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Picking Up The Pieces CD


In Memory of Brenda MacIntyre’s son Quinn Taylor, this album features 2 songs inspired by Quinn’s trap music. The songs on this album weave between indigenous hand drum singing and a fusion of the hand drummingreggaehip hopfunk and soul, with Brenda’s transformative vocals ranging from edgy soulful raw power to lilting healing softness.

Just like Brenda’s last 3 albums, this one was created in ceremony, infused with specific intentions and emotional and healing energy. The songs – a blend of funky roots reggae fusion and indigenous hand drum singing – are infused with medicine, stories and emotion to help people to feel love, connection and joy even alongside grief, chronic pain, identity crisis or trauma.

The album is about all of what grief brings: the messiness, shock, pain, anger, sadness, love that has nowhere to go – acknowledging all of the emotions and experience – and giving yourself permission to also have joy, laughter, fun and come back to life when you’re ready, piece by piece, moment by moment, to see what’s on the other side of life after loss. I’m not trying to say “it gets better over time” or to “move on with your life” (hell NO) but rather that you can hold space for all of it, and gradually feel more and more of the good feelings. Picking Up the Pieces is about literally falling apart and then picking up the pieces of you and your life one piece at a time, choosing where to fit them now, which ones to pick up, which ones to leave behind, which pieces of you need support and extra love.

To hear samples from this CD click on the players below: