we acknowledged it. It wanted us to see it and to know it’s real. I mean, look at the size of it!

Do whatever you can to raise your vibrational frequency.

I have only ever seen these spirit orbs when I’ve been in a high vibrational state and we are lighting ourselves up.

Breathe! Do the things that light you up and nourish your whole being! Surround yourself with people who lift you up. And when you get down, get help to find your way back up. Hanging out in a downward spiral (and believe me, I know this firsthand!) just creates more negativity around you and it gets harder and harder to climb out.

When you are in a high vibrational state, and Spirit shows up, you will recognize it for what it is. You won’t have to wonder if it’s a speck of dust.

There is SO. MUCH. LIGHT that is available to us now when we tap into it.

It’s amazing to me still that we were blessed with all of this spirit orb wisdom.

So look at your life and ask yourself… where are you NOT fully tapping into Spirit?

When are you forgetting to ask for help from the higher realms and your own spirit?

We are truly blessed to be living in this powerful time. Imagine all the souls who didn’t get to come live here on this planet at this time – but YOU DO.

So let’s live it up and light up the Earth while we’re here.

Have you seen these spirit beings or received spirit orb wisdom before? Share it in the comments!

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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