You, Sister, are IN!

You are on our waitlist for the Winter Season of the Picking Up the Pieces Resilience & Re-Awakening Program

Gchi Miigwech! That’s “Many Thanks” in Ojibwe.

Thanks for joining my community and registering for the official program waitlist. I am so happy that you’ve taken this first step towards embodying resilience and embracing your re-awakening, and that you’re interested in working with me in this soul-nourishing way.

Check your email and you should see a welcome from us.

If you don’t see it within a few minutes, search your spam and other folders for this subject line: “Sister, you are officially on our waitlist!” Then drag or move the email into your inbox.

If technology is having one of those days and you can’t find your email, email us at techva@brendamacintyre.com.

You do not want to miss out on your exclusive pre-launch when doors are open ONLY for clients and waitlisters (that’s YOU)!

Make sure you put us on your email “yes list,” so you don’t miss out when the doors open for your exclusive pre-launch savings. Here’s how:

For Gmail, you’ll want to drag this email from brenda@medicinesongwoman.com over into the “primary” tab of your inbox. You’ll only ever need to do this once and from that point on, all future emails from me will automatically appear in your primary folder.

For other email service providers (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) please add me as a contact in your address book using the email address brenda@medicinesongwoman.com.

See you in circle with your sisters soon!


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