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More than just a course, the Picking Up the Pieces: Musical & Spiritual Practices for Resilience and Re-Awakening 13 Moon Program is a sacred circle where space is being held for you, over a full lunar year, to not only learn but actually embody the practices together as sisters in circle.

Having gone through 7 major Dark Nights of the Soul and many spiritual awakenings, Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman will guide you through this Global Dark Night of the Soul with medicine songs, healing musical activities and experiential teachings on how to navigate these strange times and beyond. You will build resilience along the way and learn how to tap into the resilience you already have.

You ARE re-awakening. It’s not something you might do at some point. It’s happening right now. We can either get on board with our individual and global re-awakening, or we can make it hard on ourselves. Why on earth would we do that when we have the option to come together as women to receive, create and open ourselves to the powerful rush of new Life coming from within and around us?

You’re not here to just consume more and more information. You’re here to LIVE, to LOVE and to find your own sense of inner FREEDOM. It’s time. All that anxiety, stress, fear and that feeling of walking on eggshells and wondering when the floor is going to drop out one more time… You can surrender to that while you access and acclimate to the higher frequency energies of gratitude, love, bliss and harmony. That’s what this program – this sacred journey – brings for you.


  • 13 Live Interactive Monthly Virtual Classes on or near the Full Moon
  • 13 Live Virtual Healing & Reading Sessions for the Group
  • Live Performances of Medicine Songs by Brenda
  • Picking Up the Pieces Digital CD (downloadable mp3’s)
  • Picking Up the Pieces eBook, with song lyrics, activities and teachings
  • Video Replays of Each Live Class
  • Live Activities Set to Conscious Music in Every Class
  • BONUS #1: Honouring Our Ancestors Healing & Reading Circle on October 31st
  • BONUS #2: Easy Musical Homework to Activate Body Memory
  • BONUS #3: Sacred Self-Care Kit Creation Workshop

13 Live Online Classes Based on the 13 Songs from the Picking Up
the Pieces Album by Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

  1. Gotta Be Me: How to Believe in Yourself Enough to Be You
  2. Feels Like Sunshine: What to Do When Life’s Lemons are Too Rotten for Lemonade
  3. Everything I Need: How to Tap into Hidden Resources & Abundance
  4. Breath of Life: Breathing Practices for Reclaiming Your Life Force After Loss or Trauma
  5. Nothing but Love: The Gift of Falling Apart
  6. I Love You: How to Rewire Your Brain for Resilience and Self-Compassion
  7. Picking Up the Pieces: How to Start Over in the Midst of Grief or Chaos
  8. Healing Song: How to Hold Space for Yourself & Loved Ones in Times of Chaos
  9. Grieve: Tapping into the Spiritual Medicine of Grief
  10. Missing You Memorial Song: Honouring & Connecting with Our Ancestors
  11. Love Is All that Matters: How to Cultivate Love in a State of Grief
  12. Life After Loss Lullaby: How to Go from Survival to Truly Living
  13. Living Past the Limits: Where Do We Go from Here? Holding Space for It All


Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre, also known by her Indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, pours her soulful voice over a confluence of Indigenous hand drum healing, hip hop and conscious roots reggae.

The Toronto-based Juno Award-winning singer recently reached the CBC Searchlight2020 TOP 100 and was nominated for the 2019 Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize. Her 2019-2020 media features include CityNews Toronto, Global News, CBC’s Fresh Air and a Toronto Star front page headline.

Brenda works with healing energy and spiritual downloads, offering oracle cards, readings, spiritual awakening support and medicine song healing sessions, to help people affected by grief, loss and trauma to create a path of love, hope and possibility by connecting with Spirit and finding their voice.

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