You’re feeling a sense of urgency to get your gifts out in the world in a bigger way… to be seen, heard and appreciated for who you really are.

Marketing can be so draining and so often, you’re not getting the results you want.

That’s because it’s not just the marketing but what’s feeding the marketing.

You really can get more clients without feeling fake or pushy.

Take a deep breath, in and out.
You’re in the right place.
And you’re right on time.

Allow me to gift you with a Medicine Bundle for Your Business to help you along your sacred feminine success path.

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Here’s What You’ll Receive with Your Medicine Bundle for Your Business:

  • An Audio MP3 download of my channelled medicine song “Remember Who You Are,” that has been viewed over 30,000 times on YouTube and you’re getting the FULL 15 minute audio version of it.
  • A Journaling Activity and powerful hands-on exercise to help you reconnect with your sacred power and open your gateway to success.
  • A Video that will show you how to draw your tribe toward you.
  • AND A Special Guide on how to create a real medicine bundle for your success.

Hi Brenda. I know you most likely hear this every day but I feel like you are changing my life. I came upon your name and website last 10 days ago. I downloaded your channeled drumming and song. As I listened to it in my healing room, so much emotion was released. That night I had a dream where people were dumping garbage in my yard and I stood up for myself and demanded that was not allowed. They told me it was in the ordinance and I told them that the ordinance had changed and it was no longer allowed. I know I have more to do but every event of releasement gets me closer to my goal. Thank you for your gift!
Maggie Hickey Wildey

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