Medicine Song Oracle Readings

What do you need to know to create your best possible 2023? 

What will help you the most to avoid falling into old patterns? 

An oracle reading with Brenda will NOT “predict your future.”

Instead, it will show you what you need know to create the best possible 2023.

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If you are on the verge of rebirthing yourself or your life, you are not alone.

You know you are so much more than you let everyone see.

You can fulfill your purpose. Let’s get you started.

Medicine Song Oracle Readings can help you to:

 Understand why you are here.

Begin to trust yourself more.

 Drop the illusion of fitting in and embrace your gifts.

 Feel a HUGE sense of relief knowing you have a plan to help you stay on your path, and to get back on it if you fall off… without beating yourself up for it!

Feel more confident in your decision-making.

 The coolest thing of all? You already KNOW your purpose. The cards and I will just help you to see it and begin to walk with it!

Work 1-1 with Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre to receive spiritual and intuitive guidance and your very own channelled medicine song, to help you CONNECT with your spirit and your guides, alchemize your LIFE and EVOLVE yourself and your PURPOSE.

I’ve been preparing for this Great Planetary Re-Awakening all my life, mostly through multiple Dark Nights of the Soul and Spiritual Awakenings. Adopted at birth and gifted with extrasensory abilities, I have always been connected to Spirit.

Right now, we are living through a global Dark Night of the Soul. The old foundation is crumbling because mass spiritual awakenings have begun. Your spiritual awakening or upleveling is on its way or already here, or you wouldn’t have found this page.

Your spirit can help you birth what is emerging within you to be expressed.

You weren’t born into this era to hold back on who you are.

You don’t have to stress over some unattainable lofty purpose. The cards and I will help you tap into your REAL purpose.

“I am taking bigger leaps and feel brave to take the steps knowing I am supported all the time. I am becoming more recognized and raising excitement about my game I am creating for my business. I speak my truth with family, friends and professionally and I feel more comfortable doing so.

– Lorree Appleby | ourpurposefuljourney.com

“I have never had such a powerful connection to spirit before.
I believe you have a gift, and will enlighten me to find mine. Thank you, so glad something led me to find you.”

– Karen Martinez

“Wow. The reading has changed EVERYTHING for me. There is much more trust that the way I desired to be with my business and larger vision is, in fact, the way I must be at this point in my life.

– Aine Dee, rEvolutionary at Wealth Reimagined

Medicine Song Oracle Readings™ are meant to support you in living your purpose and harvesting the gifts and blessings from your life experiences.

Brenda will use her unique Thunderbird Spread designed to help you:

  • Speak your truth with confidence.
  • Learn what you need to do to clear your energy and path.
  • Find out how to tune into your innermost power.
  • Understand how to move onto your new path ahead.
  • See where the imbalances are in your life and how to come back into balance.
  • Know what you will need to help you pivot when things (or you) go off the rails. 
  • Understand how to create stability even in the chaos.
  • Tune into your purpose.

You Get…

Recorded Oracle Reading using Brenda's Exclusive Thunderbird Spread

Brenda designed the Medicine Song Oracle Cards and spreads (layouts), and the Thunderbird spread is the best one to give you tools and tips to help you keep your path clear while you tap into your purpose.

Spiritual and Intuitive Mentoring

It’s one thing to receive an oracle reading. It’s another to receive supportive spiritual mentoring with your reading to help you implement the plan you will receive. 

Photo of your Oracle Reading and Layout

Brenda will take a photo of your reading for you. You will also get a copy of the Thunderbird spread with the meanings of all the card positions.

Personalized Medicine Song Channelling

With each session, Brenda channels a new, unique healing song to create sacred space for you. You get the downloadable audio recording.

How do I  know if this is for me?

This session is NOT for you if:

You are looking for a psychic reading to tell your fortune. YOU are the one who creates your path, in collaboration with Spirit. I will hold sacred space and offer you intuitive and channelled guidance and mentoring to help you create your own outcomes.

You aren’t willing to take aligned action on what you learn. Your reading will give you what you need to clear your energy and path, tune into your innermost power, help you speak your truth and find your way forward. Spirit will give you action steps. It’s up to you to take them.

You want me to solve your problems for you and give you all the answers. This reading is to support you in solving your problems and to help you to get your own answers. Yes, guidance and lots of information will come through. And. You might be surprised how many answers you already have within you. Sometimes we just need a little help to access and pull those answers out.

BREATHE and FEEL into it.

If a Medicine Song Oracle Reading is for you, here’s what you might be feeling and sensing… 

        A little magnetic pull, like something is connecting to your spirit and your calling. 

        An electrical sensation or waves or a burst of energy. 

        An intuitive feeling that you’re in the right place. 

        Goosebumps or tingles or a feeling of expansion. 

Butterflies in your stomach.

Nerves but excitement at the same time.

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About Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

Brenda MacIntyre, also known by her Indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, is a JUNO-winning artist, healer and keynote speaker based in London Ontario. Nominated for the 2021 Ontario Arts Council Indigenous Arts Award, the mixed-blooded Cree woman entrepreneur has appeared on CBC Radio & TV, Global, CTV, CityNews, Breakfast Television and a front page headline in the Toronto Star.

For over 20 years, Brenda has used her goosebump-giving voice, hand drumming and unique Medicine Song Healing Technique to help women to find their voice. Through her signature Picking Up the Pieces 13 Moon Program, Brenda teaches women mindfulness embodiment practices for mental health. She helps women living with trauma, grief and chronic pain to embody mindfulness, find their voice and reclaim their identity and sense of belonging.

Receiving one of these sessions is a deeply spiritual and energetically aligned move for those who do feel that calling and connection, and dive in.

What unfolds when I give oracle readings is always surprising and magical, even for me.

Spirit and I will always give you accurate, appropriate, supportive, positive information… and homework too. That I can promise you.

I can also promise you that you will be one or more steps closer to remembering and deeply knowing your core essence, who you truly are.

I can promise you that you will have what you need to clear some of that residue from the past that has been stopping you from harvesting the gifts and blessings from your life experiences.

I can promise you that our session will serve you not just now but into the future.

DISCLAIMER: *Please note that none of these sessions are intended to replace medical treatments or prescriptions by your licensed medical practitioner (i.e. family doctor or therapist). Brenda MacIntyre is a traditional healer and not an accredited counselor or licensed medical doctor. Brenda strongly recommends that you continue consulting with a medical practitioner(s) you are comfortable with. If emotional issues come up to be cleared, Brenda recommends that you seek professional counseling. Actual Results of healing sessions vary.
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