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How to Ride the Waves of Spiritual Expansion

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You know that moment when everything is going just amazing for you, and then poof, something puts a wrench right in it? All this beautiful expansive energy in motion for so long and then it just dissipates.

But does it?

So I get to this amazing sweet spot of pure joy and expansion from hours and hours every day of working on my next music album a couple of weeks ago…

Total bliss songwriting, practicing, singing, recording, experimenting, and then…


I get pneumonia. I’ve never had the pleasure and I sure don’t want it again. So of course I can’t sing because I can’t breathe in deeply enough or sing out, without a coughing fit.

You know WHY this happened to me? I was living in a higher level of expansion and joy than I’ve ever experienced in my life! So, parts of me freaked out. That’s what happens. We start getting what we want and then it hits us right in the pain points deep inside. The ones that say you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve this, you can’t have this… and the parts of you who just want you to take care of them and love them. For me, it’s been about allowing the grief to come up so I can put the medicine of that into the music. It’s also about allowing this music to take me somewhere I’ve never been.

Sometimes what happens is like a short circuit. Your system shuts down or disconnects from the thing that’s causing the expansion, in an attempt to keep you safe. Then you reboot yourself and make a choice. Stay safe, completely losing the momentum and passion, OR continue the expansion and know that your higher frequency will create the safety along the way.

There’s actually a 3rd choice but I’ll talk about that in a minute.

I could’ve gone anywhere with this. Like, it would’ve been so easy to just stop working on the album entirely, and let the momentum come to a crashing halt. But I wasn’t willing to do that after several months of building up that beautiful momentum, passion, creativity and high frequency energy.

Instead, I chose to allow the spirit of the album to lead me.

Have you ever allowed the spirit of something you are creating to fully lead you? It is SUCH a wild ride, so incredibly fulfilling, and the Universe just keeps handing you more and more resources and opportunities that match who you are being and help you nourish and birth whatever you are birthing. It’s seriously amazing but we’re made for this. We just forget. Or we get in there and then that POOF thing happens. We shut down the expansion and revert to the mundane, which is really who you WERE, not who you ARE or who you are BECOMING.

I already could feel the energy of this music album project and the power of the Universe behind it, so I knew I could get the momentum back.

Whatever you are creating is a living being with the power to grow, develop and be birthed into physical form, as long as you nourish it, love it and take care of yourself in the process. 

STOP. Did you read that? Seriously, what you are creating is ALIVE. And your own aliveness feeds it.

It took me a couple of days of fever and chills before I realized that hey, that momentum does not have to stop, even if I feel derailed. There are plenty of ways I can keep that energy alive, even without being able to sing or talk, even when the chronic pain flares up, and even when I’m grieving. Even if the momentum does stop or slow down, I have enough passion and determination to get it going again, but it is definitely easier to find ways to let it roll even while you’re down.

How To Keep The Energy Of Your Project Alive When You Need A Break:

  1. Self-Care is crucial when you’re creating something big, when you’re raising your frequency, or when you’re doing anything ground-breaking. Nourish yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. What feeds you well? What gives you energy? What helps you when resistance comes up?
  2. Delegate. If you don’t have team working on your project with you, what if you did? Even if it’s just someone to bounce your ideas off, having others on your project who are also fired up about it FEEDS you and the project.
  3. Self-Expression! Talk, think, write and post about it. Self-expression is huge when it comes to creativity, so what ways can you express yourself in or about your project even if you need to rest, recover or just slow down?
  4. Remember I said there’s a 3rd choice? This is it. Expand, run for safety, or recalibrate. Sometimes if expansion happens faster than we’re used to, we can crash and burn. Note to Self: When you feel overwhelmingly joyful, expanded or blissful, it’s good to be very present to yourself while you’re in that state and hang out there for a while, before you go any further. That way the momentum is not lost, the project still carries all of its energy, and the parts of you who want to keep you safe will begin to feel safe in this new state by getting used to it. Now, if like me, you do crash and burn (for me, it was pneumonia), recalibration can still guide you gently back to the centre of your creative being.

I have learned the hard way to make myself the number one priority, especially when it feels like I can’t.

I’ve also learned now what it feels like to be on board with my project, allowing it to roll along like the big train it is and lead me. I’m not driving it. It’s driving ME. What I was used to doing was trying to drive the train and control where it goes, which felt like a lot of hard work and not enough playtime. You know those projects that you just end up leaving in the dust because it starts to feel like work?

I wasn’t letting my creativity and creations-in-the-making BREATHE.

Most times, we stifle the flow of life force energy in ourselves and out to our relationships, creations and experiences. What if instead, we allow ourselves to be lead by their essence?

Allowing your creative project to lead you gives you access to people and experiences that you couldn’t even have dreamed up.

Oh, and by the way, it only took about an hour to reclaim the momentum of this project, even though I’m still in recovery. I just keep asking the project what it needs to breathe and grow, and the coolest thing is, I get to breathe and grow too, because the expansion continues, even as I recalibrate. See, you are not your creations. You are the mother of your creations. That means you and your creations continue to expand each other if you allow it.

Happy creating!

Questions about the article? Leave a comment here. I’m sure it will help others too.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda McIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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  1. Ellen

    Thank you, Brenda. This was exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      You’re so welcome, Ellen. Blessings.


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