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My First Experience with my Universal Love/Light Attunement

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My strongest gift is channelling medicine songs that connect people with their Ancestors and spirit guides – I like to call that your Higher Realms Support Team – and so I channelled what I called the 11:11 Light Attunement. Ever since I posted that song on YouTube, people have had some pretty wild spiritual experiences, myself included. Mostly, it makes me feel calm and peaceful and have some sort of an energy or emotional release.

I experimented by channelling an Attunement.

Here’s what happened so far…

I wrote a guided meditation and recorded it. I listened to it and had a deep emotional connection and release. I could definitely feel the love. Since I’ve been learning a bit about editing sound, I decided to experiment and put a song in the background of the meditation. So I channeled a medicine song with the vibrational frequency of Love.

I listened back to the song once and wasn’t too sure about it, so I channeled another one. Funny me… still hanging out with self-doubt sometimes and they’re not even really my songs! They’re coming from Spirit! Anyway, even though the 2nd chant was lovely and ebbed and flowed with the visualization, I still wasn’t feeling it.

Yesterday I was coming home from the studio and listening to that first Love chant with the drum, this time in the headphones, and something started happening. I felt so deeply connected to Source that I couldn’t focus on getting where I was going and was finding my consciousness drifting. And then the idea popped into my head to just try it – that this was it. This was the perfect song to go with the guided meditation.

I had to walk my talk and try out the Attunement myself.

Last night I played the Universal Love Attunement song – see, every time I am gifted with these gems from Source, any kind of healing modality, spiritual download or whatever, I will use it on myself first to make sure it works. Anyway, I fell asleep and don’t even remember hearing anything past the first 3 minutes and it’s 22 minutes and 22 seconds long.

So that’s the first really cool thing that happened. My first Attunement came at 11:11am. This Attunement is 22:22 in length. I find number synchronicity fascinating.

Anyway, I tried it again today in the mid-morning. Wide awake. Well, it works all right!! Very trippy. A little TOO trippy. And by the way, I don’t do drugs or drink alcohol – ever – so this is all natural!

I stayed “awake” as in not sleeping but was in probably the deepest state of meditation I’ve ever attained. I found myself in a state of lucid dreaming and it felt similar to when I experience sleep paralysis – except in this case, the sounds I heard and things I saw were very different and I wasn’t afraid. Usually with sleep paralysis, I’m terrified and can’t move.

This experience I had was phenomenal.

The Waking Spiritual Vision I Had

I saw huge light/energy waves. It was like having aurora borealis in my bedroom. There were all these light displays going on. I’m glad I didn’t do the painting to go with this Attunement yet, because now I know what to paint.

I saw swirly waves of light bouncing and dancing around, different colours like gold and pink and although I see energy all the time in various forms, I’ve never seen this particular energy.

In addition to seeing the light/energy waves, I could hear them. It was like music. In fact, it was just like hearing a didgeridoo. Now I know why that instrument is so sacred. I think I was hearing the sounds of the universe but honestly I don’t even know what that was. All I know is it was beautiful, amazing, beyond words to describe, and it happened within this deep connection to Source.

What’s more, I could feel my body but everything around it seemed to be gone. I could feel myself supported by this energy, lifted up by it. I wonder now, thinking back, if this was actual levitation or, more likely, my spirit just floating up out of my body. In any case, I can hardly describe to you the emotions and sensations I felt. It was like being in the presence of lots of static electricity, or out in a very strong electrical storm. I could feel the electricity in the air. But again, I had no fear of it at all.

The Attunement ended and I was still deep in meditation, so I know I have work to do to make sure you’re grounded and fully connected back to the physical before I can release this to the public. I also have to paint what I saw.

I mistakenly had set my phone to continue playing other songs and so another version of the meditation went by. I went right back into that deep consciousness and lucid dream state and experienced exactly the same thing but this time, it sounded like the energy was trying to communicate with me. So this time I asked it if it could tell me in English words or find a way to help me understand what was being communicated to me.

Again I had that floating sensation and saw those beautiful light waves, and I heard the music assembling itself in different patterns until I could almost make out talking. Fascinating. But this time I was pulled out of my experience by the next song on my blackberry. I turned it off and put on the latest version of the Attunement again. I instantly went into the same state of lucid dreaming. This time the sounds were even clearer and the lines of the energy waves were finer, more structured. And it sounded like a bunch of people talking but too far away to make out the conversation – which I have experienced before in the sleep paralysis state.

I did end up falling asleep very purposefully after turning off the music on my blackberry and I had a lovely dream about a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. And now here I am. I woke up a few times but because I had promised myself today was a taking-it-easy day, I stayed in bed and had a fantastic sleep until just now. ? I also played with going back into that state without the mp3 playing and found myself not quite there but pretty close.

Anyway, the bottom line is, I had to change the end of the guided visualization to help listeners come back into the physical and feel grounded.

I am amazed that I was able to get that deep into meditation and still be aware/lucid enough to be using my thoughts intentionally.

Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear what you think.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman


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About Brenda MacIntyre

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