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How to Interpret Dreams & Understand Your Life: Spiritual Signs & Symbols #TruthbyBrenda

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#1111. #444. Hawks. Eagles. Owls. Dolphins. Strange “coincidences.” What does it all mean?

On August 1st, I was walking home at night and saw this license plate. 4FOUR4. Doreen Virtue has said that seeing 444 means the angels are near.

On August 2nd, I got a newsletter from my friend Michele Grace Lessirard, who specializes in New Moon teachings. She said the New Moon occurs today (August 3rd) at 4:44pm Eastern. Boom. The angels are here for me NOW.

Now, just because it means that for me doesn’t mean it’s true for you. That’s why dream interpretation books are so limited and sometimes completely off. More on that below. But the point is, sometimes the Universe will find ways to repeat patterns for you, to make sure you’re getting the point. And. Sometimes the point is just to pay attention.

On Periscope last night on my spiritual Q&A livestream, someone asked me how to interpret dreamsand I talked about that as well as sharing a really cool and easy technique, and other tips, to interpret not only dreams but anything happening in your life. When I was just about to end my livestream, I noticed it was 1:11am and I had exactly 11 live viewers. For me, 1111 means I’m on my path, and to pay attention, and a series of 1’s means new beginnings. You can watch the scope replay here. You’ll want to fast forward to about halfway through or later for those teachings. But here’s the highlights…

Keep A Signs & Symbols Journal:

Every time you notice something a little out of the ordinary, pay attention. Write it down. Write down how you’re feeling and what’s happening for you. Note where you are and the time of day. It could be a dream or it might be something happening in your waking life. Make sure you note that too.

You will start to recognize patterns once you journal for about a month or even less. For example, I tested out the theory that seeing 444 means angels and yes, for me it does. It also brings me great comfort. 1111 always means I’m on my path. 33 or 333 is a reminder to me that I can create my own luck, and that something good is coming. That’s because in Grade 3, I won some candy at school by choosing my lucky number 33. When I see a hawk, I know it’s either showing me which direction to go, or giving me some sort of message, so I have to pay  more attention to what shows up to know what the message is. Or if I remember (and if it’s a dream, I’m lucid in the dream), I can ask the hawk why it’s showing up for me.

If you keep this kind of a journal for long enough, you will naturally start to pay more attention to what’s going on within and around you, which leads to more self-awareness and personal growth, and also will help you to notice other patterns. For example, on November 4th 1984, my dad died of a heart attack. That created a bit of a ripple for me. On November 6th, 1998, I got hit by a van. On November 4th, 1999, I saw a Navaho healer who told me I’m a healer, and I channelled my very first medicine song and sang my spirit back to me. It seems like that pattern ended once I noticed it, but it’s imprinted in my mind that significant things happen on or around that date. Then the real fun begins… because I could end up creating the pattern over and over again because of my strong belief in it. Food for thought.

You Are Your Own Best Interpreter:

An elder once taught me, to my great relief, that spiritual signs and symbols have their own meaning for each of us as individuals. If you go to a dream interpretor or a dream book, you’re going to find generic answers or answers that may not actually apply specifically to you, or may not feel right or aligned with you.

If you keep track yourself of your own experiences with signs and symbols, you won’t even need to interpret anything after a while, because you will just know what’s true for you.

Watch for your own special symbols too. When I was 7, I received my own personal spiritual symbol and I often facilitate unique spiritual symbols being revealed or received, right inside your energy field or body. I have been told we all have one that is unique to each of us. I didn’t receive the meaning of my symbol until 2006 when a huge crystal showed it to me. Then I got a major spiritual download that turned into a CD and e-book, and a whole course (which will be available again on my new website soon). Who knew so much could come from just a little symbol? Well, I did see it twice every day for 9 months so yeah. 😉

A Note About Animals:

There are books about the meaning behind different animals. Many of my friends swear by Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak. The best way to understand the significance of animals that show up for you is to ask them, if you can. If you’re not getting an answer or you can’t ask them directly, research their behaviour and habitat or even just think about characteristics of the animal. The best books are the ones that take these things into account. If you were to ask a traditional indigenous teacher or elder, they would tell you to go watch the animal and pay attention to it. And I still would add the animal sighting to your Signs & Symbols Journal, because you may find it has a unique meaning or message only for you.

Word Of Caution For Intuitive, Healers AND Readers:

When I give private sessions or oracle readings, I always follow the wise words of my elder several years ago when she was helping me to grow into my gifts:

“Your job is NOT to interpret what’s coming through.” – Joanne Dallaire

In other words, when I give a session, my job is to just say exactly what I see, hear or otherwise experience (I sense things on a multidimensional level), without interpreting anything. It’s incredible how much information can flow through, especially in a one-hour session, and even if it sounds weird or funny, I will say exactly what I am given. The client can then ask me further questions if s/he wants, and we may or may  not get further clarity in that moment.

It is up to the client to determine the meaning if it was not given to you directly. Sometimes our guides are vague on purpose. Sometimes the client is not meant to know the exact meaning of something, or just a seed has been planted for now and the meaning will be revealed later on.

Aha’s hitting you right now? Please share on the blog. I’d love to hear about it. (:

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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  1. Millie

    I came here after reading the article on downloads. Love this one as well. I agree, different signs have different meanings for different people.

    I’d never had an experience with angels but once during a Reiki healing, I saw the word LIFE in very green colour and it didn’t make sense at the time. A few days later, I felt called to start reading about angels. Lo and behold, green is the colour of archangel Raphael, the healing angel. I’d always felt this calling that I was a healer. A few months before that I’d picked up a clear quartz crystal near my dad’s burial site. Turns out, it’s a master healer crystal.

    A few days ago I saw a blue colour with my eyes closed and I knew it was an angel communicating to me. When I googled, I found that blue is archangels Michael’s colour. He’s one of the angels I have been trying to communicate with and it’s like he was telling me he’s here with me. It was amazing.

    I will get that signs journal. It feels like a good idea.

    Thank you for this amazing article.

    • Brenda MacIntyre

      I love that you’re being led to – and paying attention so able to really receive – these experiences. That is so awesome, Millie. Yes, that blue – I get that too whenever Archangel Michael comes through to help my healing clients during a session. In terms of the signs and symbols journal, you can just make your own or buy a blank journal for it. I found it super helpful when I was starting to see a lot of animal helpers and also different spiritual signs and symbols.


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