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Music with a Message Series Episode 4: Feels Like Sunshine


Even when I
Feel a little blue
I know all I’ve gotta do
Is let the light come through

— Lyrics from “Feels Like Sunshine” by Brenda MacIntyre

When this song came through, my life felt NOTHING like sunshine. It felt like darkness, pain and hopelessness. It was a lot more like “a little blue”. It felt like I was questioning myself over and over, what did I do wrong? What’s wrong with me? I felt like I’d lost my best friend – because I had. I had lost my friendship with the person I was calling my best friend for a lonnnnggg time.

So how do I deal with darkness and feeling blue? I “let the light come through” by doing something that brings me healing and joy: singing and channelling a medicine song.

TRY THIS: Make a list or collage or bulletin board full of things you can do to feel lighter, and that get you bringing out your own inner light. Put it somewhere you will see it when you’re having a rough time. DO what’s on your list or collage – don’t let it just sit there. Even when you’re feeling fantastic, do more of what you love. It will get you into the habit for when you need it the most, and make you feel even more fantastic in the moment.

Final thoughts: If you’re feeling like anything but sunshine, and you need a break from the shadows or even the shadow work, it’s okay to create some sunshine. If you can’t quite get there on your own, make sure you get some support. It’s not always easy to let the light come through when you’re on a grief journey or you have chronic pain. I totally get that. And. There are days, hours or just even minutes where I feel that sunshine even in the midst of high level pain… and by the way, ALL of what you are feeling is part of your personal experience. Nothing is inherently wrong with you. You are human. You are alive. You are here. And you matter.

Hope this helps. Please feel welcome to share it with friends you know who are experiencing grief, trauma, loss or chronic pain.

Love & Light,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

In Memory of Brenda MacIntyre’s son Quinn Taylor, this album features 2 songs inspired by Quinn’s trap music. The songs on this album span reggaesoft rap and indigenous hand drum singing, with Brenda’s usual soulful vocal flavour and a hint of funk and R&B.

Just like Brenda’s last 3 albums, this one is being created in ceremony, infused with specific intentions and emotional and healing energy, to help people to feel love, connection and joy even alongside grief, chronic pain, identity crisis or trauma.


About Brenda MacIntyre

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre, author and artist of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ & Music, is a Juno Award-winning singer, motivational speaker, indigenous drummer and wisdom-keeper. Brenda has shared her leadership and soul nationally on stage and in the media, such as MuchMusic, APTN, CTV, CP24, Global and CityTV’s Breakfast Television, as well as CBC Radio. Having experienced major loss and fear of being seen and heard, she is passionate about helping women to bring out their playfulness, edge and inner rebel, so they can live a life brimming with self-authority and soul-satisfying expression.


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