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Medicine Song Healing Concert – October 2021


WHEN: Wednesday, October 20 at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific
WHERE: Virtual Online via Zoom
*Replay available if you can’t make it live

Sacred self-care is crucial especially now, so here’s what YOU will get:

  • Energy and sound healing through Brenda’s signature Medicine Song Healing work.
  • Relax, release and soak up the calming energy of live channelled healing soundscapes.
  • Live concert plus the audio and video replay.

Sometimes we just need to slow down, fully relax and be present in this mad world. This is one way to open the inner door to help your spirit connect with you, so you can expand and express all of who you really are. While we wait out this strange time, give yourself experiences like this one to remind you to breathe, move energy gently and melt away the tension.

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