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Sneaky Marketing: The Top 3 “HOT” Marketing Methods to Avoid (and what to watch out for)

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Warning: I got pretty passionate about this topic, but frankly, we can get so easily brainwashed by the barrage of what I like to call “gurus in your inbox.” So… it’s a pretty long article. 😉

#1 – Offering Content That Isn’t Yours But Taking Credit Anyway

I was listening to a marketing teleclass on the night of the Full Moon about newsletters. The service they were promoting offers you ready written newsletter articles. Great if you’re not a writer, right? And that’s nothing new.

But here’s the thing. You pay to get a license to use the material and call it your own. No need to give credit to the original writer. Just pretend it’s yours. Now, it’s not like I didn’t already know this existed… but it really bugs me that people don’t know that a lot of high level coaches out there purporting to be authentic are actually doing this all the time.

So what you’re reading in your inbox may not even be written by who it says it is. Isn’t that interesting?

It’s like the music industry, where it’s encouraged for artists to sing “cover songs” – songs written by songwriters – instead of singing their own original music, and in some cases where a record label may buy a song from a songwriter, credit isn’t given to the songwriter. I can see some of your eyes opening now. Yes, that’s one of the reasons I left the music industry.

I won’t even talk about those out there who are actually stealing content (it’s happened to me and a few other business owners I know) for anything from a program to a sales page to a live event title. That we KNOW is out of integrity… but when people are paying to call something their own – is it really any better?


Here’s a better idea, one that my friends and colleagues Terry Earthwind Nichols and Linda Vettrus-Nichols turned me onto. Why not ask to use a colleague’s article in your newsletter every now and then instead? Then you credit them, they get exposure to your community, and it’s a total win-win. Now, I wouldn’t suggest you do that for every newsletter, but every now and then when you’re just busy or can’t seem to come up with new content, go for it!

And when you’re reading the newsletters in your inbox, USE YOUR INTUITION. Feel into whether what you’re reading it coming from the sender or not. And feel into whether the energy of the article matches the energy of the sender.

#2 – Livestreams that are Not Live:

There is a service called Stealth Webinar that allows you to create a webinar or webinar series and then run the recordings as if they are live. So then people watching will get all excited about being on something LIVE with you when in fact, half the time what you’re watching is actually recorded.

At least some coaches and online marketers will be honest and say it’s an Encore. But not all the time.

And it doesn’t feel so good when you’re on the receiving end. I was watching a video “livestream” by someone I thought was really great at video marketing. I’ve since lost my respect for him. When I heard him mention the names in the chat stream, and the winners (oops!) of his contest, it didn’t line up with the names I was seeing.

So do NOT do this. If you’re having a livestream, then make sure it’s actually LIVE. I mean, I’ve gotten emails in my inbox by a very well known 7 figure coach saying “We are LIVE NOW!” and then I click and see the same so-called livestream that I saw 3 weeks ago. Really???

#3 – Not Walking Your Talk:

Would you want to work with a personal trainer who doesn’t work out?

How about a money coach who isn’t making much money?

How about a life coach whose personal life is a mess and they have no coach themselves?

I don’t know about you but I seek out my mentors and healers mindfully and heartfully. Because I want to keep growing my income and healing my old money patterns and emotional blocks, I want to know that they have not only the background and experience, but that they are walking their talk and investing in their businesses and their own healing too.

For example, how in alignment am I if I encourage YOU to invest in my mentoring and healing services, if I’m not getting mentoring and healing for myself?

How can I ask people to invest in my services if I’m not investing in myself in the same ways?

Now, you don’t need to be perfect and 100% healed or be a millionaire or be in a private coaching program for the rest of your life to be able to work in those areas with people.

As Cree Grandmother Joanne Dallaire said to me once, “You can take people as far as you’ve come yourself.”

Just be real with your marketing and your message and where you’re really at, that’s all. And watch out for people who say they are what they are not.

What I want you to think about for yourself is this:

1. How are you being authentic or inauthentic in your marketing?
2. How are you walking your talk… or not? (and how can you step it up?)
3. How can you make sure that no matter how much money you make, you stay in integrity with yourself and your purpose?
4. When you choose a mentor, make sure they’re being 100% REAL, AUTHENTIC and did I say REAL?

So where and how do you draw the line when you need to do less in your business?

I mean, for me, I am at the point where I no longer have the time or bandwidth to write all of my own copy for things like the promotional blurbs in my newsletter – so I have my assistant take copy straight off my sales page or other emails and create the blurbs based on what I’ve already written. And I have my assistant write my generic autoresponders for me, like “Here’s the replay”. But for me, I have to draw the line at just allowing someone to write it all for me, and ESPECIALLY the idea of pretending like I’m the one who wrote it. Nope. Not cool. Not authentic.

So the bottom line is, you can expect that all my content – where I’m giving teachings or talking about my personal experience – that’s all me. When I deliver a program or a course or a teleclass, and I advertise it as LIVE, then it’s LIVE.

I won’t ever fool you into thinking you’re reading great content by me when it’s by someone else – if I feature someone else’s writing in my ezine, I’m going to give them credit so it helps them get known in my community.

This is one of my strongest commitments and no matter how much money I make or how little time I have, I will always take the path of authenticity – and I strongly encourage you to as well.

 Do NOT be seduced by all the hype and glamour of this sneaky marketing.

Let your heart, spirit and body lead you.

YOU are going to FEEL and SENSE when someone is being REAL with you. You might not catch it every time, but eventually you will recognize that person’s inauthentic marketing as if it has a big red sticker on it that says FAKE. I made that mistake a couple of years ago and won’t do it again – because even I read my own words and could feel the inauthenticity in it. Yep. I’ve gone to the dark side… but I picked myself up and went back to the light. (:

The big questions are: Can you make 6 figures by being YOU and not relying on taking credit for something that didn’t even come from you? And can you do it withOUT getting burnt out from having to do too much by yourself? And can you find a mentor who is actually being REAL in their life and their business?

The answer is YES. Like I said, let your heart, spirit and body lead you and you’ll do great.


Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

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