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How to Navigate Roadblocks to Speaking Your Truth

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When I started this article, I was down with a sinus and throat infection. Talk about a road block to speaking your truth!

I really hate that I used to get these twice a year almost without fail, because I know without a doubt that it has to do with some aspect of speaking your truth and expressing your spirit. I have to keep reminding myself that finding my voice is the cornerstone of my life journey and that’s why helping women to find their voice is a huge part of my life purpose.

It was just another growth spurt, in which I was able to deepen my self-expression and my purpose… and hey, being sick inspired this article. You never know where inspiration will come from.

Sometimes extreme self-care is required – and this was one of those times.

When something affects my ability to share my gifts or speak my truth, I pay attention. A LOT of attention. I check in with my body and ask questions. Sometimes the questions aren’t very nice or very helpful. Like “why oh why does this keep happening to me”.

Here’s What To Ask Yourself to Help You Find Your Voice:

  1. In what areas am I a little afraid of expanding my self-expression?
  2. How am I holding myself back from whatever I’m about to step into?
  3. What truth might I be afraid of saying or living out loud?
  4. What can I do to soothe my subconscious into allowing me deeper self-expression?

When you uncover truths through these questions, awareness sets in, which is always the first step to genuine transformation. Then you can ask your deeper self what your next steps are. Trust whatever comes through for you, even if it seems to be nothing at first. When you ask with the intention to KNOW what to do next, your next steps will arrive and often in a package you aren’t expecting. In other words, keep all your senses open to receive and pay attention to your intuition.

For example, my truth is, when I wrote this article, behind the curtain, movement was happening towards 3 new projects in my business. I had been frustrated that it all hadn’t been moving more quickly… but Spirit stepped in to slow things down so that I would have enough time to complete some very important time-consuming but absolutely necessary tasks. That slowdown gave me the time.

Sometimes when you’re feeling a big block in your throat chakra or you’re having a hard time speaking your truth or birthing a creative project, it requires patience and a lot of self-compassion and self-care.

One of the reminders I say to myself during difficulties is “I am committed to loving myself through the process.” Whatever the process is, that is my commitment to myself.

What is a mantra you can use to stay on track when something is trying to pull you off your path?

For me to dive into a new, deeper expression of who I am, I have to keep asking my true self, my spirit, the question “What wants to be expressed through me right now?”

When I get the answer, it’s time to ask my Higher Realms Support Team, Source, the Universe, Spirit, All That Is, to show me the way.

The answer will come. Then it’s up to me to follow through.

Your throat chakra is your truth center.

Most of the blocks from full self-expression are in your throat chakra. Throat problems like colds, bronchitis, throat infections, thyroid issues or even just clearing your throat a lot are often indicators that you are on a bit of a deeper journey with your self-expression or your life purpose.

You can think of it as something wrong with you and just try to fix it. Or you can remind yourself that you are on the verge of a deeper form of self-expression and life purpose. Then you get to move into bringing out more You. Which do you choose?

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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