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Living Past the Limits

Just by living on this planet during this Great Re-Awakening, we’re constantly being stretched to our limits. We’re all in transition together right now, which comes with grief. If you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or out of control, know that you’re not alone. If you’re an empath and on a spiritual path, you’re likely feeling it a whole lot more than most. If you have lost a loved one, that gets magnified even more.

Did you know that music can help you get through it all?

Who would you allow yourself to be if your history and limitations don’t get to define you?

I’d like to give you a fun, danceable, singable medicine song to help you re-imagine your life without limitations leading the way.

This music has been created with indigenous ceremony and embedded with healing tones, empowering lyrics and sounds, and high frequency healing energy.


  • Living Past the Limits Downloadable MP3 by Juno Award-Winning Singer Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman, produced/arranged by Juno Winner Errol Starr Francis
  • Healing Indigenous Prayer in English and Ojibwe (Anishnaabemowin)
  • Song Lyrics for “Living Past the Limits”
  • “Picking Up the Pieces” eBook Excerpt, with teachings and activities to deepen the benefits of this medicine song

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