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Medicine Song Healing & Reading Session – 30 Minutes

$250.00 $125.00

You Get…

  1. Recorded Personal Healing Song: With each session, Brenda channels a new, unique healing song for you. In other words, she turns healing energy into a distinct song, and that song is especially for YOU. You get the MP3.
  2. Energy Healing: After singing your song, Brenda works with watercrystals and her hands to clear and balance your energy. This makes you feel energized and more alive, while decreasing or removing physical pain and negative emotions.
  3. Recorded Energy Reading: As Brenda does energy work for you, she receives visionssacred symbols and messages for you. You get a digital MP3 recording of what she receives for you.
  4. Multiple Levels of Healing: You will likely experience goosebumpstingling sensationsvisionsrelaxation and/or a boost of energy as your session happens, even though it’s by distance. When you listen to your recorded song afterward, you will likely get even more healing.


Bonus Exclusive 1 Hour Guided Meditation of soothing sounds of water in the background with Brenda’s voice walking you through your healing sessions. This will help you focus and get deeper healing during each session.

If you’re getting a half hour session, feel free to use the guided meditation or not. It is an hour long, so your session will be done halfway through it, but the birdsong and water sounds are super calming and lovely to meditate to.

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