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Picking Up the Pieces Program – Full Moon Season


Picking Up the Pieces 13 Moon Program is a unique program that will help you deal emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically with the ups, downs and all arounds of this global Dark Night of the Soul – while re-awakening to your full potential in the process.

13 Live Online Classes Based on the 13 Songs from the Picking Up the Pieces Album by Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

Each Class Includes:

TEACHINGS: Each medicine song we focus on during class has its own basic teachings, which are in the eBook you will get with this program. You will take a deeper dive into select teachings and implement them via song-related activities. You will also receive teachings straight from Spirit, through Brenda.

TRADITIONAL STORY-TELLING: Each class will spring out of the story of the song being performed live for you. Brenda will share stories of her lived experiences with resilience and re-awakening, with tips on what to avoid, how to work with the music to tap into and build your resilience, and techniques and strategies to help you get through tough times.

GENTLE MUSICAL ACTIVITIES SET TO A SONG: We will take the teachings into practice with the music to get them into your body memory. Creating new habits is wayyyyy easier when we get as many senses involved as possible, so we will be allowing the music and lyrics to move us on all levels so that your own body memory can serve you up exactly the inner resources you need when you need it. Worried about your physical abilities? No need. It’s important to honour your body and this program is designed with that in mind (Brenda has a leg injury and chronic pain, so if some classes, all you can move is your baby finger, you’re good to go!)

LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Brenda will always sing at least one medicine song for you in each class, while you get to soak up the healing vibes and do fun, easy resilience-building, spiritually expansive activities together with the other sisters in the virtual circle. Some classes will have more than one live performance.

“Brenda is a mentor that has such unique way! Her songs take you into a vision that sets the mood for your guided journey you are about to travel. She speaks honestly, humbly and with respect in taking you to your next level of growth. I enjoyed hearing her stories and learned much from where she has been and the journey to where she is now. Brenda in some sense reminds me of the native storytellers as she tells her story. I loved learning, growing and moving to a new level with Brenda’s mentoring. Her agenda is always in the now and what you need at that very moment, who could ask for more? Her songs are truly full of healing and spiritual love, may they reach the whole world! Thank you always Brenda for the growth path you provided!” – Bonnie Kutter

What you’ll get:

  • 13 Live Interactive Monthly Virtual Classes on or near the Full Moon
  • 13 Live Virtual Healing & Reading Sessions for the Group on or near the New Moon
  • Picking Up the Pieces Digital CD (downloadable mp3’s)
  • Picking Up the Pieces eBook, with song lyrics, activities and teachings
  • Video Replays of Each Live Class
  • Easy Musical Homework to Activate Body Memory
  • Live Activities Set to Conscious Music in Every Class
  • BONUS #1: Honouring Our Ancestors Healing & Reading Circle on October 31st Blue Moon
  • BONUS #2: Sacred Self-Care Kit Creation Workshop

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