Thank You for Registering for SUMMER SOLSTICE VIRTUAL RETREAT 2022

 Can’t wait to see you in circle!

Before we get started there are a few things I need you to do to make your experience more powerful for you…

1. Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you used to sign up. Find the email we just sent you. It has the subject line “Summer Solstice 2022 zoom details (open now)”

Use Gmail? Drag and drop the email from Promotions to Primary. You’ll see the Primary tab turn red when you’ve done this successfully. If you’re not using tabs, check your spam and mark the email as “not spam” when you find it. 

3. Join The Facebook Group

Head over to our Facebook Group and request access. Your sisters are waiting to connect with you in this safe, sacred space where you can feel supported in picking up the pieces after (or during!) things falling apart.

Add To Your Calendar

Mark these dates and times into your calendar right away so you don’t miss out!

June 22, 2022 7:00PM Eastern / 4:00PM Pacific
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Share This Empowering Celebration!

Feel free to invite a sister or 3 to join you.  Studies show that when we have accountability we’re more likely to succeed!

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