4 Ways to Fill Your Empty Cup to Overflowing: Let me show you how to truly unplug and fill your sacred cup to overflowing, so that you can hold space for the people you care about, and even for the healing of the planet and humanity, without losing yourself or your energy.

Medicine Song Breakthrough Session


If you’re curious about Brenda MacIntyre’s healing and mentoring work but not sure where to start:

This Medicine Song Breakthrough Session will let you experience a mini Medicine Song Healing & Reading Session, and discuss deeper options for working with Brenda.

You will receive:

  • Energy healing for chronic pain, trauma or grief, or just getting through whatever challenges you are facing.
  • Medicine song channelled live especially for you by Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman.
  • Mini message from Spirit, with some light spiritual mentoring.
  • Brenda’s recommendations on how best to work together more deeply for bigger results.

These sessions are held over zoom so you can be anywhere in the world.

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