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Make It So! How to Stop Self-Sabotage in the Midst of BIG Transformations

Not much to write here. I did this video for you on the fly, no script.

The big message here:

Sometimes in order to keep on going, you need to stop.

Stop to celebrate yourself.

Stop to reflect.

Stop to take stock on what you’ve accomplished, where you’re at and where you’re going.

Kind of funny that I talked all about creating momentum in my last videozine, but this is the absolute truth that I literally did not understand until I landed in it.

It’s important to check in with yourself regularly when you’re in the midst of a big transformation of your body, mind or life (and usually it’s all 3). That’s how I found out how important it is to STOP once you’ve created a lot of change, especially if it’s kind of quick.

It was my daily journaling and self-check-in that led me to this Truth.

When you’re creating BIG transformation, your spirit is already there but the rest of you needs time to catch up, so give yourself the time you need, but one thing I didn’t mention in the video is, it’s not an excuse to quit. I’m not talking about giving up on yourself (I’m sooooo all about never giving up on yourself!). What I mean is, give yourself time to realign and to rewire.

You’re leaving a dis-comfort zone and coming into a new reality, really, so let yourself get through the culture shock that shows up, and get used to whatever is new and has been transformed within and around you. Then pick up right where you left off.

Don’t stop for long. It’s like a rest stop on a big road trip… if the rest stop was a spa. So enjoy the spa and then get back on the road.

Wishing you so much fun, relief and success with reaching for the stars and creating what you desire to create!



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About Brenda MacIntyre

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre, author and artist of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ & Music, is a Juno Award-winning singer, motivational speaker, indigenous drummer and wisdom-keeper. Brenda has shared her leadership and soul nationally on stage and in the media, such as MuchMusic, APTN, CTV, CP24, Global and CityTV’s Breakfast Television, as well as CBC Radio. Having experienced major loss and fear of being seen and heard, she is passionate about helping women to bring out their playfulness, edge and inner rebel, so they can live a life brimming with self-authority and soul-satisfying expression.


  1. Paula Griffin

    Thank you Brenda !!! How did you know I needed this !! You look wonderful, I’m also on a journey of BIG BIG changes in my life for the better . Again Thank you Brenda .

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      Paula, you’re so welcome! Thanks for the kind words. Wishing you much success and joy on your big journey!


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