I Want to Hear Your Story!

Sacred Success Story

I know for sure that you have a desire to be seen and heard. Otherwise, you would never have worked with me or taken one of my programs.

One of the most powerful, subtle ways to be seen and heard as a spiritual trailblazer is to offer a testimonial to your mentors, healers and spiritual advisors. It’s a win-win-win for you, me and my community.

I’d like to invite you to offer your Sacred Success Story, so that we can feature you in front of our online community of well over 16,000 people. Now THAT is being SEEN and HEARD.

Let’s get started!


  • IMPORTANT: This is NOT about me. It is about YOU and your experience of working with me. We want people to get a sense of what that would be like for them, so they can tell whether working with me would be awesome or just totally not for them.
  • Please talk about specific results, such as “I can’t believe how high my self-confidence is compared to when I started”. I realize much of this will be more spiritual and energetic, and you can also include some “woo woo” or less solid results if you like, such as “I feel so much lighter” etc.
  • Don’t worry about getting it perfect. We want you to look good, so we will highlight you in the best way possible.
  • If you’ve filled out an assessment form, go ahead and use it to come up with key points. Or you can give us permission to include some key points from your assessment to make it even easier for you. Watch for that option.


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