Find Your Voice Gift Pack: No more hiding. No more holding back. Get your FREE Find Your Voice gift that will instantly boost your confidence, bypass perfectionism and help you speak your truth!

Spiritpreneur Sweet Spot Discovery Kit



  • Session One: 6 Little Known Ways Your Spirit and Voice Can Feed Your Business
  • Session Two: The 6 Connection Zones in Your Business that Need Your Authentic Voice
  • Session Three: 3 Little Words that Hit the Sweet Spot – Creative Doodling Exercise and Guided “Eyes Open” Meditation
  • Session Four: How to Give Your Audience Goose Bumps
  • Session Five: Fear-Busting Magic
  • BONUS Q&A Call
  • BONUS 5 Medicine Songs Channelled LIVE by Brenda (one on each call)

These sessions are short, sweet and interactive. The medicine songs will ground you and instantly connect you with Spirit.

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