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Oracle Deck & Music Self-Care Kit


Pandemic Survival Kit for Empaths

Anxiety, grief, frustration, that feeling like you’re walking on eggshells. Sound familiar? This pandemic has us all on edge, so here’s a way to calm frayed nerves, get back to centre and jumpstart your new reality within this crazy global reality. You’ll get to sing, reflect and dance your way through these strange times. The Indigenous healing hand drumming and reggae music is powerful medicine that will bring you peace, healing and a deep sense of knowing you can get through this and any other grief or trauma you carry. The oracle deck was designed to help you weed out the lies and uncover Truth, while diminishing self-doubt and increasing your self-trust. You’ll get simple self-care practices to lift your vibration even more and help you rewire your brain for fuller self-expression, stronger spiritual connection, and the evolution of your being. Oh and you know all that eggshell-walking we’re doing with this pandemic? No more! You’ll get to make quick effective decisions based in higher Truth, and even when the rules keep changing, you’ll be able to go with the flow and live your life instead of wondering what to do next.

⭐️ Picking Up the Pieces CD (Downloadable and Hard Copy)
⭐️ Medicine Song CD (Downloadable and LIMITED EDITION Hard Copy – Only 13 available!)
⭐️ Oracle Deck with original Indigenous art based on the Medicine Song CD
⭐️ Lyrics, Teachings and How to Use the Music & Oracle Deck for the highest healing benefits (2 guidebooks)

To hear samples from both CDs click on the players below:

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