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How to Use Your VOICE Online as a spiritual entrepreneur

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Communicate Effectively OnlineFeeling a bit stunned. A Facebook friend sent me a private message saying she’ll report me to Facebook if I invite her to any more events (using Facebook’s event/invitation tools). I have to admit it threw me off kilter… and because it’s thrown me off, I’ve just received a spiritual download for you about using your voice for good in your business (thus, this article!).

I’ve got some spiritual marketing and business writing tips below for you but here’s where it starts…

When something happens out of the blue and it hits you on an emotional or spiritual level, Spirit wants to get your attention.

Always ask the deeper core part of you and your Higher Realms Support Team for support and information when you’re feeling triggered. Ask what’s underneath the actual circumstance, and ask for support if you need help to move through it. It’s likely some sort of breakthrough or energy system upgrade, and if you’re aware of that, it makes getting through it easier.

PLUS the best articles for spiritual entrepreneurs come from authentic personal experience.

THE BIG TEACHING: You know why I’m feeling stunned? The message was delivered to me as candy-coated words with a bitter filling on the inside and an actual threat at the bottom.

THE RESULT: She was completely out of alignment with her actual message. You know what this is called in dating terms? Sending mixed messages… when one part of you says one thing and another part of you says the opposite, or when you’re feeling one thing but saying another.

My whole business is all about voice – how to use your physical and spiritual voice and hmmmm, sometimes I forget it’s also about how to flow your emotions through your voice. So this is my personal breakthrough here. Another level of my work with helping women to find their voice. Here’s how my Facebook marketing threat can help YOU find more of your voice…

How to Use Your VOICE Online as a spiritual entrepreneur

1. If you are emotionally triggered when you write something, don’t send it right away. Ask yourself how old you are in the moment. See if you find the trigger trail. Leave the email or message, come back later, and edit it until the emotional charge is either gone or can create impact but without letting your inner child or teenager be in charge. Otherwise, you could end up having your 15 year old rebel or your terrified 4 year old writing your emails or articles for you. Not good! Give that part of you a voice, but the adult part of you needs to be the filter and leader of the conversation. Commune with her. Let her know you’re listening, and that you’ve got this.

2. Speak the truth from your heart. I wrote a whole article on this last week; How to Write Articles Your Ideal Client Will Love. Once your inner child or teen is taken care of and you’re back in the driver’s seat, breathe into your heart centre and imagine that as you write, your words are flowing out from your heart. I teach a much deeper process that involves the sacral and solar plexuses as well but this is a good start.

3. Before you hit send or post, re-read it. Is it saying what you truly desire to say? Does it carry the energy you want it to carry? For example, if you want clients but your message comes across as desperation or aggression, people won’t like it. In my case, I felt confused, hurt and angry, so I needed to bring that down a notch and give the reigns to my adult self. I took my time to craft the message so that I was honest about how I felt upon reading what she had written to me. I also made sure I provided an effective business solution, which was to let her know that once I saw she had read my message, I would unfriend and block her – not out of spite – but so that she never receives one of those invitations again. And then I followed through.

4. Great subject line or heading: Make sure it’s relevant, compelling and aligned with YOU, your audience and the actual message or article.


1. Facebook now limits the number of people you can invite to one of your events, so choose wisely. Invite people who you’ve already built a relationship with. In this case, I didn’t know this person very well.

2. Don’t invite people who live in another country to a 2 hour workshop, you know? Invite local people first, and then fill in with people who are in your region (province or state, for example).

3. Don’t invite your buddy who has no interest in your business, unless you know they’ll share your event for you.

4. Be super clear on the event page what the event is about and exactly who it is for, so that people will know right away if it’s for them or not.

If you’re on the receiving end of an event invitation: In Facebook, you can ignore or turn off event notifications very easily, view all of your events at once and remove yourself from ones you don’t like, change your notification settings so that you never receive an invitation again from a specific person, or just plain unfriend them.

You know what my big bonus teaching is here? I’ve actually just had a major spiritual upgrade again and this was one of two challenges that came up to move energy and create space. I knew the level of my spiritual gifts had just had a sudden big increase and shift – but now I know WHY and what it’s for. I’ll be sharing more about that – and giving you the experience of it – in my upcoming webinar for International Women’s Day. Hope you can make it – it’s a gift to all of you in my community.

Have a beautiful week!


Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

If you’ve enjoyed this SWEET Success article, you can go get your free Medicine Bundle for Your Business, and a subscription to my SWEET Success Soundbytes, videos and ezine at SuccessShaman.com. I’m Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Blessings of sweet success to you. Until next time, or as we say in the Ojibwe language, ba ma pii.

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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